Welkum To Da Tundra

Meowllo evewypawdy hope yous enjoyed da weekend, cuz it’s Monday again. Fur sum of ya’ dat be da beginnin’ of da work week and fur udders just anudder day. Fur us, it’s gunna be a weview day. We told ya’ da udder day we got to twy this tweat dat sis Lexi weally liked. Well Chewy sent us this pawsum tweat fwum Orijen. You know Chewy has so many pawsum bwands to choose fwum, and da Orijen bwand is a all natural one. Their slogan be Nourish as nature intended. And dat’s da kind of ingwedients dat goes into their food and tweats.

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So this tweat we twied is anudder fureeze dwied one. You know dat be ow favowit. And we chose da one called Tundra. It be made wiff ranch raised venison, elk, quail and steel head trout. Don’t those sound like sum yummy ingwedients? We sure fink so. And sis Lexi weally fawt so. Da Orijen bwand be made in Canada. And guess what?  This be anudder tweat dat be edible by boff kitties and doggies. 1 tweat fur da whole house. Isn’t dat gweat?  As me sed, sissy luvs ‘em and gives ‘em a 4 paws up. Yous wanna know ifin me liked ‘em too don’t ya’. Yep, me did. Me wuld giv ‘em 3 paws up. They also cwumble purretty easy so mommy can use ‘em as a toppin’ on ow noms. They come in these little cubes dat purrawlly be bite size fur a medium size doggy. But they be soft enuff to bweak into smaller bites fur us kitties.  

 dw Orijen Tundra

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So what duz mommy fink ‘bout ‘em? They be fureeze dwied and nuffin’ but da meat. So faw so good. They claim to be low calowie altho they don’t say how many calowies awe in a tweat. They be carbohydwate furee, so dat’s a good fing. They awe purriced ‘tween $5.49 – $12.99, so ‘bout avewage fur this kind of tweat. Da Tundra be easily cwumbled or bwoken so mommy likes dat. They come in a vawiety of flavors and altho’ da same ingwedients be in boff, they do have specifics fur dogs and cats. We just happened to get da dog tweats. Mommy will also sumtimes do this cuz you can get a lawger amount fur not much mowe munny ifin any. In this case, da one we got wuz a 2 oz bag (dog) and it cost da same purrice as da cat bag dat wuz only 1.25 oz. And we got da same ingwedients we just had to bweak them up into smaller bites. So overall mommy gave ‘em a fumms up too. We wuld like to twy da wild boar and da lamb ones too. 

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So ifin these sound good to you to, head on ovew to Chewy.com and check ‘em out. While yous there yous might wanna check out all da udder goodies chewy has too. They hav lots of bwands and awe addin’ mowe all da time. And they don’t just hav food and tweats. They also cawry toys and supplies.. You know like da litter and scoop bags fur da dog walks among udder fings. And they always have gweat customer service, flat rate $4.95 s/h and furee shippin’ on all orders over $49.00.   

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Disclaimer: We didn’t weceive any gween papers fur this weview. But we did get these pawsum tweats fur furee. Course furee or not it didn’t sway ow opinions as we kitties not care ‘bout munny. And as always we only tell ya’ ‘bout fings we fink ya’ might be innewested in.

Till da next time………………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  

Dezi and Lexi