Blest Sunday

Meowllo evewypawdy here we awe wiff anudder Blest Sunday posty. You might find this a bit odd, but today weez gunna focus on a purroduct we got fwum Chewy this mumff to weview. Weez gunna tell ya’ why we fink this mumffs offewin’ is a blessin’. As you know weez not been weviewin’ fur Chewy long, but weez been ordewin’ fwum them since purretty much da beginnin’ of da company. So we wuz fwilled when they chose us too weview fur ‘em. And so faw weez at least liked most of da purroducts weez twied. There’s been a foo ifin yous member dat one or da udder of us wuzn’t cwazy ‘bout, but hey yous can’t expect evewy cat to like evewyfin’, so dat’s bound to happen evewy once in a while. Mommy sez it’s rare to evew find a purroduct dat all cats like, and in ow house we can’t member da last purroduct dat weez boff went high flyin’ cwazy over sides nip. Till this mumff.

dw Lexi4024
Well mommy wha’cha’ waitin’ on? I’z nawt habz anee fummz soz youz gunna habz too owe pin it.

We got ow package fwum and at da time we wuz boff nappin’, so mommy set iit down and went back to whatevew her wuz duin’. A foo hours passed and sis Lexi came up fwunt to let mommy know she wanted a tweat or sumfin’. Since she lost so much weight weez been getting’ a foo extwa tweats off and on fwu out da day, and so she wuz wantin’ sum. Mommy pulled out da package and opened it up and took out a bag of tweats. Well soon as me heard dat wumblin’ oof da package me wuz off da top of da cat twee and wight beside sissy. Mommy took a kupple fotos and then opened one of da packages. Oh da smell of divine goodness. Me stawted meowin’ and sissy stawted gwabbin’ at da package. Mommy laffed and sissy stawted meowin’. Mommy wuz takin’ faw too long. Finally she got da package of tweats open and poured a foo in hers hands and…Wow wuz they evew good. What were they you ask? Well let me just tell ya’. Da name of this pawsum goodness is Canidae Grain Free Pure taste wiff fwesh chicken. 

dw D n L 4028
Oh wow mommy these smell pawsum.

Mommy kuldn’t believe hers eyes. We wuz boff scawffin’ ‘em down as quick as mommy kulld pour ‘em out. Actually quicker. They be little heart shaped crunchy kiblets. Now member sissy dusn’t have many teefies, but…   

dw Lexi4025

Lexi: kwit tawlkin’ bowt minez lack ov teef Dezi. I’z habz purrlenty to chawmp deez down wiv. And ledid me tell youz, I’z wuz chawmpin’ fazt. Deez feengz beez delishuz.     

dw Lexi up close cute
Gibz me sum mower mommy, doez iz good.

Yes sissy you did at dat. And so did me. Yous wight they awe delishus. Mommy’s even been puttin’ sum in sis Lexi’s noms to encourage her to eat mowe at meal times. Amazingly enuff weez boff give ‘em 4 paws up. So what do they have in ‘em and is it enuff fur mommy to like ‘em too? Ingredients awe: chicken, chicken meal, turkey meal, peas, potatoes, chicken fat, lamb meal, natural flavor, menhaden fish meal and those mixed tocopherals. And Canidae’s development center and manufacturin’ facility be in Brownwood Texas, wight here in da USA and one state ovew fwum us. All in all mommy’s purretty happy wiff ‘em too. Mommy even called ‘em to see ifin they wuld give her da full analysis on ALL their foods. Customer Service wuz gweat and even knew all da nummews. So it’s safe fur sissy to eat even wiff hers kidney disease. And since we boff still like ‘em weally well, mommy’s fur sure gunna get us sum of da noms.

 dw D n L 4029

Wecently we wuz talkin’ to sum peeps dat have ordered stuff only to have their kitty turn up their nose. And they wuz complainin’ ‘bout da fact dat ordewin’ meant they had to buy a case of sumfin’ and then they wuz stuck wiff it. Well let me tell ya’ a little mowe ‘bout, cuz ifin yous ordewin’ fwum them, yous nevew STUCK wiff sumfin’ yous kitty won’t eat or use. See Chewy offers a complete wefund fur any unused purrtion when you buy fwum them. And it won’t even cost yoou to send it back. And their customer service is available and furiendly 24/7/365. Now tell me, can you beat dat?  And also has a low flat rate shippin’ purrcie on all orders unnew $49.00 and furee ifin ovew. And they ship wiff Fed Ex, so you get yous order purretty quick like. And ifin yous a coupon guru hoo furgets yous coupons, never fear, Chewy puts their purroducts on sale to weflect any coupons or sales currently in da mawket. So yous not have to worry ‘bout clippin’ coupons. Now come on, what awe ya’ waitin’ fur, head on ovew and check ‘em out. They be getting’ new purroducts all da time.  And weez joinin’ up wiff da Kitties Blue fur Selfies.

dw Dezi4032
(chewing) Yummy mommy these awe weally yummy.

Till da next time…………………………….Be Blest


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  


Dezi and Lexi




Disclaimer: We were not paid for this review. We did receive the bag of treats to try for free but this in no way affected the outcome of our taste test.