No News…=No News??

Meowllo evewypawdy. Can you believe it weez alweady half way fwu this week. Mommy sez weez gunna get sum visitin’ dun today. We do hav a pointment wiff yet anudder new case manager. Da last one got fired fur sleepin’ on da job. hers fell asleep here duwin’ hers last visit wiff us. She had asked moommy a question and while mommy wuz answerin’ she just fell asleep. So mommyh wuz assigned anudder new case manager and she’s posed to come out and meet wiff mommy tomowwo. Da pointment wuz schedulled 2 weeks ago and she’s not called since then or even weconfurmed da pointment so mommy sez shez will be supwised ifin da lady shows up. But hey, anyfin’s pawssible, wight?

 dw DnL bed75


Well hope yous all wead sis Lexi’s account of da “new” vet visit yesfurday. Weez waited and OMC mommy got madder than a wet hen. Not know why a hen gets mad when wet, but mommy wusn’t even wet and hers wuz sum kinda angwy. Mommy sez dat ifin those tests hadn’t been so purrtant and weez kulda found anudder VET to do da blood work she wuldn’t put upp wiff any of it. She’s mad at hers sellff fur makin’ sissy go fwu dat specially since weez bein’ tweated like dirt by da overpurriced VET. She opened a email fwum da VET’s office dat shulda contained all da test wesults. Stead, here’s what it sed:

We have reviewed the lab report and urinalysis for Alexandra. All are consistent with kidney disease, and not likely due to an infection. Dr Dunn recommends continue all current therapy, and suggests Hills Science Diet Prescription K/D. We have this available at our clinic. Keep track of appetite. Alexandra could have an increase in BUN/creatinine levels at any time. Please do not hesitate to call the clinic and schedule an exam if Alexandra’s condition changes. Return to the clinic in 1 month for bloodwork. You may call 226-1818 to get this scheduled. Alexandra may also have  her blood pressure checked at this time.

Thank you


Yep dat’s a copy and paste. No fone call fwum da VET as wuz purrawmissed and no test wesults of any kind. Just those foo lines, dat in ow email wuz a total of 6 lines. So mommy called da office and OMC dat didn’t turn out well eevew. Finally da VET called and sed they kuldn’t email da test wesults cuz their scanner wusn’t connected to da internet. Yous all know how unsmawt we awe ‘bout all this tech stuffs. Well even we know dat’s nuffin’ but an excuse. So da doctow tells mommy they will snail mail her a hawd copy and send them out tomowwo. (which at this point is today). All da VET kuld talk ‘bout wuz Lexi comin’ back in fur a wepeat of tests and dat blood purressure check. Gotta tell ya’ weez just got chawged and paid $160.00 fur sumfin’ we haven’t even seen yet. Weez not be in any hurry to put sis Lexi  fwu all that again wiffout seein’ sumfin’ to show fur dat munny. VET’s wound here ain’t hurtiin’ fur business so they pawently don’t hav to tweat their patients wiff any kind of wespect or kindness. Quite fwankly ifin sissy wusn’t actually sick not sure we wuld see a VET fur a while mommy’s so fed upp wiff ‘em. Anyways, all dat too say weez still weally got nuffin’ to tell ya. Once we get da wesults weez’ll let ya’ know. Sumtimes no news isn’t good news, it’s just No News.  

 dw Dezi yawns3914

Now onto sumfin’ ‘bout me. Me wuz hangin’ out on da top of oow twee yesfurday and weally enjoyin’ da sunshine. It wuz actually warm enuff dat da a/c kept comin’ on. Anyways, me was loungin’ when me heard a buzz. And then sumfin’ flew by me. It wuz goin’ fast. me jumped up and down da twee me came. Me wuz gunna get it. Mommy kep sayin’ she sure hoped it wusn’t a wasp. You know she be dat deadly lergic to those and no epi pen in da house. Guess what? Dat’s zactly what it wuz. Me chased him into da curtains and mommy captured him wiff a empty coffee can. Now me knows why she saves all those cans. But mommy kuldn’t hav caught him ifin me hadn’t skeered him into da curains. Me purrtected mommy and kep her safe. She wuz so purroud of me. She told me so. Mommy not be as gentle natured as Fozziemum is wiff fings dat can kill her, so weez not hav any fotos. Mommy smuddered himand squished him. So hims didn’t show up in da foto. MOL Anyways,  

Till da next time……………………………….Be Blest!!!



Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  

Dezi and Lexi