Caturday News and Updates

Meollow evewypawdy, hope yous enjoyin’ yous Caturday. And we hope da wedder in yous awea is stawtin’ to clear up and get warmer. It is fur us. Mommy’s had da fans on fur days now. And she even had to use da air conditioner in da caw da udder day. Weez had roofers out here all week so weez all a bit fed up wiff all da noise. Mommy sez she has da mudder of all migwaines and sis Lexi and me fink we purrawlly do too. Pawt of pawtment livin’ means yous not get to choose what work be dun or when it gets dun. Altho’ management has been told fur years they needed to weplace da roof, we just never spected it to happen. After all, it’s like pullin’ teef to get them to do anyfin’. But they awe finally weplacin’ da roof. And these guys even worked in da rain yesfurday. Not like any roofers weez ever known. 

 dw Lexi nip mat92

As me sed last time we wuz able to get a new tire and so mommy and Lexi went to da Vet on Fursday. Da roofers had been wight over head all meownin’ so we wuz boff on edge. Lexi wuz so stwessed out dat when they left she wuz singin’ da song of ow peeps purretty loudly. When dat happens da only fing dat’ll calm us down is mommy singin’ to us. So mommy and Lexi sang togedder fur a bit and then Lexi settled down and they made their way to da Vet. Once there mommy asked him ifin he cawwied any of da calmin flower essences, and hims acted like him had never heard of ‘em. Then it wuz time to look at sissy.

Ifin you can’t see da video, click here.

He felt all over her and mashed hers kidneys and bladder, and twied to look in hers mouff to see ifin she wuz anemic. He sed it wuz too dawk in there to weally tell, but mommy had checked her earlier and kknew she wuz fine. Hims didn’t wun any tests but sed she wuz duin’ faw better than any of hims udder patients in da same condition. Hims sed dat wuz a twibute to mommys care. And even tho’ this wuz a wecheck, hims still chawged us fur an office visit. Mommy asked again ‘bout a blood panel and hims just basically ignored her. So altho’ we can’t afford a lot of tests and stuff, mommy be a little put out wiff him. Seems a lot of us in da blogosphere awe havin’ twubbles wiff ow long time VETs.  

 dw Lexi stroller45

Mommy’s been duin’ a lot of wesearch and asked him ‘bout sum of da udder supplements and tweatments udders awe usin’ and hims dismissed them and sed dat we wuz duin’ all we needed too wight now. Hims hadn’t even heard of one of da purroducts made by da same company as Lexi’s curwent medicine, and it’s used fur da same disease. Mommy’s finkin’ afur long she’s gunna know mowe ‘bout this disease and it’s tweatments than Dr. C duz. She’s not so sure she likes dat idea. She sez she spects mowe fwum ow Vet. But weez set now fur anudder 6 weeks and then weez’ll hav to decide what to do then. Mommy can’t afford to go back evewy 6 weeks and buy da medicine too. Dat’s technically evewy mumff fur those of us dat get paid only once a mumff. We wuz very furtunate to have one of meez furiends and fellow Cat Scout to pay fur sissy’s medicine this time.

Now me has meez own nip mat and Lexi has hers. Fanks Miss Ellen and sweet Tabbies, we do luv 'em. and we even know which one is ours. :)
Now me has meez own nip mat and Lexi has hers. Fanks Miss Ellen and sweet Tabbies, we do luv ’em. and we even know which one is ours. 🙂

But sissy shuld also be eating a weally good quality diet wiff da wight purrotiens and not so much phosphorous. Pawently doctows purrscwibe a low purrotien diet in these cases; but it’s not weally da purrotien dat needs to be low, it’s da phosphorous. And da purrotien shuld be top notch. So mommy’s gunna stawt lookin’ wound to twy and find sumfin’ dat meets those wequirements dat sissy will eat. Cuz eatin’ be mowe purrtant than worryin’ ‘bout what’s in it. She has lost a lot of weight, but is holdin’ steady wight now, so dat’s a good fing. Altho’ ideally she shuld put on a little mowe weight. And twust me, mommy be twyin’ to help dat out. Anytime sissy wants sumfin’, she gets it. And weez got a weview comin’ up this week ‘bout sumfin’ sissy has ‘cided she weally likes. She’s still dwinkin’ like a fish which is good; it keeps her hydwated. And in weturn she’s got da biggest clumps ow pawdee boxes hav ever seen.

Arrent deez  pencils grayt mommy? Dey sorrtah look like Dezi and me. Fanks Miss Ellen.
Arrent deez pencils grayt mommy? Dey sorrtah look like Dezi and me. Faynkz Mizz Ellen.

Now on anudder note, member we got a nip mat fwum Miss Ellen, and da Tabbies o Twout town told her to send theirs to us too. They actually won theirs but wanted us to boff hav a mat of ow own. So Miss Ellen sent us da furst one and wiff it she sent da cutest pencils fur mommy. They hav pictures of kitties on them dat wesemble us. And wiff da second mat came a Seuss hat dat we purrawmissed at least one of us wuld model. Well wiff all da commotion dat’s goin’ on there’s not a chance mommy’s gunna get dat fing on meez head, so sissy volunteered to model it. Fanks sissy fur enduwin’ da foto shoot. 

 dw Lexi ellen hat46

And we got a email da udder day dat’ll make all meez bacon luvvin’ kitties happy. Seems Friskies has lissened to all of us and they’ve put weal bacon in a line of their canned noms. They even hav a contest goin’ on where you kuld win a whole year of these bacon noms. While mommy and sissy wuz out, they picked up a kupple cans of these baconated noms cuz mommy found a coupon fur them; and OMC Lexi licked da bowl clean. This is not da purrfect food fur hers condition, but anyfin’ hers eats like dat makes mommy happy. Specially since she’s been not eatin’.

 dw Lexi scratcher64

Well guess dat’s all fur today. We wanted to update evewypawdy ‘bout sis Lexi. As a weminder, we hav an amazon wish list wiff a link on ow sidebaw and mommy will be updatin’ it this weekend. there’s a lot of stuff on it to meet most pocket books. We also hav added a PayPal link on ow sidebaw ifin you wuld like to help wiff ow care. You will hav to enter ow email addwess which is also listed on da link, and any help will fur sure be purreciated. We awe goin’ fwu littler like cwazy wiff sissy makin’ such lawge deposits and offen. Fank you all fur bein’ ow furiends and fwamily and fur yous continued purrayers. We say dat’s why sis Lexi is duin’ so good. It’s cuz of all da luv, support and purrayers of ow furiends and fwamily. And as we do evewy week, weez joined up wiff Rascal and Roccos Pet Pawade Blog Hop.  Weez not weally awtsy today, but we awe gunna join up wiff Athena’s Caturday Awt Blog Hop too.

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Till da nex time………………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 

Dezi and Lexi