Cute And Cuddly C’s

Meowllo evewypawdy how ya’ duin’? We wuz finkin’ our last kupple posties have been purretty deep. So weez fawt we wuld take a little bweak today and tell ya’ ‘bout a new purroduct weez twied. As da west of meez posties this mumff it’s pawt of da Bloggin’ A to Z Chanllenge. And today da letter is C. Well obviously C stands fur Cat, wight?. And what C words kuld be used to descwibe a Cat? How ‘bout Cute and Cuddly. Yep those awe 2 words dat descwibe a kitty purrfectly. And ya’ know what? it’s also da name of da company dat makes da purroduct weez wanna talk ‘bout. Y’all member back this summer when me wuz piddlin’ on da floor stead of da pawdee box wight? Well ifin yous member mommy asked wound ‘bout what to use to get wid of da smell and make me go back to usin’ da pawdee box. She finally twied one of da better known purroducts on da mawket. But soon ow pawtment wuz wedun and da smell wuz gone. Fank catness cuz da stuff mommy had used didn’t work. And me had been weally good ‘bout usin’ da pawdee box since then. 


So when we wuz asked to weview a purroduct fur cleanin’ up accidents or accidently on purrpusses, we almost sed no. But mommy fawt better and besides she had dat amonia smell in da caw fwum meez last Vet visit and sed okay. So Cute and Cuddly Pet Products sent us a bottle of their Bio-Enzymatic Odor and Stain Remover. And da day afur it awwived me had a accidentally on purrpuss piddle in da floor. Me kep meowin’ and tellin’ mommy da pawdee box had sumfin’ in it but she wuz eaitin’ sum taters and didn’t wanna get up and clean it. So me had to go in da floor. Okay so maybe me didn’t have too, but me didn’t wanna get in da dirty box. Never mind dat it was only at one end and in da corner. You hoomans wuldn’t wanna sit on da hooman pawdee box ifin sumfin’ wuz in there wight? And you don’t even hav to touch what’s in there. So why is it dat you fink we wanna step over and on da fings found in ow pawdee boxes? So me went in da floor.  

dw Cute and Cuddlyfr

Mommy wuz upset, but as always she didn’t get on to me. She might have sed a foo fings like, “it’s not like I eat that often Dezi, you kulda waited a few more minutes.” And, “Honey, the box is huge, and the other box was completely clean.” To which meez wesponse wuz, “ Mommy, me didn’t wanna use da udder box, me wanted to use this one.” And, Me knows yous not eat offen mommy dat’s why me dusn’t know why it wuz so purrtant yous finished afur cleanin’’ da pawdee box fur me.” Anyways, mommy cleaned da wet piddle off da floor and looked wound. Then she membered we had just got a purroduct fwum Cute and Cuddly Pet Supplies dat wuz posed to take cawe of just these kinds of fings. So she gwabbed da bottle, put on hers glasses and wead da instwuctions. Purretty stwaight furward, clean up da wet spot, pour sum water on it to dilute any wemainin’ tinkle and wipe dat up. Spway or pour a genewous amount of da biological solution on da awea and let sit fur 15 minutes. Now weez’ll tell ya there is a distinct smell to this solution but it dissipates quickly. It also appears a little oily, but there dusn’t appear to be any slippewy left behind. After 15 minutes, soak up as much solution as possible wiff a towel or wet vac. Then put a towel over da awea and apply weight (step on it). Leave da towel fur 3-4 hours or overnight. After wemoving the towel wepeat ifin necessary.  

 dw Dezi3987

Now da ingwedient list is: Water, Bacteria/Enzymes, Nonionic Surfactant, Fragrance, Odor Neutralizer and Opacifier. There is da nowmal Cautions but it sez it’s safe to use wound kids and pets and be earth furiendly. The bottle we got is a genewous 32 ounce size wiff a spway nozzle included fur easy application. So what do we fink? Mommy sez it works! Da purroduct she twied this past summer dusn’t hold a candle to it. And we can welkum Summer’s hot temps beamin’ down on da caw, cuz da smell is gone. Mommy has a nose as good as ours and she sez da smell is gone. And she knows it cuz me and sissy don’t linger sniffin’ da awea of da offense. She takes dat to mean we don’t smell it eevew. Cuz afur we wuld boff keep on sniffin’ and sumtimes even flemmin’. Ya’ know da open mouff sniff. Mommy’s purretty happy dat we ‘cided to twy da Cute and Cuddly Bio-Enzymatic Odor and Stain Eliminator. She even used it on a foo aweas where we had chucked up hairballs. You know dat duz leave a smell. And those wuz old stains. It worked gweat on those as well. We and da company wecommend testin’ a small awea of yous cawpet furst to make sure yous not pullin’ out da color, but we used it on boff cawpet and da new hawd fake wood floors successfully. You wanna know where to buy this stuff don’t ya’? Well you can head on ovew to and get you a bottle. #Cuteandcuddlypetsupplies made mommy’s day wiff their enzymatic cleaning solution.    

 dw Dezi HAPPY EASTER - 2HEoW-1ex - normal

Afur we go, we wanna wemind ya’ weez joinin’ up wiff Rascal and Rocco’s pet Pawade Blog Hop as usual and da Create wiff Joy Furiendship Furiday Blog Hop.

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Till da next time……………………………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  

Dezi and Lexi




Disclaimer: We received a 32 ounce bottle of Cute and Cuddly Pet Supplies Bio-Enzymatic Odor and Stain Rmover for free. However we didn’t receive any green papers for our honest review. We only review products that we use and/or think you our friends and readers would be interested in.