Blest Sunday: Service Cats Never…

Well as you can see by da title of meez posty you are all in fur a service cat story today. And it all took place yesfurday. Really it started even afur we woke up, but we can’t really tell ya’ ‘bout sumfin’ we slept fru, right? MOL  So anyways, there we was all cozy and warm wiff da lectric blanky and down blanky and da fuzzy soft blanky me has suckled to not so soft anymore soundly sleepin’ and suddenly mommy sez, “Girls, we gotta get up now.” Even tho’ she spoke in dat soft wake us up voice, it thundered fru da silence of da meownin’ wiff it’s urgency. It was da gotta get up voice dat meant mommy had to visit da pawdee box room and fast. (Fur all our new readers, mommy can’t move anything below her neck in da meownin’ time till her muscles and nerves warm up. She can’t walk till she takes her medicine and it kicks in, so we are respawnsible fur gettin’ her movin’ and drivin’ da wheelchair to da pawdee box room when we wake up) So sis Lexi and me skipped stretchin’ and duin’ all we kuld to avoid steppin’ or pushin’ on mommys belly; sumfin’ you don’t wanna do when she needs to visit da facilities, started massagin’ hers arms and legs. When all of a sudden…well…

Dezi profiled on the cat tree lookin' back from the window

Sissy musta had da same urge as mommy cuz afur we kuld even blink she stood up, stomped on mommys belly and headed down da steps to da pawdee box room. Not cool sissy. Now mommy was turnin’ yellow; and a bit green wiff envy dat sissy at her age kuld still move so fast. Anyways, fankfully by dat time mommy’s arms was startin’ to move a bit. Me has never pushed mommy into da chair by meez self afur and she was still on hers back, so this was gunna be tricky. But me was gunna try. So mommy started to reach fur da bars to pull and me started pushin’ on mommys side. Oooooops, maybe not da bestest place to push cuz me thinks mommy turned another shade of yellow. And outta da blue Lexi came flyin’ back up da steps and right on to mommys tummy/bladder to help. A little girl power later and we was wheelin’ to da pawdee box room wiff a happy mommy. You can just use yous magination fur what might have gone on in there cuz we be purroper Belles and it ain’t pawlite to talk ‘bout such things in mixed company.


Anyways, afur ya’ know it we was headin’ down da hall to da kitchen so mommy kuld fix us bwekky and have her a cup of coffee. We always stop off and crack open da front door just so we can see outside. So mommy pulled da door open and da three of us peeked round and…”No Way!!!” All our eyes was big as dinner plates. Mommy quickly shut da door and slowly opened it again. And again da three of us peeked round da door to look out. OMC  S N O W!!! We all sat back in da chair and mommy sed, “Girls, we should just go back to bed.” We didn’t but it did sound like a good idea. Me hopped off da chair and onto da cat tree fur a closer inspection of da fallin’ white stuff as mommy made our bwekky. Sis Lexi went on into da dinin’ room and hopped on da table to wait fur her plate. She didn’t care at all ‘bout all da fallin’ snow. Anyways, mommy sed meez title was posed to be sumfin’ ‘bout da oopsies service cats sumtimes makes, but me sed Service Cats Never make oopsies. Bad idea or not, we must have meant to mush mommys bladder. We are cats after all, and cats always mean what they do, right?

We know you can't see da snow fallin' but it sure nuff is.
We know you can’t see da snow fallin’ but it sure nuff is.


Well snow and all weez very blest to have da warmth and coziness of our home and each other. We are also blest to have all of you. Fank you fur bein’ our furiends. Mommy still hasn’t finished meez Cardwood Derby car fur Cat Scouts. She got a reprieve and it’s gotta be finished and posted by this Furiday, so weez gunna be busy this week tryin’ to finish up. She made a real mess wiff meez furst box and weez now workin’ on box 3. Me hopes this one works cuz me dusn’t fink any of da neighbors have any more boxes we can have. Maybe meez posty shulda been ’bout mommy’s oopsies and not those of Service Cats.

Dezi looking back from the window on the cat tree licking her lips

Have you or your cats/anipals ever made a oopsie of sum kind furst thing in da meownin’? 


Till da next time………………………………………..Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi

Furbulous Furiday with Pudder

It’s another Furbulous Furiday and weez gunna be sharin’ another pawsumly adoptable kitty wiff ya’ today. It’s also Blog The Change day here in da Blogosphere. As wiff most of these things we see, mommy gets so busy makin’ notes to member we furget to grab da badge. But dat’s okay, we can still tell ya’ ‘bout it. Member meez challenge to you in meez New Year posty? Well weez been tryin’ to do dat ourselves this year by shariin’ kitties located in da Pauls Valley Oklahoma Animal Shelter. And of course we share all our furiends post wiff adoptable anipals. We have noticed more of our postys bein’ shared and we wanna fank you all from da bottom of our furry and human hearts. Now, let’s see who be visitin’ us today.

Dezi poses for the camera from the arm of the chair

Well meowllo there Pudder. You sure are a beauty. Can you tell everypawdy a little about yourself? 

Pudder from the Pauls Valley Animal Shelter in Oklahoma

Pudder: Y thank you girls for featuring me. And thank you for the compliment. I’m a polite adult girl here at the Pauls Valley Animal Shelter in Oklahoma. The shelter peeps say I’m about 5 years old give or take. I’ve had all my shots and the white coat folks say I can’t have any babies, which is good, cuz there’s so many kitties needing homes without adding to that number. I’m a dilute Tortie with long silky furs. A little brushing goes a long way to keeping the mats out of my furs, and I love it. It’s a great time to bond with my human. I get along well with kitties, doggies and kids of all ages. I’m calm and submissive but don’t want to be bullied. I had a home once with a human who loved me very much; she even took me to the groomers. But because of something called money problems I ended up here. I don’t understand what happened or why my human gave me away, because I’m very sweet and have a lot of love to give. I’m ready to start over with a new purrson. Do you girls think there’s someone out there that wants to take me home and spoil me and love me forever? 


Yes Pudder we sure do. Thanks for stoppin’ by today. Sissy and me will be purrayin’ yous furever home comes soon. Pudder can be adopted fur a measly $50.00 to da right inside only home. You can find out more about her by callin’ da shelter at 405-238-1303. You know we can’t save them all, but ifin we can change da life fur one shelter kitty, we did good. Maybe you can’t adopt Pudder or any other anipal, but you can still be da change fur shelter anipals in your area. Volunteer, or check wiff your local shelter and/or rescue, they are always in need of supplies. Again me challenges you to be da change fur a shelter anipal today and everyday throughout this year. And fank you fur sharin’ Pudder and helpin’ to spread da word on this Furbulous Furiday. As we do every Furiday, weez joinin’ Rascal and Rocco fur da Pet Parade.   

dw-DnL Blue-green frame - 2HEoW-1ho - normal


Till da next time…………………………………………..Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi wiff guest Pudder      

Ants In Me Pantaloons

Well!!! Me Never!!!! Me has no idea what mommy is talkin’ ‘bout, ants in me pantaloons. Me dusn’t have pantaloons, me has bloomers. And there’s no ants there fur sure. Meez a very clean girly and since switchin’ to da freeze dried raw noms me hasn’t had any bloomer stinkies dat required cleanin’. So me dusn’t know why mommy finks me has ants. As a matter of fact, me hasn’t had any bugs since those nasty worms when me was a baby. So there, mommy, wha’d’ya’ say to dat?  


Dezi playing with a nip paper and cleaning her paw
This is a gweat piece of nip paper Ali brought fur sis Lexi and me.

You’re right sweety, you haven’t had any bugs since those nasty worms when you were a baby. And you are very clean and there’s been no accidents since switching your noms. But baby, ants in your pants is what we humans say when someone can’t sit still or calm down. And you have for sure been “antsy” lately. I know it’s been storming and raining and cold and gray outside a lot lately, but you’re about to drive me nuts. lol  


Me dusn’t even know where nuts is mommy. And me only drives you to da pawtty box room and da kitchen.  


Dezi biting on a piece of paper
Me dusn’t have ants, meez just bored.

Oh Dezi you still habz so much to learn. Nutz ain’t a place sissyfur, it’z a state of mind. 


A state of mind sissy? Well me didn’t learn to drive dat, did me? Da only thing mommy taught me to drive was da wheelchair. When did we learn to drive a state of mind?  


Dezi in stroller outside
Me luvs to go fur strolls wiff mommy.

Well Dezi dat’z not sumfin you learn to “drive”, it’s juzt sumfin’ you habz da ability to do frum da minit youz born. And you waz born wiff a lot of it. MOL  


Whew Me thought me missed a lesson or sumfin’. So me was born wiff an extra talent, huh? 


Dezi in stroller outside
What’s dat? Me sees a birdy.

(Lexi puts a paw on her head and then shakes her head) Yep Dezi you waz born wiff an extra talent alright, quite a few fur dat matter.  


Aaaaaaw Fank you sissy. Anyways, ants aside, da sun came out and it warmed up a bit yesfurday fur da furst and last time in a while. Me was so excited dat me was meweekin’ at mommy all meownin’. Me was playin’ wiff every toy we have and runnin’ up and down da cat tree and up and down from mommy’s lap every few minutes tellin’ her to look at da purretty day. After ‘bout da levinty thousand meweek, mommy decided to take me fur a stroll. Ah da sweet furesh air was divine. Me even heard sum birdies singin’. And we met a new neighbor and hers daughter who also be cat luvvers. They each have a rescued furry purrer in their house. And based on what they was sayin’ they spoil their kitties too. Mommy sez me be spoiled rotten, but me knows dat can’t be true cuz me dusn’t stink. Now dat garbage disposal was rotten, but me smells like a purretty girly shuld smell. Me so enjoyed meez stroll and alone time wiff mommy. It’s always nice when mommy takes da time to have sum one on one time wiff sissy and me. Mommy kuldn’t see da camera display very good cuz of all dat sunshine, but me hopes you enjoyed meez strollin’ fotos today, me sure did enjoy da purrocess of takin’ ’em. Gotta go now, da sun is here today fur da last day in a while accotdin’ to da furcast, so me has to try to get mommy to take me fur another stroll. MOL  Me dusn’t have ants in meez pantaloons but me duz wanna enjoy da nice weather while it’s here. 


Dezi in stroller outside
Mmmmmmmm smell dat furesh air.

Do you get antsy when you have to be cooped up because of da weather? What do you do to relieve some of dat tension? 


Till da next time……………………………………………Be Blest!!!


Dezi = Blue

Lexi = Green 

Mommy = Black


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi


DezizWorld 2016 Pet Blogger Challenge

Well as you can see by da title weez takin’ da Pet Blogger Challenge hosted by Go Pet Friendly. We had a lot of reflectin’ to do afur this post, so dat’s why weez getting’ in on da last day. While readin’ fru da questions we thought this was a gweat tool fur all bloggers to ask themselves maybe even a kupple times a year. You know it’s easy to get off track sumtimes and wiff life getting’ in da way, it’s hard to refocus on your own. So we plan to keep these questions close by and refer to them often to see whether or not weez meetin’ our goals. Now, let’s get on wiff da challenge. 

Dezi and Lexi in an animated frame with candles and hearts saying thank you

1. How long have you been bloggin? And fur any new readers tell a little about your blog.

Our furst posty was February 18, 2014. Yep we’ll be celebratin’ our 2nd blogoversary soon. Meez blog was a happy accident. Sis Lexi and me are da latest of mommy’s Service Cats and boff of us are bottle raised rescues who have a story to tell. We learned real quick tho’ dat our daily services kuld get boring fur our readers as we purrform da same tasks everyday. So our blog is a lot of our everyday activities, mixed wiff reviews and everything dat goes along with havin’ cats in your life. There’s health, diet, fun, adventure and so much more covered in our blog posts. 


2. What is the one thing accomplished in 2015, either on your blog or because of it, that made you most proud.

This one be really hard cuz we think da blog has been one of da bestest things dat has happened to us. Because of da bloggy we got to go to BlogPaws in Nashville. And sissy was so sick at da time, it was da kick in da furry behind she needed to bounce back. Me thinks da one thing we are most purroud of is havin’ all of you as readers, visitors and furiends. Ifin not fur da blog we wuldn’t have you. And in 2015 we added more of you to our family. Fur dat we will ever be grateful. 

dw DnL Blogpaws ready

3. Which of your blog posts was your favorite and why? (include a link) 

Well we wrote several educational posts this past year and are very purroud of all of them. Me thinks da ones we did ‘bout Sterile Cystitis are probably da ones we be most purroud of. We shined a light on a very serious illness in cats dat often go unnoticed, undiagnosed, and often cause da most twubble fur cats and their owners. You can read those here. 


4.  What is the one thing you’ve done in the past year that has brought more traffic to your blog?  

Well the only thing we can see that brings people to our blog is commenting on others. We do have a lot of readers dat come from Facebook, but many don’t leave comments. We wish they wuld, cuz we so luv inneractin’ wiff our furiends. 


5.  Which of your blog posts got the most traffic this year? why do you think it was so popular?

Well our most pawpular post last year was sis Lexi and mommy tellin’ ‘bout her VET visit to find out what was wrong wiff her. This post revealed dat sis lexi had CKD/CRF and you can read it by clickin’ da link below. Now sum of ya’ have trubble readin’ da cat speak, but the post has mommy splainin’ in human speak what was done. As fur why it was our most pawpular posty? Well we like to fink it’s cuz so many luv us and care ‘bout what be happenin’ wiff us.  

Lexi lating in the stroller at the Vets office

6.  What is one blog you read religiously – other than your own – and what makes it such a good read? 

Mee-Ow this is another hard question. We follow so many blogs and read a lot we don’t always comment on. And truth be told we try to read them all everyday whether we comment or not. Weez just not sure we kuld pick just one. We read sum fur fun and a daily laff like Easy’s blog. And sum fur adoptable kitties like Animal Shelter Volunteer Life and Brian’s Home; which we also read to keep up wiff all of them. And then…you see? We kuld go on and on, cuz every blog we follow is a gweat read or we wuldn’t be followin’ ‘em. We luv all our furiends regardless of where they are or what social media platfurm they use. We try to keep up wiff all of ya’. 


7.  What resources do you rely on to enhance your technical, writing, photography, social media or other skills that improve your blog? 

Well we use da innernet of course. Google, Yahoo, Bing and several other search engines have become our bestest furiends since getting a catputer. But mommy also has a lot of books on carin’ fur cats dat she refurs to offen. And mommy was a VET tech, animal twainer and rescue volunteer fur many years, so she also draws on past sperience. Mommy is a bottomless pit when it comes to learnin’ and she tries to learn sumfin’ new everyday. As fur da fotography pawrt, well she’s tryin’. MOL  


8.  What is the best piece of advice you can give to other bloggers? 

“Be True to Yourself!!! You can’t please everybody all the time.”

Dat’s purrobably da bestest advice we can give to anypawdy, blogger or not. As long as you’re bein’ true to who you are, you can’t really go wrong. And member, you can’t purrlease everypawdy all da time. We have used cat speak from da beginnin’, and have had an occasional complaint about it. So we have tried to make our writing and cat speak a bit easier to read, but we also have to stay true to who we started out as…cats in social media. And when we started duin’ reviews we determined to only share items we use or have tried ourselves. And no matter da outcome, we wuld always tell da truth. Your trust is very purrtant to us and we don’t want to lead you astray.  


9.  What is your vision for your blog in 2016? Do you have specific goals? 

Well of course we wanna grow bigger this year. And we hope to post more adoptable kitties. We hope to get into a posting pattern so dat our readers will know when to expect a post from us. We also hope to educate more this year. Two years in and we really haven’t yet found our rhythm. Mommy is movin’ us closer and closer to a raw diet and we hope to share more ‘bout da advantages and disadvantages to raw feedin’. And of course we hope to continue to bring you lots of fun and adventure. And we so wanna go to BlogPaws again this year. We branched out and created a Zazzle store (which you can see by clickin’ da link under da foto below or in our sidebar) in the hopes of makin’ enuff money to pay our way. Weez learned dat might not actually happen as we don’t make a lot of money from da sales, but we can hope. And we hope to get our furst book written and published this year.   

Dezi in her signature purple nebula
Meez Zazzle Store signature foto.

10.  You have the attention of the Pet Blogging Community – is there one blogging challenge you would like help with or one aspect of your blog that you’d like input on?

We wuld purrobably say we need help wiff time management and growth. And we need to figger out what makes peeps share posts; specially when we share adoptable kitties. Da more they get shared da more likely it is they get adopted.   


We think this challenge is a bit difficult and certainly makes one think. But retrospect is a good thing sometimes and like we sed, weez gunna be keepin’ these questions round fur a while to revisit offen. We hope we can learn from da past and move furward to a brighter and more fruitful year. Da one thing we are most happy ‘bout and purroud of is all of you. Thank you fur bein’ our furiends and visitin’ wiff us. Thanks fur your purrayers and kind words and fur just bein’ you.


Well meez been retrospective enuff fur one day so meez gotta go and play wiff sum nip toys and lighten up. It’s stormin’ out yet again, and playin’ takes meez mind off of it. MOL 

What are your goals fur this year?


Till da next time…………………………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi