Freezing on Friday

Meowllo everypawdy hope yous stayin’ warm on this cold Furiday. Weez joinin’ all da udder tabbies over at da TCC today in showin’ just how weez stay warm. So purrlease go on by and check us all out. Weez gunna show ya’ more of those pawsum ways here too today, cuz mommy made an oopsy wiff meez posty on dat Windows Live Writer. Yous know we-settin’ up da puter can weally be a pain in da you know what. MOL  Mommy went to purrint sumfin’ last night and wealized hers has to we-load da purrinter purrogwam afur she can do dat. Every time we fink weez al finished wiff da set up, sumfin’ new cwops up. And da puter’s still makin’ updates what seems like all da time. But weez not weally complainin’. Altho’ it’s time consumin’, weez so glad we can do this and dat da puter didn’t totally bweak. So yep weez still blest. Hope yous enjoy da fotos and fur those of ya’ way cwoss da ponds and oceans dat be havin’ summer…stay cool. Meez catness it be weally hawd to tell sumone to stay cool when it be 12 degwees here. Weez’ll gladly share ow cold wiff yous all. Weez gunna tell old man winter to visit ya’.  Sure hope he lissens. MOL  

0dw Dezi lays in mommys lap 0dw Dezi with mom in chair 0dw Lexi with fireplace 0dw Lexi mommys lap C-U

Till da nex time………………Be Blest!!!

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  

Dezi and Lexi







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