Neat Tuesday

Meowllo evewypawdy hope yous all had a good time yesfurday wiff all da Dr. Seuss posties. There wuz sum weally gweat ones out there. We weally do fink dat litewacy shuld be purrmoted more. Me knows there’s a foo of ya’ out there dat be laffin’ cuz yous fink it be widiculous dat me wuld talk ‘bout litewacy while speakin’ cat. And you know what…dat’s okay. Hopefully genewations to come will be able to wead and write and enjoy da same fweedoms we hav today to choose whether we write in hooman or cat. Anyways on wiff todays post.  

Meez checkin' out all dat snow. It's finally meltin'.
Meez checkin’ out all dat snow. It’s finally meltin’.

Da udder day meez sweet furiend Sammy nominated me fur a kupple pawsum awards. Da furst is da Real Neat Blog Award. And there be 7 questions dat go along wiff this award so weez gunna see ifin we can answer da questions hims listed fur us. Weez also posed to pass it along to udder bloggers and giv them 7 questions to answer too. And weez posed to link back to Sammy, which we just did. So here’s those questions as Sammy purrposed ‘em to us. 

 realneatblogaward-Sammy 2-26-15premiodardosaward Sammy 2-26-15

  1. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you want to live and why?
  2. What’s your all time FAVORITE gift you EVER received?
  3. What scares you the most?
  4. Do you think animals and humans reincarnate?
  5. Do you think there’s life on other planets?
  6. What’s your FAVORITE food?
  7. Do you enjoy OUTDOORS or being INDOORS the most?

dw DnL cat tree64

And here be ow answers: 

1. We alweady liv where we wanna, cuz we only wanna liv wiff mommy. And mommy sez hers has lived all ovew da U.S. and luvved evewyplace her lived. And dat anywhere is home so long as we be there wiff her. But Sammy, ifin yous got a guest house fur us to liv in, weez all on ow way.  

2. Ow favowit gift is……….evewypawdy hoo evew gave us sumfin’ is sittin’ on da edge of their seats wight now. MOL And we weally luv evewy gift weez evew been givin’. So weez eevew gunna make sum of ya’ mad or make yous all say “aaaaaah”, cuz ow favowitest gift evew is mommy and mommy sez hers is us. See weez all be miwacles. Yous wead ow stowries and know dat neevew Lexi or me wuz spected to liv, what you don’t know is dat mommy wuz nevew posed to be born. So on top of life, we got blest wiff each udder and all of you. 

3. Me finks da lawn cwu and funderstowms awe tied wiff what scares me mostest. Sis Lexi sez hers not fwaid of anyfin’. Altho’ me hears she be fwaid of mice. You know da weal ones dat squeak and wun and eat cheese and peanut butter. And mommy sez hers gweatest fear is losin’ us. (‘oh mommy don’t worry weez not goin’ anywhere.’) 

4. This is purrawlly ow showtest answer. No, weez not believ in weincawnation.  

5. Weez not believ dat there be life on udder planets. We believ in heaven and hell and God and da devil.

6. Mommy wuld purrfur ow answer be sum pawsum good fur us noms, but as yous all seen, ow favowitest food is PIZZA. Yeah hey mommy can we hav pizza tonight? Travis sed they hav it evewy week. 

7. Well weez be indoor only kitties and after mommies accident hers outdoor activities kind of ended, so we all wuld hav to say weez purrfur da indoors.    Whew, those wuz sum fawt purrvokin’ questions there.  Our questions will be at da end of this posty, and we nominate……..(dwum woll purrlease)….. YOU ALL.  

 dw Lexi loooking out70

Now da nex award be da Premio Dardos Award. This means Prize Darts in Spanish. And it be given fur cultuwal, ethical, literary, and purrsonal values transmitted in the form of creative and original writin’. (we copied dat mostly fwum Sammy’s posty). This one’s purretty simple, you just post it, link back and nominate 15 bloggers. Dat’s it. And again, we nominate you all.  

Now fur ow 7 questions.

1. Do you hav any nicknames? 

2. If so, what’s yous favowit, why and how did you get it?    

3. What’s yous favowit season and why? 

4. Do you hav any siblings, and if so how many? 

5. Awe you da oldest or yungest? And do you fink you get tweated diffewent cuz of it?  

6. Do you hav a favowit tweat or dessert and what is it?  

7. Do you hav a favowit game or past time, and what is it?    

Well there ya’ hav it. Fank you Sammy fur these pawsum awards. Hope you all hav a pawsum day. Till da nex time………………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  

Dezi and Lexi