A Playful Blest Sunday

Welcome to a wonderfully sunny Blest Sunday. It’s been rainin’ here fur days. Fankfully, there were no thunder boomers  to go along with said rain, so me didn’t really spend much time UTB/UTC. Of course Raena didn’t even seem to notice. Ya’ know, dat girly has No fears. None, nada, zip, zilch. Mommy even told her a couple times dat she was so purroud of her, but dat a little fear is a good thing.

 Dezi atop the cat tree

Dezi: Raena thought we oughtta play a game of whacky paw on da cat tree with her hangin’ from da top ledge. Sure ‘nuff, she fell and just ‘bout gave mommy a heart attack. Dat’s when she got da, “a little fear’s a good thing” speech. But of course, she didn’t pay no attention, cuz she was right back at it a few minutes later.

 Raena hanging on the Liberty cat tree playing whacky paw with Dezi

 Are you crazy Raena? You’s gonna fall and then you’re

really gonna get it.

Dezi:  Mommy also played ‘fly fishin’’ wand toy with us till me was exhausted and mommy was exhausted. Raena tho’…she was still rarin’ to go. So mommy set up da pawsum Cat’s Meow toy we received from our angel furiends and Raena played till da batteries died and she tore it up. Okay, me got in on a little of dat action too, but me couldn’t keep up with da kid. 

 Raena fly fishing with the wand toy

     Raena:  Oh sissy, are you talkin’ ‘bout all da fun we had playin’ yesfurday?

 Raena fly fishing with a wand toy

Dezi:   Me was till you butted in Raena.

 Raena playing with the Petsafe toys, Flitter

     Raena: Who knew there were so many fun toys to chase? Fur some reason tho’, they all kept slowin’ down and quittin’ over time.

 Raena playing with the Pet Safe Flitter

Dezi:  Dat’s cuz you deaded ‘em Raena. Dat’s what happens when ya’ play with somethin’ elebenty billion hours 3 hours straight. Eventually, it dies. Hmmmmm Me thinks there might be a lesson in there. Now lissen, we don’t have mouseys, but ifin we did, dat’s ‘zactly what you’d do to a mousey, Dead it. Altho’ me would recommend you do it purretty quick or mommy might have dat heart attack fur real. And by da way, you can tear up da mousey like you did our Cat’s Meow.

 Dezi and Raena playing with the cat's meow

Dezi and Raena playing with the cat's meow

Dezi:  You know dat’s da second Cat’s Meow we’ve done in at our house. Sis Lexi and me played da furst one to death and now you’ve done it to this one. Fankfully mommy can change out da batteries in da other toys and they’ll still work. And fanks to some amazin’ anonymous angels who put some money in our paypal account, mommy can buy some new batteries. We are so blest.

 Raena playing with the cat's meow

     Raena:  Oh sissy we are. And we’re blest to have all our dear furiends in our lives too. Good weather, good friends, fun toys and full bellies, what more could a girly ask fur?.

 dw-Raena catsmeowDSCN7435edit (1024x679)

Dezi: Well Raena, me wouldn’t have put it dat way ‘zactly, but you’re right. ‘Course those treats we had durin’ da little break was good too. ‘Member to take a minute today and everyday and give fanks fur da many blessings in your life. We’s joinin’ da Kitties Blue fur Selfie Sunday. We didn’t actually take any selfies, but mommy did get some close ups.

 Dezi and Raena eating treats on the liberty cat tree

Raena: Mmmmmm These treats are lick your lips good.

Till da next time………………………………..Be Blest!!!

Dezi: Vibrant Blue  

Raena: Navy Blue




Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Deztinee and RaenaBelle

Pawlympics: Fly Fishin’

WooHoo, It’s here!!! Pawlympics Fly Fishin’ Day!!! Are ya’ ready? We had some pawsum entries. Both cats and dogs went all out to ketch those “flies and fishies” and a few other things too. We think they all deserve da gold. We’re not gonna draw this out and make ya’ wait, so let’s get on with da show. 

 Blogville Pawlympics badge for sidebar

Blogville Pawlympics Fly Fishin' badge

Furst up we have da always bootyful Daisy from Da Tabbies of Trout Towne 

Daisy fly fishing

 Daisy da Queen looks gawjus even while fly fishin’


Repurrsentin’ all da kitties from 15 and Meowing are Millie and me’s fellow Cat Scout Sammy P.

Millie fly fishing

Lookit dat form on Millie. Check out da paw action.

Sammy fly fishing

 Sammy be ketchin’ like a well trained Scout

Another newcomer to da Pawlympics is LouLou from Living with LouLou.

louLou Fly Fishing

Check out da teefies on LouLou. She’s ready to give it what fur.

Let’s take a look at one of Blogville’s favorite ladies, Madi from Down Home in NC

Madi Fly fishing

 Check out Madi’s moves. Composure even under fire.


And check out our favorite doggy brofur furiend and Blogville Comedian, Easy from Easy Weimaraner. 

Easy fly fishing

 Lookit dat face folks, don’t’cha’ just luv it?.

Repurrsentin’ Toby’s Wreckin’ Crew from da archives are Armand, Frankie and Jade. Toby’s grammaws kitties. 

Armand and Frankie

 Dat Armand gets ’round. But he’s ’bout to be schooled by Frankie

Armand and Jade

Fly Fishin’ panfurs, what a sight!!!

And check out me’s fellow Cat Scout Pete Hartley when he was just a wee thing. 

Pete fly fishing

 Check out da moves on this Tuxie boy. Go Pete go!!!


We’ve got a real treat fur ya’ next. Check out Ernie from Frankie Furter Price ketchin’ da fly him’s mommy made. Yep kits and cats, pups and dogs, ladies and gents, furred and unfurred,  they went above and beyond. Let’s give Ernie and Frankies mommy a round of applause.

Ernie fly fishing

Lookit da form Ernie has. So confident. You go Ernie.

Next up from Bird Brains and Dog Tales we have Millie and Walter

<illie and Walter fly fishing

Now Millie and Walter are really into this fly fishin’. Me thinks they’ve

caught it fur sure. Check out da tail action.


Let’s check out da crew from Timmy Tomcat Commentaries. Furst up is elder brofur Buddy Budd. Next is young floofy Einstein, and lastly but definitely not leastly is Timmy himself.

Buddy fly fishing

Buddy Budd’s schoolin’ all da youngsters. You go Buddy.

Einstein fly fishing

Einstein isn’t gonna let dat floofy tail get in da way here.

Timmy fly fishing

 Whoa Timmy, You’s really got da moves. Check out da form

in da long lean body and da grip those paws have.

Here’s our sweet Facebook furiends Pepper  and Smokey Joe fly fishin’ like pro’s.

Pepper fly fishing

We’ve got us another pawsum panfur. Check out dat stand

Pepper’s displayin’.


Smokey Joe fly fishing

 Lookit those teefies on Smokey Joe.

Da Florida Furkids have lots of oppurrtunity to puttactice fly fishin’, gator wrestlin’ and more. Let’s take a look at Ellie and Raz

Ellie fly fishing

Y Pure beauty dat Ellie is. Even while fly fishin’

Raz fly fishing,

Oh Raz!!! Lookit those wild eyes. Raz is sure to make mincemeat

of dat fly, and maybe da fishy too.

Let’s take a look at Purrseidon of da blog by da same name. She’s doin’ a bit more than fly fishin’.

Purrseidon fly fishing

Check out Purrseidon, sittin’ on da docks calmly fishin’ da day away.

And let’s check out those crazy cute meezers from da Canadian Cats, Kali and Shoko.

Kali fly fishing

Check out da paw placement on dat firey meezer Kali.

Shoko fly fishing

Shoko won’t be shown up by her sisfur tho’, check out her

seal mitted paws. 

And lastly, sis Raena and me luv fly fishin’.

Raena plays with the flying toy

I’s gonna ketch it this time sissy. 

Dezi stretches non nonchalantly at the Cat Dancer

You come here fly!!!

    We sure do sis Dezi. What a great bunch of kittys and doggys we had enter. From da bottom of our little kitty hearts, Fank you all. You all win da gold. Purrlease ‘member to take your medal and display it purroudly. We of ‘course are linkin’ up to Dory’s Backyard. Go by and check it out. There will be closin’ ceremonies you’ll all wanna be a pawrt of.

 Blogville Pawlympics Fly Fishin' badge

We’re gonna close out now and do some pawlympic nappin’ on da cat tree. MOL  Fanks fur comin’ and have fun.




Till da next time………………………………..Be Blest!!!

Dezi: Vibrant Blue

Raena: Navy Blue

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Deztinee and RaenaBelle