Goin’ To Da V-E-T

Meowllo evewypawdy weez wishin’ you all a wunnewful Monday and west of da week. Pendin’ on what time yous weadin’ this, sissy may be getting’ hers blood stolen, and maybe hers tinkle too. Sum how weez messed up ow time settin’ here on WordPress and we never seem to know when ow posties awe goin’ out. Call us da “D” word and you wuld be hitin’ da nail on da head. Weez not furmilar wiff this UTC time. You know weez fwum da Souff and call it CST (central standawd time). Actually afur we entered social media and stawted visitin’ wiff peeps fwum all ovew da place we just called it time fur bwekky, lunch (tweat) or dinner time. And evewy night, bed time. MOL Anyways, sumhow when time changed we musta been on da wrong time, cuz ow posties have been goin’ out at da stwangest hours. So sissy’s pointment is at 3 p.m. CST today.  

 dw Dezi steps3917

Weez weally hopin’ and purrayin’ dat maybe ow cuwwent Vet wuz wrong and even misdiagnosed her. We know a lot of ya’ awe finkin’ we oughtta gwo up, but mommy sez she weally can’t magin’ life wiffout sissy and me. Dat bein’ sed, we gotta figger out how to make her a survivor. She wuz diagnosed wiff only a urinalysis and quite a foo of ow furiends wanted to know why no blood test wuz dun. On da second visit, again mommy asked fur blood work and again wuz ignored and so her went on da search to find a Vet to run those tests. And now weez got a foo emails tellin’ us weez spendin’ too much munny, and askin’ fur too much help. So mommy sed we need to pawlogize, but mommy will do what her can fur us and dat includes ask fur help. And to answer da accusations made by sum, there’s nuffin’ else mommy can cut fwum hers spenses ‘cept toilet paper. But they don’t send out da catalogs fur furee anymore. And mommy sez whedder you eat or not, yous gunna hav need of toilet paper. We do purreciate yous handlin’ yous gwipes wiff us fwu email stead of makin’ nasty comments, but wight now we weally don’t need those eevew. 

 dw Lexi nip mat92

Anyways weez will let you all know what we find out when we find out. Weez not sure whedder da vet duz all tests in house or sends them out. And da place where mommy has been getting’ sum help on unnewstandin’ what we need to do fur sissy, like what noms she can hav and such wecommend havin’ da tests sent to an outside lab. Dat wuld mean we wuldn’t know anyfin’ fur at least a foo days. And they wecommend da uwine be kept fur a week and exposed to bactewia to see ifin it grows anyfin’. Meez tellin’ ya’ these peeps awe weally knowledgeable ‘bout all this stuff. So weez in good hands and we know God be lookin’ out fur us too. So we ask ya’ to send good fawts and purrayers to mommy and Lexi today and weez’ll let ya’ know what we know when we know it.   We also wanna fank awnty Kathie, Miss Ellen and meez pawsum Cat Scout furiend Cat. And all da west of ya’ hoo support ow efforts and send purrayers and good wishes and luv.  

God bless mommy and sis Lexi and all our furwiends and fwamily. In Jesus Name, Amen
God bless mommy and sis Lexi and all our furwiends and fwamily. In Jesus Name, Amen

Till da next time……………………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  

Dezi and Lexi