A Nip Blest Sunday

Meowllo evewypawdy hope you all membered to turn yous clocks up an hour and schedule yous posties accowdinly…cuz we didn’t. MOL Of course we hav one of those atomic clocks in da house dat be on da old time change schedule so it’s been an hour ahead all winter. Today it wuz actually wight. MOL And da lectwonics all changed on their own too, but da old battewy opewated wall clocks wiff da big nummews dat mommy can see wiffout glasses wuz all wong. Yes we still hav a foo fings in ow house dat hav to be set manually. So weez’ll be duin’ sum of dat today. 

 dw DnL nip mat EllenP sm94

Well as you know ifin yous wead ow post yesfurday, mommy took a fall Furiday when we wuz out getting’ hers medicine. We awe so very blest dat she didn’t get seriously hurt. Just a bwuised hineybo and ego. And weez blest dat there wuz sum nice peeps dat came and helped her and caught me afur me stwolled away down da stweet. We awe twuly countin’ ow blessins fur this one. When we got up yesfurday we noticed we hav a flat tire on da caw. Fur sure dat’s not a blessin’ and weez not sure what weez gunna do ‘bout it, but at least dat’s a mommy worry. Sissy’s posed to go to da Vet on Tuesday so hopefully mommy can figger sumfin’ out. We knew ow tires wuz bad, but we just don’t hav da gween papers to buy new ones, and Oklahoma is workin’ on passin’ a law dat wuld mean no more used tires. We can’t weally afford da used ones eevew, but at least their ‘bout $10.00 cheaper than da new ones. Hopefully weez’ll make it to Lexi’s pointment. We will keep you all updated ifin we can get there. Anyways…

 dw Dezi nip mat EllenP

We got a purresent fwum Miss Ellen and da kitties over at 15 and meowin’. You know dat Miss Ellen be very talented and she makes a lot of gweat fings fur bootyful Phoebe to giv away. Wecently she held one fur a nip mat dat she made. We hav looked at these a lot and weally wanted one, but it’s outta ow purrice wange on a good day. And now wiff sissy needin’ to see da Vet evewy 6 weeks and needin’ hers spensive medicine we fur sure don’t hav any extwa gween papers. Fankfully so faw, you all hav been wunnewful and helped us out to get hers medicine. A meowsy big fank you to all of ya’ dat hav helped. Anyways, she held this giv away and we didn’t win. Ow pawsum furiends da Twout Town Tabbies did. But turns out Miss Ellen had made 2 mats, and we wuz da wunnew up and she wuz sendin’ us one too.

 dw DnL nip mat EllenPsm

Talk ‘bout bein’ ‘cited, we wuz duin’ da happy kitty dance. We luv Miss Ellen’s made wiff luv toys so we knew da mat wuld be pawtastic. But just when we didn’t fink it kuld get any better, those Twout Town Tabbies went and told Miss Ellen to giv theirs to us too. And Miss Ellen’s gunna make them a fishy toy. Well we got one of those mats just da udder day, and OMC It’s purrfect!!! Just as we fawt it wuld be. Me rolled wound and wallered on it fur a while and then sissy came up and we had a little game of whacky paw sniff sniff on da mat. Then me got up and let sissy hav a turn. And to answer da question we got, mommy puts all da new stuff in da middle of da floor and lets us play wiff it fur a day or two so she can get fotos and sumtimes videos. Then it goes to what will be it’s new home and outta da middle of da floor. So no, all ow toys awe not in da middle of a floor all da time. Altho’ we do dwag out a lot of them and mommy let’s us. She sez we work hawd and shuld be able to play hawd. And since we don’ hav much company, like rarely, then it’s okay dat da floor be strewn about wiff toys. Anyways, we awe sure blest to hav such pawsum furiends. Fanks Tabbies and special fanks Miss Ellen. You did a gweat job. We can’t wait till da udder one gets here so we can lay side by side. Mommy also sed this wuld be a gweat fing to put in da stwoller on Vet days.   

 dw DnL nip mat97

We awe as always blest to hav so many wunnewful furiends. Seems we kinda stay behind these days, and da captchas on da blogger blogs means dat we only comment on one post stead of all of ‘em, but we awe weadin’ yous posties. And we sumtimes twy to combine ow comments. We just want ya’ to know dat we luv y’all and get a little cwazy when we miss a posty. We luv keepin’ up wiff evewypawdy. We count ow blessings each and evewyday, and you ow wunnewful furiends and fwamily awe da gweatest blessin’. We never knew there wuz so many wunnewful peeps and anipals out there. We hav been so purriveledged to meet you all and be a pawt of such a gweat community.    

I'z gawdid it lazt and fur da lawngizt time. hehehe
I’z gawdid it lazt and fur da lawngizt time. hehehe

Till da nex time…………………..Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  

Dezi and Lexi