We Won Da Kitty Lottery–PetBox

Meowllo evewypawdy, hope yous been enjoyin’ yous week. Weez had roofers all week and mommy has da mudder of all migwaines. We wusn’t too purrleased they wuz here eevew. So when finally came outta hidin’ to find ow supwise we felt like we had won da Kitty Lottery. We got ow very own PETBOX!!! Weez been seein’ these all ovew da blogosphere and weez entered numewous contests to win one. But so faw, weez not won any of them. We wuz a little sad and so mommy set ‘bout to make us glad. You know mommys, they don’t want us to be sad. Specially wiff all dat’s goin’ on wiff sissy and all. Anyways dat leads us to now. Weez kinda twyin’ out to be Petbox ambassadors. Dat means we wuld get ow very own Petbox evewy mumff. And OMC Wait’ll yous see what all we got. Well let me just tell ya’ ‘bout it and show ya’ evewyfin’.  

 dw Petbox38

dw Petbox40

As me sed we had been hidin’ nappin’ and twyin’ to avoid all da noise da roofers wuz makin’ so we didn’t even hear da delivery man come. Well mommy knew zactly what it wuz when she got da package cuz it sed Get Petbox.com wight on da box. Knowin’ dat we wuz gunna be weally ‘cited, mommy quietly opened da box to take a foto or two afur we dug in. Then she put da box up on a shelf so we wuldn’t get into it afur her wuz weady wiff da camewa. Once fings quietted down we slowly emerged fwum ow hiding nappies. And boff ow noses went up in da air. Sis Lexi maneuvered da chair, anudder box, and climbed up sevewal levels of da cat twee to get to da “box”. She stawted rubbin’ da bottom and scentin’ it all up. Me didn’t know what it wuz, but da smell wuz overwhelmin’ and me wusn’t gunna let her hav it all, so me jumped up next to her. It wuz callin’ ow names. So mommy gwabbed da camewa and took da box down. We followed post haste. It wuz like dat box wuz pullin’ us to it. And oh da wunnew when we finally got to see inside. There wuz so many pawsumly amazin’ fings in there. 

 dw Lexi with Petbox43

Da furst item we found wuz a Yeowww nip heart. These peeps must hav da mawket on da bestest nip ever, cuz they just don’t make a bad toy. Least in ow sperience. But dat wusn’t da only pawsum nip in da box. Also included wuz a whole big ole bag of Priscilla’s cat nip. Now let me just tell ya’ we won a cat gwass kit fwum her not too long ago, and OMC dat gwass wuz amazin’. All their purroducts be Home Grown. So you can magine how good dat nip is. And it’s so finely gwound it’s almost a powder. So da bag…it is cwam packed full. No skimpin’ or cheatin’ ya’ there. Yous fur sure get yous munny’s worff. But alas, dat’s not all dat wuz in dat lottery box.

Ifin yous can’t see da video, purrlease click here.

There wuz also a door hangin’ scwatcher fwum Petlinks. (We actually hav sum of their udder toys. They’s all purretty cool. Most of them hav a snap attachment dat can be innewchanged.) Altho’ no need to hang it on ow account. We liked it just like it wuz. And it even has a zipper openin’ so yous hoomans can add sum of dat Priscilla’s catnip to it. As ifin we needed mowe enticin’ to use it. NOT!!! MOL Mommy sez da scwatcher is quite nice and goes wiff any décor. Like we care, it felt good and smelled good and comes wiff a snap on toy. Ifin it ever gets unused enuff to get hung on a door, weez’ll let ya’ know. MOL But wait, there’s mowe. Da cutest little weebly wobbly nip egg wiff feathers comin’ out da top by Petlinks too. Weez been chasin’ dat wound da house fur days now. Awe you wantin’ yous very own PetBox yet? Well wait, cuz weez not fwu. There wuz also a sample size bag of Royal Canin Indoor Adult 27 dwy noms. It’s a nice size bag so you kuld purrawlly tell ifin yous kitty wuld like it afur you run out. And then there wuz a bag of Wellness Kittles Tuna and cranberry tweats. In udder words, top quality bwands here. No skimpin’ fur yous fur babies fwum PetBox. Only da bestest. Weez quite impurressed wiff da amount of goodies we weceived and da quality of those purroducts. 

Ifin yous can’t see da video, purrlease click here.

Dat’s all well and good ya’ say, but what ‘bout da company? These days we all like to know dat da peeps we giv ow munny to be duin’ sumfin’ good fur da animal community. It’s not necessary , but we do like to see it. Well PetBox got it’s stawt in 2013 when Sean Conlin, Will Ford and a foo udder pet fanatics down in San Diego CA got togedder. In da furst year they sent out over 60,000 pet boxes and wuz supported by over 250 diffewent bwands. And they offer a wide vawiety of purroducts fur yous kitty, doggy, or piggy. Betcha’ yous kuld find sumfin’ fur udder pets too. And they offer sevewal diffewent purrice boxes, to meet most pocket books.

 dw D n L petbox48

So what do they do fur da community? Well when you buy yous very own PetBox you feed a shelter animal; sez so wight there on da box. And PetBox has a pawsum purrogwam called #PetBoxFridays. Any shelter or rescue can benefit fwum this purrogwam. See they pawtner wiff BOGO Bowl and send out 100 pounds of noms to one lucky shelter or rescue evewy week. You can help nominate and choose which shelter gets dat food too. Like and follow them on Facebook and evewy Furiday at 10:45 a.m., da post goes up fur you and all their followers to nominate and vote on hoo shuld weceive noms fur da nex week. They announce da winners on Mondays fwum da #PetBoxFridays votes. Is dat not pawsum? Mommy’s impurressed and weally likes dat they giv back. And as it be Furiday today, why don’t you mosey on ovew and paw dat like button and vote fur yous favowite wescue or shelter to win. Don’t furget to shawe so udders can vote too. They also hav a pawsum fundraiser dat any organization can benefit fwum. Ifin yous innewested, you might wanna check dat out here.

 dw scratcher nip zipper61

Now as we sed earlier, they hav a Pet Box in just ‘bout evewy purrice wange fwum $9.95 to $59.95 a mumff. And you can select da items yous selff or let it be a supwise and let them pick items fur ya’. And ifin you hav a kitty and a doggy or piggy or…you kuld even choose purroducts fur each all in da same PetBox. Yous weally wantin’ one now awen’t ya’? Well what awe ya’ waitin’ fur? Head on over and get all signed up. You can get 1 box, subscwibe too their auto ship purrogwam where you get 1 evewy mumff, or even send 1 or an auto ship as a gift. And you know what? Ifin you use da code DEZIZ10 you can even save 10% off yous order. Dat is so pawsum of da peeps to dat fur all ow furiends, isn’t it. Well we sure hope they like us enuff to make us ambassadors. We bet they weally wuld ifin yous membered to use ow code and order yous own PetBox. After all, you know yous wanna, and yous wuld be makin’ lots of anipals happy too. Member each box purrchased helps feed a shelter animal. Meez gotta tell ya’ you fur sure won’t be disappointed. And isn’t yous furry furmily member worff it?         

 dw Lexi scratcher52

Disclaimer: We didn’t get any gween papers fur this weview. We did however get high on nip and joy fwum da pawsum Pet Box they sent us fur furee. As always, anyfin’ we weview, we use or plan to use and fink you might wanna know ’bout it. Weez still duin’ da happy kitty dance wound here. Fanks so much fur takin’ a chance on us PetBox. Hope weez honored ya’ wiff ow posty. Yous sure made a kupple kuntwy kitties happy.    

 dw Dezi scratcher56

Weez also wanna tell ya’ ‘bout sumfin’ pawsum meez furiend Crepes is duin’. It’s Furiday da 13ff, and they hav a pawsum new movie launchin’ today in support of black cats. We all know how pawsum those black kitties be so head on over and follow them on youtube and enjoy Magic Mike. Hoo by da way needs a furever home.


Now don’t furget to go by PetBox and use ow discount code DEZIZ10 fur 10% off yous order. Betcha’ Magic Mike wuld like a petbox waitin’ fur him in hims new furever home. We know yous anipals wuld luv to hav one as much as we did.

Till da nex time……………………..Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 

Dezi and Lexi