That’s Not Snow?

Meowllo evewypawdy weez almost fwu anudder week. We weally can’t believ how fast this year be goin’. Well ow snow melted and oh we wuz so happy. Da sun even came out fur ‘bout 15 minutes on Tuesday. And then…da heavens opened and out of them came ICE. Yep dat’s wight, ice. Not snow or water, but sleet. And it didn’t just fall, it stuck. We nevew got abuv fureezin’ temps on Wednesday. Da wind howled like a wolf all day and night. And now it’s all white outside again. These fotos wuz taken ’bout 2 in da aftewnoon. Lookit how dawk it is out there. Mommy sez she sure hopes this stuff melts today cuz we hav herz wegular doctows pointment on Furiday. Kuld get innewestin’ dat’s fur sure.  

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So it’s almost time fur sis Lexi’s wecheck too. Mommy’s a little nervous, and so is sissy ifin twuff be told. Hers not gained any weight, but fur da most pawt she be eatin’ purretty good. She luvs hers butter spoon (medicine) and me even gets a little lick after she finishes. Dat butter be good stuff. You know sis Lexi eats on da table and mommy has a make shift step fur her outta one of da dinin’ woom chairs. And a while back she fell while twyin’ to jump up in da chair. Well you wulda fawt she had been hit by a mack twuck da way mommy made over her and cwied. And since then sh’e mostlly dun okay. She’s kinda slipped a foo times, but no more flat out falls till Tuesday. And she fell again while twyin’ to get in da chair to get to da table. And it wusn’t a purretty, gwaceful fall eevew. She turned and fell wight on hers bumpkus. Mommy wuz of course not faw away at da counter makin’ ow dinner. And when she saw sissy fall she panicked and wan over to see ‘bout her. Mommy wuz bawlin’ and sissy wuz meowin’. She’s not hurt just lappin’ up da extwa luvvin’. 

Weez waitin' fur mommy to put da camewa down and come to bed.
Weez waitin’ fur mommy to put da camewa down and come to bed.

Mommy sez on top of evewyfin’ this cold, nasty wedder be wreakin’ havoc wiff their awfuritis. But of course we do purreciate yous continued purrayers. Meez gunna cut it short today cuz bein’ out fwum unnew da blanky be cold. (shivers) Weez got sum pawsum fings comin’ up this mumff as well as ow nowmal day in da life and update posties. This is a gweat year so faw and it’s only gunna get better. Y’all stay warm and cozy and safe.  

 dw DnL cat tree65

Till da nex time………………..Be Blest!!!

 --Cat Scouts Sadie Hawkins announcementMeez hostin’ da Sadie Hawkins dance

at Cat Scouts this mumff.

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  

Dezi and Lexi