Blest Sunday, No Matter What

Meowllo everypawdy.  This be da first Blest Sunday of da new year.  As most of you know, cuz weez been askin’ yous to purray; sis Lexi’s not feelin’ so good.  Hers has ups and downs, good days and bad days.  See sissy likes noms.  And me means most any noms.  Mommy has always joked dat she wuld eat most anyfin’ dat didn’t eat hers first.  It wusn’t uncommon fur her to twy to eat everypawdy’s meal.  An then she just quit.  She ate a bit, but not enough and stawted losin’ sum weight.  Now me knows there’s purrawlly those of you hoo finks she kuld stand to lose a foo pounds, but twuff is, she wusn’t weally dat much over weight, and da VET sed hers weight wuz fine.  Udder than da eatin’ or lack of it, she wuz actin’ fine.  Lots of purrin’ and playin’ and luvvin’ on mommy and me.  And fur da last kupple of days, hers ate everyfin’ on hers plate at boff meals and kep it down.  So we weally believed hers wuz getting’ better.  And then yesfurday afternoon hers wuz layin’ in mommys lap and she suddenly jumped and got down and hers skin wuz twitchin’ like cwazy and she wuz bitin’ at hers selff.  She just kuldn’t get comfy.  She wuz up and down fwum mommys lap least a half dozen times afur she finally settled down and wuz able to nap. 

 Lexi My Love - 2HEoW-1ds - normal

So weez askin’ ifin yous kuld spare a purrayer or two fur meez sissy.  See we awe so blest to hav all of you as ow furiends.  And we hav been so blest to wecieve so much luv fwum you.  But mommy and me…we weally need sissy to get better.  We luv hers more than anyfin’ in da universe and we need her here wiff us feelin’ like Lexi.  Even ifin dat means hers twies to steal meez noms.  We know there be lots of udder anipals dat need purrayers too, so purrlease just say one extwa.  Member we awe all blest cuz weez all here and hav each udder.  WE purray this year be da bestest year so faw and they only get better.  Count yous blessings, you know you hav a foo. 

 DezizWorld gravatar

We wuld also like to fank anudder of meez angel cats fur da pawsum gifts we weceived.  Mommy put them in da hutch where all ow special purretties go. 

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And till da nex time………………….Be Blest!!! 



Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  

Dezi and Lexi