Indoors Or Out? The I’s Have It!

Meowllo evewypawdy, it’s finally Furiday. We be weally happy it’s da weekend. It’s been a long and busy week so weez lookin’ furward to sum west time this weekend. As you wecall it wuz mommy’s doctow pointment week and then cleanin’ day to get weady fur inspections. Then there wuz moppin’ after inspections cuz da exterminator came too. And then yesfurday da lawn cwu wuz here fur their furst visit of da season. So mommy sez she’s just kinda wunnin’ on autopilot. Now most of ya’ know dat meez not to fond of da lawn cwu and me wuns and hides. Mommy’s twied just ‘bout evewyfin’ to help me not be so skeered. Cuz it’s not just da lawn cwu, it’s also stowms and fireworks. Mommy’s been wantin’ to twy thise flower essences, they just haven’t been in da budget. So she finally found a cheap knock off and bought it. We actually got it at da end of last mumff. So when she saw da lawn cwu twuck today she fawt it wuz da purrfect oppurrtunity to give it a twy.

dw Dezi3624
What’cha got there mommy?

Me wuz hangin’ out on da top of da cat twee when mommy bwought over this bottle and a dwopper full of sumfin’. She stuck it up there and sed, “Open wide Dezi.” Yeah wight. Have you ever seen a cat just “open wide” wiffout sniffin’ whatevew be in their face furst? Me will tell ya’, No you haven’t, and neevew did me. Of course me did what any self wespectin’ kitty wuld do and stawted sniffin’. Me wusn’t so sure ‘bout dat dwopper full of whatevew. So no, me didn’t stick meez tung out and say ahhhh. So mommy put a foo dwops on meez paw furs and a little on meez side. Yep, yous guessed it, me stawted lickin’. and then da lawn cwu guys wuz on ow porch and me stawted wunnin’. Me finally weappeared 5 hours later and 20 minutes after da lawn cwu left. So weez guessin’ eevew da cheap knock off dusn’t work, or me didn’t get enuff of it to weally test it out. So guess what mommy will be duin’ da next time da lawn cwu shows up? weez’ll let ya’ know how it turns out. MOL

dw Dezi3678
Me dusn’t know ’bout dat mommy. Why dusn’t sis Lexi twy it furst?

Now as you all know me joined up wiff da bloggn’ A to Z challenge this mumff and today’s letter is I. Me fawt dat wuz kinda a twicky one, but one word kep comin’ to meez mind and so me told mommy to look it up. So she typed in da search baw, Injuries in indoor only cats. As most of you know we be indoor only cats. Mommy has always believed it wuz faw safer fur us. Da only time we ever go outside is wiff mommy in ow stwoller, and usually wiff a hawness and leash just in case. Da only exception to this is when weez stwollin’ wound ow pawtment complex and fur occasional VET visits. We don’t always have to wear a hawness and leash duwin’ those times. Ow stwoller is quite secure, but mommy dusn’t like to take chances. And there’s a clip in da stwoller to attach da leash to, so it shuld be assumed dat even da manufacturers of stwollers feel dat there is a need fur additional safety measures.

 0dw Dezi in stroller

We know a lot of you let your kitties go outside unsupervised and/or off leash. We fink da only kitty what belongs outside wiffout supervision is a Feral. And we gotta tell ya’ weez not weal cwazy ‘bout dat, but we know there’s a weason they be called Feral. We weally wanna talk ‘bout da dangers to us kitties out in this big old world. There awe diseases yous kitty can get/develop if exposed to da gweat outdoors. And sum of these be fatal. Among those awe: FeLV, FIV, FIP and URI’s. We can also get fleas, ticks, ear mites, ringworm and intestinal worms. And while these may not be fatal, they awe certainly not pleasant fur us or you. And then there be fings like cars, dogs, wild animals, poisons, and old fashioned animal cwuelty. There awe a lot of not so nice peeps out there hoo abuse kitties fur amusement, and just plain meanness.

 dw Lexi stroller45

And da twuff is dat weez been so domesticated dat weez not weally need to go outside. We do need a cat furiendly home wiff sumfin to scwatch on and lay on and play wiff. A pawdee box, high quality meaty noms and furesh water. You can even gwo us sum cool gwass to eat when ow tummies be upset. And you know weez not have much munny but even wiff a limited income mommy wuz able to cweate a funtastic kitty abode. Gwanted weez have a lot of new pawsum cat furniture and toys fanks to ow furiends here and on Facebook. But all yous kitty weally needs is to be kep safe and luvved. So weez hope yous give these fings a fawt da next time yous open da door fur kitty to go outside. Weez lost so many furiends to fings dat kulda been purrvented ifin only they had stayed inside da house. And weez just don’t wanna lose any mowe. Weezz joinin’ up wiff Rascal and Roccos Pet Pawade Blog Hop and da Cweate wiff Joy Furiendship Furiday blog Hop. 

Till da next time……………………………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  

Dezi and Lexi