You Shulda Seen

Me Rollin’ Down da Street

Meowllo evewypawdy we sure hope yous havin’ a gweat weekend. You awe never gunna believe what all happened yesfurday. You know weez been writin’ ‘bout mommys doctow pointment day now fur a while cuz it seems sumfin’ always happens. And yesfurday wuz no diffewent. Mommy had told me we kuld write ‘bout sumfin’ els this mumff and then we went and…well let’s just say you all shulda been there.

 dw Dezi on tree

It stawted out purretty much like any udder day. We all got wound and mommy opened da door and stawted singin’, “Here comes da sun.” OMC Wuz we ever glad to see mr. Sunshine. A lot of da ice wuz melted, and it wuz wunnewful. Unbeknownst to me tho’ mommy wuz nervous ‘bout patches of black ice, so her wuz goin’ back and  forff all meownin’ ‘bout whether or not to wisk takin’ me wiff her. Wiffout me mommy gets ‘bout a 30 second warnin’ afur her passes out. Wiff me she gets almost 30 minutes. But since she wuz disabled due to a caw accident she worries ‘bout da udder idiots on da road and da wedder of course. She dusn’t like to put Lexi or me at wisk ifin her can help it, so she wuz weally finkin’ ‘bout leavin’ me at home. Well time to go and mommy ‘cided me wuld stay wiff Lexi, so she left and headed out to da doctow ‘bout 10 minutes up da stweet. Me watched and waited on da cat twee fur mommy to come home.  And then…

 0dw Dezi in stroller4

Me saw mommy come walkin’ up da walk. She came in and saw me and sed, “It’s not bad at all honey. Come on, you’re goin’ with me to town.”  Into da stwoller me went and we wuz off. Da highway wuz nice and clear and you kuldn’t even tell there had been snow or ice only a day earlier. Mommy sed she talked to a man at da doctows office dat sed da kids had been outta school since Tuesday. So we wusn’t da only ones hoo fawt it wuz bad. Anyways, we finally got to da fawmacy. And fank catness, cuz mommy had da caw weally hot. Me had to tell hers to turn down da heat cuz me wuz furyin’ in meez long fur coat. we dwopped of mommys scwipt and told them we wuz gunna go a foo doors down and let me visit wiff meez furiends at da bank. Well…dat’s when fings changed. We wuz stwollin’ down da stweet and suddenlly mommys cane went sideways, fwuntways, backways and then it wuz just flyin’ and mommy wuz slippin’ an slidin’ and…KAPOOEY!!!  Down mommy went, wight on hers hineybo. You shulda seen it. Yous shulda seen me lookin’ at it. You shulda seen mommy’s face. But wait, it dusn’t stop there.  

 dwDezi Have a Great Saturday - 2HEoW-1en - normal

When mommy stawted losin’ hers balance she sumhow pushed da stwoller and me went rollin’ down da stweet. Me wuz watchin’ mommy flailin’ and getting’ further and further away fwum her. Me wuz meowin’ and mommy wuz hollewin’ fur me. Me kuld hear her, “Dezi, Oh sweet Dezi. Sumpawdy save my baby!!!” Well sumpawdy musta heard us or seen mommy cuz a littlle old gway haired lady on hers own cane came walkin’ outta one of da doors and stood over mommy. Mommy wuz scweamin’ and pointin’ at me, and da little old gway haired lady on hers own cane came runnin’ toward me. You shulda seen her. OMC–MOL Me wuz still rollin’ and didn’t fink dat lady had any chance of catchin’ up to me, but suddenly me felt a jolt and me stopped. Da little old lady wuz wavin’ hers awms all over da place and yellin’. Me looked out da udder side and there stood this big ole man holdin’ onto da stwoller and sayin’ “It’s okay, I’ve got it. Don’t fall.” Then all meez furiends fwum da bank came outside and one of them pushed me over to mommy where anudder couple of them wuz helpin’ hers up. Dat black ice mommy had been worried ‘bout…we had hit a patch. Mommy kuldn’t wait to get back home. Hers a little bwuised up and sore, but nun da worse fur da wear, and meez had an adventure me will never furget. MOL  So weez’ll be takin’ it easy this weekend no doubt.

Till da nex time…………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  

Dezi and Lexi