Blood Stealin’…No Thieves Here

Meowllo evewypawdy, da weekend’s finally here! Woohoo Yous askin’ yousselff why me be so ‘cited it’s da weekend since meez a cat and meez mommy be disabled and home wiff us all da time anyways, wight? You wuld be wight ‘bout boff those fings, but it seems eeven tho’ mommy dusn’t work anymowe hers still kinda wuns like she duz. She twies to put in hers 12 hours on da puter evewyday workin’ on meez bloggy and visitin’ wiff ow furiends, and facebook and all da udder stuffs we do. And now hers puttin’ in extwa time wesearchin’ fings ‘bout sis Lexi’s CKD/CRF. So when da weekend comes, she usually spends mowe time wiff us and less on da puter. It keeps us behind in ow visitin’, but she sez all this wuz stawted fur us, and ifin she dusn’t spend time wiff us, then all this wuz fur naught. So dat’s why meez so happy ‘bout it bein’ da weekend. And meez hostin’ a dance at Cat Scouts tomowwo. Yeah me be a little nervous cuz meez never dun this afur, but meez still ‘cited cuz it’s gunna be so much fun. Ifin yous been finkin’ ‘bout joinin’ up, no time like da purresent. Just click on da link (cat scouts) above.  

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As you all know weez now 7 weeks into sis Lexi’s diagnosis of early stage Renal Failure. Hers diagnosis wuz made wiff a simple urinalysis and altho’ mommy asked fur bloodwork to be dun, ow Vet found dat unnecessary. Dat did bodder mommy a bit, but she wuz so shocked by da diagnosis she kuldn’t weally fink very clearly and let it go. She came home and dug in and stawted wesearchin’. Evewy where she looked, blood work seemed very purrtant. Has sumfin’ to do wiff da nummews and all. So when mommy took Lexi in fur hers 6 week check up, she again asked fur a blood work up. Da Vet completely ignored mommy and sed she wuz duin’ what she needed to be duin’ and dat sissy looked gweat. Now mommy wuz fwustwated. We like ow Vet and we get a small discount which weally helps, but mommy feels she weally needs mowe infurmation to manage sissy’s illness. Specially when we heard fwum ow sweet furiend Brian dat Zoe had beat this pawful fing based on hers nummews. So mommy set out to learn how to make Lexi da next one to beat this pawfull disease. Turns out dat wuz easier sed then dun. 

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Don’t know what’s up wiff da Vets wound here, but getting’ one to do a CBC/Sr. Blood Panel wuz hawder than we evew spected. Evewy time we turn wound one of ow furiends is havin’ their blood stolen, but dat’s not sumfin’ kitties wound here have to deal wiff pawently. But yesfurday we finally found a vet dat wuld do just dat. Now we need to find da munny to pay fur it afur ow pointment on Monday. Da cost is gunna be $132.00. Dat wuld include da office visit, Full CBC and a new urinalysis. We kuld get by wiff $100.00 and skip da urinalysis, but mommy wuld like to get furesh tests as ifin it wuz da furst time so she wuld have a complete picture of where sissy be at. Mommy found dat there awe noms out there dat sissy will eat dat not be outwageously purriced. They awen’t purrscwiption, but mommy hasn’t had any kitty dat wuld eat those purrscwiption diets. As weez sed afur, it be da phosphowous content dat needs to be low, not da purrotien. Altho’ da purrotien needs to be fwum a “good” source. Ifin you can help wiff da Vet cost we wuld sure purreciate it. Ow PayPal addwess be on da PayPal link on ow sidebaw. 

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Here’s to wishin’ y’all a pawsum weekend full of sunshine and warm wedder. Weez got sum wain in ow furcast, but weez holdin’ out hope dat da sun peeks fwu anyways. But eevew way weez gunna be playin’ and havin’ fun wiff mommy and da Cat Scouts.  Oh and as always weez joinin’ up wiff Rascal and Rocco fur da Pet Pawade Blog Hop. 

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Till da next time……………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  

Dezi and Lexi