Cat or Dog Lover…Controversy Unleashed

Meowllo and a happy Wednesday to ya’. Hav you evew wunnewed ‘bout da age old question “Are Dog peeps diffewent than Cat peeps?” And ifin so, what awe those diffewences? Well we set out to figger it out. And OMC is there a ton of infurmation on this topic. But there duz seem to be a consensus on a foo fings. And da biggest is dat there weally awe sum diffewences tween da two.

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One of da biggest diffewences is dat Dog peeps obey da wules much better than cat peeps. Cat peeps don’t confurm to da nowm as well. Guess dat means ya’ fink outta da box a bit mowe. We know mommy sure duz. MOL Doggy peeps awe mowe extwoverted than da kitty peeps. Stands to weason they be duin’ all dat walkin’ and hangin’ in da dog pawks, while da kitty peeps be hangin’ at home wiff a cat in their lap.


And da most controversial question is: Hoo be smawter? Well fur what it’s worff, in a study of 600 students; da kitty peeps scowed higher on IQ tests than da doggy peeps did. But doggy peeps be mowe twustin’ and lively. Where da kitty lovers be mowe weserved. Although kitty peeps do tend to be a bit mowe open minded and acceptin’ of diffewences and change. Dog peeps awe genewally mowe outgoin’ than kitty peeps. Seems da kitty peeps be kind of stand offish as peeps say ‘bout us cats. Altho’ weez not fink we be stand offish at all.   

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Now we fink this one is wight on da munny. Dog peeps like companionship but cat peeps seek affection. Cat lovers tend to be mowe sensitive than dog lovers. And tend to purrfur solitude as opposed to crowds. And it seems dat dog peeps be a little mowe dominant than kitty peeps. Hmmmm Maybe kitty peeps awe sneakier and get their way by manipulation. MOL And it seems this same study found dat doggies wuz da most pawpulaw pet. In udder words mowe peeps in this study claimed to purrfur dogs to cats by 60% to 11%. Da udder 29% claimed to eevew like boff or neevew. Neevew, can you magine sumpawdy not likin’ a kitty or a doggy?

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Anyways, it’s just a study. Altho’ sum of it seems to be twu and udders awe twu based on many studies. Da weal twuff is, there’s no absolute in da diffewencess in Cat Lovers and Dog Lovers. There awe no doubt diffewences and these awe most likely to hold twu, but we also don’t fink there will evew be a definitive test dat will give us all da answers. After all this is mostly peeps opinions ’bout themselves. And opinions vawy so widely there can’t be an absolute. Now, me duz hav kitty and doggy peeps as furiends. So tell me, what do yous fink? Duz yous purrsunality fall into da category of yous furry of choice?  

Till da next time…………………..Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  

Dezi and Lexi