Chatting Cats: Mommy Is Feeling Proud

Hey, is anypawdy out there? It’s me, RaenaBelle. Sissy, Aren’t you thru checkin’ unner the bed yet? I’s purretty sure nuffin’ got in the house since the last time you checked!!! Mommy says the silly weather guessers have issued warnings fur every town and county ‘round us, but left us out. 


 Dezi lays in cat bed looking up




          (Dezi meows loudly from UTB) Ifin we’re not s’posed to be havin’ all these storms then what’s that loud noise that keeps bangin’ the roof?!! 


 Raena lays on tissue paper




Mommy says it’s those ice balls called hail. I’s haven’t figgered out the difference t’ween hail and sleet. Seems they’re both ice that rains down from the sky and makes a lot of noise. Anyways, mommy says she was really purroud of you last night fur stayin’ out and eatin’ your dinner even tho’ it was stormin’ outside. So I’s was thinkin’… 


          What did me tell ya’ ‘bout thinkin’, Raena? 


Raena lays on tissue paper




Sissy…I’s only tryin’ to help. Anyways, I’s was thinkin’, ifin you could come out last night and eat your dinner, then you oughtta be able to come out today and eat your brekky and hang out with mommy and me.


 Dezi licks paw while laying on tissue paper




          (Dezi slinks down the hall to the living room focusing on the door) Hmmmm, Why didn’t you tell me brekky was ready?


 Raena lays on tissue paper




I’s thought you heard mommy hollerin’ fur ya’ fur the last 10 minutes and then sing our brekky song.


 Dezi bathes while laying on tissue paper in front of the fireplace




          (A loud clap of thunder is heard overhead. Dezi, flattens and looks around. Seeing Raena still eating and mommy A sitting calmly in her chair, Dezi decides to continue to eat. Mommy beams with pride at Dezi’s actions) Me sure hopes that these storms go away and soon, Raena. Guess we oughtta be really glad we got in those strolls last week. Doesn’t look like there’s gonna be any strollin’ this week. 


 Raena lays atop the liberty cat tree




May be sissy, but I’s gonna look on the pawsitive side and believe these nasty storms will pass by us today. You know, mommy says havin’ a pawsitive attitude is half the battle. Y, Look’it you, I’s believed with mommy that you could hang out with us in the livin’ room even tho’ it was stormin’ outside. And there you are, purrettyin’ up in front of the fireplace. Can’t you see how purroud mommy is of you? 


 Dezi bathes while laying on the tissue paper in front of the fireplace




          Yeah, well, ya’ll shouldn’t get any big ideas, me might need to check fur intruders again soon. We better wrap this up befur the catputer blinks. We couldn’t get in any visits with our furiends fur the last few days cuz the catputer keeps shuttin’ down.


Dezi and Raena lay atop the Liberty cat tree




I’s know sissy. But I’s think mommy’s the reason the catputer’s been shuttin’ down. You know she doesn’ like us to be on it when it’s stormin’ outside. She says she can’t affurd to replace it ifin it gets hit by lightnin’ or somethin’. We’ll just have to hope our furiends unnerstand and know that we’ll visit as soon as we can. In the meantime, let’s go play. 


Till the next time……………………………………….Be Blest!!! 


Raena: Navy Blue 

Dezi: Vibrant Blue




Luvs and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 


RaenaBelle and Deztinee

Christmas Is Coming

“Chestnutz roaztin’ on an open fire…”


Sissy, what are you doin’ singin’ ‘bout chestnuts this meownin’?

Lexi and Dezi loving each other in fromnt of the electric fireplace

It’z Christmas time Dezi. It’z turned cold outside and inside fur dat matter; so it’z time to start celebratin’. It’z time fur mommy to start playin’ carols on da piano and layin’ in front of da lektrik fireplace and watchin’ da lightz.

#Dezi dressed in her Christmas Santa suit complete with hat

Oh sissy me luvs this time of year. All da blinky lights are so purretty. And da smell of mulled cider and sugar cookies from mommy’s candles and oils are so yummy. (don’t leave your pets unattended with flames from candles or oil burners) Me just hopes she furgets ‘bout da santa suit she got fur us last year, don’t you? And hey, did you notice we have a new header and background fur our bloggy?

Dezi and Lexi all decorated for Christmas with purple ornaments

I shur did Dezi. It’z soooooooo bootyful and so us.


Yep sissy it sure is. Dat Ms. Ann from Zoolatry made it fur us fur Christmas. She is so talented. She made us look really bootyful. We sure do purreciate it and wanted to Fank her fur makin’ our bloggy look so special fur da holidays. You know she makes headers, badges, just ’bout any gawjus foto you kuld ever want all year long. Ifin you like our wunnerful look, go by and see her and check out all da bootyful creations she has.

Pen sketch of LExi the Service cat
Thank you soooo much Mr. Thomas, we love it.

And dat pawsum artist Thomas from One Drawing Daily dat made a sketch of me a while back made mommy a sketch of you sissy. It’s so bootyful. Him’s lookin’ fur other kitty bloggers dat wuld like to have their foto drawn. He’s really talented. You oughtta go by and check out all da amazin’ artwork.


We have lots of good things comin’ up fur ya’ this month, so stay tuned. We’ll be sharin’ sum fotos of us helpin’ mommy with da decoratin’ thru out da month and some really pawsum reviews. Right now meez gunna join sissy and hurry Christmas up with sum carol singin’.

#Meme, #Lexi in front of electric fireplace with Dezi trying to push in

“We’ll be home fur Christmas…” 


Till da next time……………………………………..Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi

And There’s…Smoke?

OMC Meez sure duz wanna fank you all fur enterin’ meez give away.  And ifin yous haven’t entered yet, there’s still time. Yous can enter by leavin’ a comment on meez posty here, by 11:59 p.m. Furiday night 12/19/14.  Me also wants to fank you fur all da nice fings you sed ‘bout ow weview.  We wuz purretty nervous it bein’ ow first “official” one and all.  But we did furget sumfin’ and weez feel weally bad bout dat.  Yous know we told yous dat SwheatScoop gives to a diffewent rescue every mumff?  Well yous can apply fur a rescue yous wuld like to see get help, or let them know and they can apply themselves.  Just see da Swheatscoop website fur da infurmation.

Multi Cat
Multi Cat

So today weez gunna take you way back in time.  Back afur me wuz born and even afur sis Lexi wuz born.  To a time when dinosaurs walked da earff.  MOL  Not weally but me wuz on a roll and it sounded good.  Anyways, mommy’s dictatin’ today and meez welatin’ da story of mommy and hers first fireplace.  So mommy wuz ‘bout 20 years old and hers had been livin’ in hers own fur a foo years at this point.  And hers finally moved to da big city of Dallas.  Actually a little suburb called Lewisville.  Course Dallas kinda encompasses everyfin’ wiff in it.  Anyways hers rented a pawtment in a bwand new complex.  And she wuz so ‘cited.  It wuz da very first ever pawtment dat had a fireplace.  Now mind you mommy had never had a fireplace afur.  Not even duwin’ da years she lived at home wiff hers furmily.  But at 20 years old all mommy kuld fink ‘bout wuz how womantic it wuld be.  Never mind hers didn’t hav a beau at da time.  Mommy wuz a bit of a looker back then so she didn’t figure on bein’ wiff out one fur too long.  And she moved into this pawtment at da end of da summer, so she had time afur fireplace wedder or womance showed up.  MOL  Now, da only fireplaces mommy had ever seen wuz on hers “stories”.  Yep, mommy watched da soap opewas back then. 

 0dw Dezi in fire

So as da wedder cooled off a bit, mommy stawted byin’ logs.  They wuz sold in sumfin’ called a wick.  Do yous know dat even today mommy dusn’t know what a wick is. MOL  Anyways hers was buyin’ up logs and this one log in it’s paper wrapper dat wund posed to help get da fire goin’ and help fan da flame.  So da first purretty cool day mommy had, she got up and decodcided to hav a fire in da fire place.  So she all hers logs on da little metal holder.  Yep da hole wick.  And then on top of dat’ she put ders helper log.  And then she got hers candle lighter and lit da paper and went and sat down wiff hers then cat.  and she smiled and fawt ‘bout how warm they wuz gunna be and  and how purretty it wuz gunna look.  Da fire seemed to be takin’ a pawfully long time stawtin’ and flamin’ up.  So mommy wadded up sum newspaper and fwu it in. 

Finally, mommy saw a little flame in da back.  She wuz so ‘cited dat she got in da floor wight in fwunt of it.    Mommy had heard da soap opewea peeps talk ‘bout stokin’ it, and altho’ mommy wusn’t sure what “stokin’” meant and she didn’t hav any fireplace tools.  So she took a piece of metal and poked wound at da small fire. Once she had da fire goin’ she sat back on da floor wiff hers kitty and they watched as da da flames danced over da logs.  As they sat there, they began to notice black smoke hoverwin’ over da flames.  And da warmff of da fire wuz a little overwhelmin’ so they backed up a bit.  but mommy wuz still so purroud of hers fire she didn’t go faw. 

 0dw Lexi is fire

She wadded up sum more newspaper and fwu it into da flames.  And as she did da smoke began to seep out into da pawtment.  More and more smoke filled da pawtment.  Mommy kuldn’t see and hers wuz coughfin’ and hers eyes wuz waterin’ and she wuz finkin’ to hers selff dat she never saw this on da soaps.  But she knew da fireplace had never been used cuz da pawtment wuz new when she moved in, so she just fawt this wuz nowmal.  After ‘bout 30 minutes of da smoke fillin’ da pawtment mommy twied to put da fire out.  But da more she poked at da logs, da mowe da flames grew.   

Finally not knowin’ what els to do mommy went to hers kitchen and filled a pitcher wiff water and doused it all over da wood and flames.  Even more smoke emerged but at last da fire wuz out.  Mommy had a huge mess to clean up, but kuldn’t magine why in da world it had dun dat.  Da nex day at work she wuz tellin’ her coworkers ‘bout it and they asked her ifin she had opened da flue?  Opened da Flue, mommy questioned. What’s a flue?   

 0dw Dezi Christmas Heart

Mommy never completely got all da smell outta hers clothes and fings, but she learned fwum dat and has also never twied lightin’ a firplace again.  She’s never even lived anywhere dat had one again.  So dat’s why da lectwic fireplace is purrfect fur us.  there’s no need fur a flue. MOL  So dat’s da story of mommy smokin’ up da house.  Mommy’s not weally good wiff da fire fings dat be what she calls “men’s work”.  Now member meez mommy be an old Suddern Belle, so don’t get offended dat hers finks there be men’s work and womens work.  Ifin she had been datin’ sumpawdy she might have weally enjoyed dat first fireplace. MOL  

Don’t furget to go and enter ow give away.  Till da nex time………………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

   Dezi and Lexi