What A Day

Meowllo everypawdy we do hope you’re doin’ wrll today. We sure do wanna fank you all fur comin’ by and sharin’ in the joy of sis Lexi’s sweet 16 birffday/Meowday. It was pawsum. Mr. Sunshine came out fur a bit and we got lots of extra treats. It didn’t warm up much so there wasn’t any strolli n’ but there’ll be purrlenty of time fur that. We played wiff da big cheese we won fur Lexi frum Cody and we played wiff mommy. And then we laid round in mommys lap and enjoyed sum extra luvvin’. Me wants to say a Meowsy big Happy Meowday to Andy cuz hims birffday is today.  

 dw LnD mirror

Lexi: I really do purreciate all of ya’ fur spendin’ sum time here celebratin’ wiff me. As Dezi said we had a wonderful day. I really enjoyed playin’ and spendin’ time cuddlin’ wiff mommy and yes, even sis Dezi. I got so many amazing cards we decided to post them all today. Fank you again fur sharin’ my birffday.

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Till the next time………………………………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 


Dezi and Lexi

Sweet Sixteen

Lexi: Hey y’all how are ya’ doin’? Yep, it’s me, Lexi the birthday girl. I’m so excited to be turnin’ 16 today and celebratin’ it with all of you. I’ve come a long way from that day 16 years ago when I was dumped off on mommy in a shoe box. I’ve had and will continue to have the bestest life a kitty kuld ever ask fur. I have a mommy who luvs me more than life itself and I’ve had 3 pawsome brofurs and now the most wonderful sisfur. And now I’m celebratin’ my second internet birthday with all of you, our amazing furiends and furamily. Furst I wanna say a meowsy big Fank You fur bein’ a part of our lives. Your luv and support have been one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever been given. Fank you all fur comin’ today to help me celebrate turning 16.    

 dw Lexi sweet 16

Dezi: Me luvs you sissy. Happy Meowday. We do have the pawsomest life ever. Me is so blest to have you as a big sisfur. And me wants to welcome all of our wonderful furiends to your party. Come on in and have a ball. There’s something fur everyone. And we thought while we were celebratin’ we would invite meez sweet Andy to join in. His birthday’s tomorrow. So fank you all fur comin’ by and enjoy the party.   

dw D n L birthday
Aaaaaw Fanks Dezi. You are the bestest sisfur too!!!

AndyHappy Birthday - 2HEoW-1eN - normal

Mommy: My sweet beautiful girls, I’m the one counting her blessings today. Lexi you have indeed come a long way from the day you were born. You have been a rock for me to lean on and a fluffy pillow to rest on all these years. Even now you show no signs of slowing down. I’ve always imagined us being together forever. I have never imagined a day that you weren’t here with me. And my promise to you has always been and will always be to give you the best life possible. The day you chose me to be your mommy was one of the happiest days of my life. As we celebrate the day of your birth I commit to make the rest of your life better than it has been thus far. Here’s to another 16 years and then some.   

 dw Lexi bd

dw Cheese

dw Lexi4072cheese
This here be my big cheese we won frum Cody on hims birthday. Thanks fur the great Meowday gift, I luv it.

Lexi: Aaaaaw Fanks mommy and sissy. Now let’s get this party started. And look at the pawsome card our furiends Timmy and his furamily sent me. Fank you all fur everything. I’m so glad we met y’all and became furiends. Y’all have taught us so much and been such a blessing to me and my furmily. I bet you all wuld also be interested to know I ate 2 whole cans of noms yesfurday all by myself. Yep you read that right, 2 whole cans. And hey, that’s on top of the 1/4 of baby food I get with my new medicines. 

Sweet 16 Lexi-2
Fanks Timmy, Toby, Buddy, Rumpy, Fitz, Buttons, Einstein and unkle Pete.


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Till the next time……………………………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 

Dezi and Lexi



Mommy sez we have some new followers from da other side of the world and they need to translate our posties to read them. So we willl be adding more human spellings to our posts to assist their ‘puters in translatin’ things. altho’ we have no intent of losing our identities. So purrlease bear with us as we try and figure this all out.

Appalling Tuesday

Meowllo everypawdy sure hope yous getting’ more sun puddles than us. Weez turnin’ into fish here. Weez gunna furget how to use da ‘puter ifin weez not able to get on it soon. Altho’ mommy did purromise Lexi dat even ifin it’s stormin’ we wuld celebrate hers Meowday/birffday tomorrow. After all it’s not everyday dat she’s gunna turn sweet sixteen. So just in case you need a reminder, yous all invited to da pawrty tomorrow. And speakin’ of Lexi, she’s duin’ okay. She ate real good yesfurday and weez hopin’ fur lots more days of dat kind of eatin’. She’s also been actin’ a bit feisty da last kupple of days since she stawted takin’ hers vitamin B-12. 

 dw Lexi moon on sea

We did read a most horrible story in da news ‘bout a Texas VET. Seems a young female Vet posted ‘bout hers purroud moment when she killed a “feral” neighborhood cat with an arrow to the head. Turns out said “feral kitty” wasn’t feral at all and in fact belonged to a neighbor. No, we won’t be postin’ da foto. We awe outraged ‘bout this. Yes, we be frum da Souff and we believe in da right to bear arms. We believe in da right to defend ourselves and to kill to eat, but we be fightin’ a town full of ignorant people dat fink a bullet is still da answer to animal over pawpulation and here’s a VET dat’s posed to luv animals and has gone to school to learn how to make their lives better and she’s killing without regard. Cuz feral or not, dat kitty didn’t deserve to die. Specially not dat way. We find it even more upsetting dat da clinic where she worked didn’t fire her till after da public outcwy fur justice. It’s not like this was sumfin’ she was hidin’. She posted her elation along wiff da foto on hers Facebook page. What is wrong wiff peeps?!!! This is just anudder reason we believe the penalties fur animal cruelty need to be stiffer.

 dw Dezi in wave

We awe so gwateful to belong to such a wunnewful community wiff peeps hoo luv their animals and fight fur animals every chance they have. We purray fur da furmily of dat poor kitty and all da stray and feral fur babies out there fwu no choice of their own. We beg you all once again, to purrlease keep your cats inside. You never truly know hoo is out there or what their agenda might be. On dat note hold them a little tighter and tell them you luv them once more than usual. See you tomorrow fur sis Lexi’s pawrty.

dw Dezi colored border

Till da next time……………………………………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 


Dezi and Lexi


Blest Sunday Special

Meowllo evewypawdy and fanks fur stoppin’ by today. We hope yous had a gweat weekend. OMC Wait’ll ya’ hear da news we have. We got mowe funnewstorms and wain as spected, but fank catness there wuz no hail. Dat wuld be ow furst blessin’ this week. Cuz at this point weez feelin’ a little waterlogged. MOL And it went and got cold again but at least we didn’t have snow. Ow poor furiend Foxy had snow da uddew day. Anyways, ‘nuff ‘bout da wedder wight? As always weez count ourselves among da blest cuz we have each udder. And we have all of you. We gotta tell ya’  this ole world can be hawsh. But it’s so much easier to bear when yous have furiends and furamily yous can lean on. 

 dw DnL Sunday

There’s been a lot of loss wound da blogosphre this mumff and lots of sick kitties, doggies, hoomans and mowe. So purrlease don’t furget to purray fur yous furiends. We fink purrayers be good whedder yous be sick or not, dat’s why weez purray fur all of ya’ evewyday. 

 dw LnD mirror

Now as you all know we got a ticket to Blogpaws a while back. Wuz we sum kinda ‘cited or what? Ifin me has to answer dat yous be new. Welkum to Deziz World, and da answer is YES!!! Course mommy hadn’t weally taken into considewation any costs. So she stawted lookin’ at motels and we wuld have to went a caw cuz she dusn’t twust ow caw to go dat faw. Anyways, then mommy panicked. Not weally but it sounded good. Actually mommy did what any good mommy wuld do and stawted contactin’ companies to see ifin we kuld get a sponsor. She fawt ‘bout havin’ an auction, and then posted and asked ifin anypawdy wuz dwivin’ dat we kuld ride wiff. To which we got a email wiff a maybe. Yeah mommy saw da maybe but didn’t let dat deter her. She wuz believin’ fur a yes to follow. Weeks seemed like years waitin’ fur da yes, and still we had no idea how we wuld pay fur da hotel. By now mommy had signed up to do weviews fur pay so long as she appwoved of da purroduct and we kuld be honest. You know we won’t lie to ya’ just fur a foo gween papews. Turns out there wuz no weviews fur money to be had.  

 dw DnL Blogpaws ready

By this time mommy wuz finally stawtin’ to see weality and fink we might not get to go after all. And then last week mommy opened ow email and there it wuz…we had a ride to BlogPaws. OMC Mommy cwied as usual and then weality sunk in. There wuz only a mumff left and there wuz still no way we kuld afford a room. Any extwa munny mommy can find goes towards sis Lexi’s tweatments and ow cawe. And mommy findin’ extwa munny dusn’t happen. But we have been twuly blest to have sum of you help wiff doctows poinments and tweatments and noms and litter. We awe so vewy gwateful to you fur dat. So mommy made a last ditch effowt and made a posty askin’ fur a room mate. It’s not like we knew where da munny wuz gunna come fwum fur half da room, but it seemed easier to fink ‘bout than da whole amount. But still no weplies. Well it stawted stowmin’ again so mommy shut down da puter and we all sat wound just watchin’ sum teevee. Yep yous wead dat wight, me didn’t wun off.  


Mommy wuz pettin’ us and we wuz purrin’ and hers sed, “We got a ticket and a ride and it just seems like it was meant to be. How could I be so wrong?” And mommy hugged us boff and told us she luvved us. Da stowm let up a bit and mommy wuz wunnewin’ ‘bout da dose of Vit. B-12 she wuz givin’ Lexi so we went to da suppowt gwoup and we found a post ‘bout a purrcedure we wusn’t sure ifin Brians furmily had heard ‘bout. You know Brian’s been weally fightin’ a battle wiff these UTI’s. And as you know mommy lost Lucky and Ransom to this pawful disease so we feel kinda close to Brian. We worry ‘bout all ow furiends and twy to help when we can. So we sent an email wiff da infurmation we found.

Brian Sponsor
All photos of Brian are used with full permission from Brianshomeblog.com and it’s owner Terry Frum.

A foo emails later and Mr. Terry sed dat…Brian’s Home wuld like to sponsor us and pay fur ow room at BlogPaws. OMC Yous guessed it, da flood gates opened and mommy stawted bawlin’. Yep it wusn’t cwyin’ da happy tears it wuz outwight bawlin’. Oh they wuz happy tears alwight, but we didn’t fink they wuz evew gunna stop. So look out Nashville, cuz here weez come!!! Yep dat’s wight, weez goin’ to BlogPaws!!! And yes sirree weez awe sum kinda ‘cited.  Weez can’t say fank you enuff to Brian and hims furmily. This be like da chance of a lifetime. Afur mommys accident she always worked. And she nevew took vacations, cuz most of da tme she had mowe than 1 job. So this be like a vacation, meowsy big birffday purresent all wolled into one. Yep mommys meowday is da day afur all da fun stawts. We can’t wait. Fank you again, weez awe so honored and blest to be sponsored by y’all.    

 dw-bh B-D-L Thanks

So weez say again, we awe so twuly blest. We have da most amazin’ furiends and fwamily. Weez wuld also like to fank awnty Melissa and Obi fur sendin’ sum gween papews to help buy sis Lexi’s Azodyl. Don’t furget to purray fur sissy and Brian and all da uddews in need wight now. Brian wuz feelin’ a bit better last night and we want dat to continue. And take a minute to member all da blessings in yous life.

 dw Brians home thank you

Till da next time……………………………..Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 

Dezi and Lexi