DezizWorld 2016 Pet Blogger Challenge

Well as you can see by da title weez takin’ da Pet Blogger Challenge hosted by Go Pet Friendly. We had a lot of reflectin’ to do afur this post, so dat’s why weez getting’ in on da last day. While readin’ fru da questions we thought this was a gweat tool fur all bloggers to ask themselves maybe even a kupple times a year. You know it’s easy to get off track sumtimes and wiff life getting’ in da way, it’s hard to refocus on your own. So we plan to keep these questions close by and refer to them often to see whether or not weez meetin’ our goals. Now, let’s get on wiff da challenge. 

Dezi and Lexi in an animated frame with candles and hearts saying thank you

1. How long have you been bloggin? And fur any new readers tell a little about your blog.

Our furst posty was February 18, 2014. Yep we’ll be celebratin’ our 2nd blogoversary soon. Meez blog was a happy accident. Sis Lexi and me are da latest of mommy’s Service Cats and boff of us are bottle raised rescues who have a story to tell. We learned real quick tho’ dat our daily services kuld get boring fur our readers as we purrform da same tasks everyday. So our blog is a lot of our everyday activities, mixed wiff reviews and everything dat goes along with havin’ cats in your life. There’s health, diet, fun, adventure and so much more covered in our blog posts. 


2. What is the one thing accomplished in 2015, either on your blog or because of it, that made you most proud.

This one be really hard cuz we think da blog has been one of da bestest things dat has happened to us. Because of da bloggy we got to go to BlogPaws in Nashville. And sissy was so sick at da time, it was da kick in da furry behind she needed to bounce back. Me thinks da one thing we are most purroud of is havin’ all of you as readers, visitors and furiends. Ifin not fur da blog we wuldn’t have you. And in 2015 we added more of you to our family. Fur dat we will ever be grateful. 

dw DnL Blogpaws ready

3. Which of your blog posts was your favorite and why? (include a link) 

Well we wrote several educational posts this past year and are very purroud of all of them. Me thinks da ones we did ‘bout Sterile Cystitis are probably da ones we be most purroud of. We shined a light on a very serious illness in cats dat often go unnoticed, undiagnosed, and often cause da most twubble fur cats and their owners. You can read those here. 


4.  What is the one thing you’ve done in the past year that has brought more traffic to your blog?  

Well the only thing we can see that brings people to our blog is commenting on others. We do have a lot of readers dat come from Facebook, but many don’t leave comments. We wish they wuld, cuz we so luv inneractin’ wiff our furiends. 


5.  Which of your blog posts got the most traffic this year? why do you think it was so popular?

Well our most pawpular post last year was sis Lexi and mommy tellin’ ‘bout her VET visit to find out what was wrong wiff her. This post revealed dat sis lexi had CKD/CRF and you can read it by clickin’ da link below. Now sum of ya’ have trubble readin’ da cat speak, but the post has mommy splainin’ in human speak what was done. As fur why it was our most pawpular posty? Well we like to fink it’s cuz so many luv us and care ‘bout what be happenin’ wiff us.  

Lexi lating in the stroller at the Vets office

6.  What is one blog you read religiously – other than your own – and what makes it such a good read? 

Mee-Ow this is another hard question. We follow so many blogs and read a lot we don’t always comment on. And truth be told we try to read them all everyday whether we comment or not. Weez just not sure we kuld pick just one. We read sum fur fun and a daily laff like Easy’s blog. And sum fur adoptable kitties like Animal Shelter Volunteer Life and Brian’s Home; which we also read to keep up wiff all of them. And then…you see? We kuld go on and on, cuz every blog we follow is a gweat read or we wuldn’t be followin’ ‘em. We luv all our furiends regardless of where they are or what social media platfurm they use. We try to keep up wiff all of ya’. 


7.  What resources do you rely on to enhance your technical, writing, photography, social media or other skills that improve your blog? 

Well we use da innernet of course. Google, Yahoo, Bing and several other search engines have become our bestest furiends since getting a catputer. But mommy also has a lot of books on carin’ fur cats dat she refurs to offen. And mommy was a VET tech, animal twainer and rescue volunteer fur many years, so she also draws on past sperience. Mommy is a bottomless pit when it comes to learnin’ and she tries to learn sumfin’ new everyday. As fur da fotography pawrt, well she’s tryin’. MOL  


8.  What is the best piece of advice you can give to other bloggers? 

“Be True to Yourself!!! You can’t please everybody all the time.”

Dat’s purrobably da bestest advice we can give to anypawdy, blogger or not. As long as you’re bein’ true to who you are, you can’t really go wrong. And member, you can’t purrlease everypawdy all da time. We have used cat speak from da beginnin’, and have had an occasional complaint about it. So we have tried to make our writing and cat speak a bit easier to read, but we also have to stay true to who we started out as…cats in social media. And when we started duin’ reviews we determined to only share items we use or have tried ourselves. And no matter da outcome, we wuld always tell da truth. Your trust is very purrtant to us and we don’t want to lead you astray.  


9.  What is your vision for your blog in 2016? Do you have specific goals? 

Well of course we wanna grow bigger this year. And we hope to post more adoptable kitties. We hope to get into a posting pattern so dat our readers will know when to expect a post from us. We also hope to educate more this year. Two years in and we really haven’t yet found our rhythm. Mommy is movin’ us closer and closer to a raw diet and we hope to share more ‘bout da advantages and disadvantages to raw feedin’. And of course we hope to continue to bring you lots of fun and adventure. And we so wanna go to BlogPaws again this year. We branched out and created a Zazzle store (which you can see by clickin’ da link under da foto below or in our sidebar) in the hopes of makin’ enuff money to pay our way. Weez learned dat might not actually happen as we don’t make a lot of money from da sales, but we can hope. And we hope to get our furst book written and published this year.   

Dezi in her signature purple nebula
Meez Zazzle Store signature foto.

10.  You have the attention of the Pet Blogging Community – is there one blogging challenge you would like help with or one aspect of your blog that you’d like input on?

We wuld purrobably say we need help wiff time management and growth. And we need to figger out what makes peeps share posts; specially when we share adoptable kitties. Da more they get shared da more likely it is they get adopted.   


We think this challenge is a bit difficult and certainly makes one think. But retrospect is a good thing sometimes and like we sed, weez gunna be keepin’ these questions round fur a while to revisit offen. We hope we can learn from da past and move furward to a brighter and more fruitful year. Da one thing we are most happy ‘bout and purroud of is all of you. Thank you fur bein’ our furiends and visitin’ wiff us. Thanks fur your purrayers and kind words and fur just bein’ you.


Well meez been retrospective enuff fur one day so meez gotta go and play wiff sum nip toys and lighten up. It’s stormin’ out yet again, and playin’ takes meez mind off of it. MOL 

What are your goals fur this year?


Till da next time…………………………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi  

Sterile Cystitis: De-Stressing and Supplements

Well here we are with da final part of our mini series on Sterile Cystitis. In our furst post we talked ‘bout da pawssible causes. Our second post innerduced you to meez new food. We discussed da pawssibility dat Sterile Cystitis was partly caused by food, both dry and those containing too many carbohydrates which kitties systems can’t break down. Seems Veterinary medicine doesn’t actually know what causes Sterile Cystitis. But thru comparin’ da lives of those cats purrsentin’ with it they’ve made sum assumptions. Another of those is dat it be caused by stress.

Dezi on cat tree with paw outstretched
Get yous coffee, tea or whatever and sit back and let us splain what be workin’ fur us.


Well anypawdy who knows kitties knows dat we can get purrlenty stressed purretty quick over nothin’. And as most cat peeps know a kitty offen shows their stress thru their urine habits. Anyways, stress can be caused by numerous things like funder boomers. Or maybe a change in our house hold. You know, did you move dat chair from da livin’ room? Or did you bring home a new kitty or doggy? A new baby, a move, a new man or woman in your life, new work schedule or just plain ole boredom can cause your cat stress among other things.


So mommy changed meez food and gave me a supplement dat we found at Wysong to help lower meez urine pH, and then we had to work on meez stress levels. Meow mommy dat’s a lot of stuff to do.

Wysong Biotic pH- for urinary pH in cats

Well baby there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you. And yes, we did start with getting you off the Blue Buffalo kibbles, but knowing you were in pain, hurt me too and I wanted to get your urine pH down as quickly as possible. When I started my research we ended up at the Wysong website but not because of their food. That was a bonus. Wysong makes 2 supplements for urine pH. Both are called Biotic pH. There’s one for acidifying the urine and 1 for alkalizing the urine. Since Dezi’s urine pH was around 8-9 we needed to get it back down to the normal range. Having a urine pH that high meant she was at risk for developing stones and blockages. Ideally I would like to have Dezi do fine without any additional supplements, but as with medicines and supplements, sometimes you give something to get over a problem and then reassess. Thankfully the supplement is a powder that was sprinkled over her food and readily accepted. She ate it like a kid eats candy. But how do we know if it’s working?

Simple Solution Urinary Health Risk Indicator

To determine if Dezi’s urine pH was returning to normal we needed to test it. That meant either going back to the vet and paying for another urinalysis or testing it myself. Thankfully many advancements have been made in urine testing for cats because Dezi is the cat that would refuse to pee if I were standing there holding a test strip under her while she used the litter box. I researched testers extensively as well as ways to collect the urine and finally settled on a litter additive. Simple Solution makes a product that specifically tests urine pH when mixed with any litter you currently use. Since Sterile Cystitis can be an ongoing issue, and we’ll need to keep an eye on Dezi’s urine pH, I bought a couple of bags to start.

Litter box with Simple Solution and Swheatscoop
Those little green things be da Simple Solution.

I poured some Simple Solution crystals in the area where Dezi urinates and waited (they are now mixed in throughout the litter which will happen with the cats’ digging and does not affect the accuracy of the crystals or their ability to work). I didn’t have to wait long because the additive seemed to intrigue her. When she left the box, I was holding my breath. Dezi had been on the new food and supplement for a couple of days. I know you’re all thinking it was too soon and I was expecting a miracle. Maybe I was. I believe in miracles and so many people had been praying for her, so I checked the litter. Alright, it wasn’t perfect. It was a nice shade of lilac, not the color I wanted. But it had only been a couple of days, and at least it wasn’t deep purple which is where it would have been the day she was diagnosed. Another meal down, more fluids and the next time Dezi used the litter box the crystals didn’t change color at all. We were there. Her urine pH was finally normal again. My little girl was no longer in pain. Insert in your mind, a photo of mommy smiling from ear to ear with tears of joy streaming down my face.

dw-DSCN5355 (640x480)

The next step was and is to work on Dezi’s stress levels. To do that we’ve been taking some days off the computer to hang out together and play and go for strolls. Dezi loves to play and she really likes to go out and see people and things. Kitties that lay around and sleep all the time can be stressed. Altho’ cats do sleep more than most species, they need enrichment during their waking hours. Their ancestors had to hunt for their food, so a little playtime before a meal can be beneficial. And altho’ I don’t believe any cat should be outside unattended, there’s a benefit to fresh air and sunshine. So invest in a good harness and leash and take the time to train your cats to use it. I have always preferred those harnesses made more like clothing as opposed to the strappy ones. A cat feels more secure when wrapped and even tho’ they may not like the harness at first, they will grow accustom to it and even someday enjoy it. We also use a stroller for going out. I’ll tell you they are a great investment. A way to take kitty out while keeping them completely protected.

Dezi playing with wand toy and standing on back legs

The last thing we added is a calming aid. Some of you know we’ve tried the Thundershirt, Feliway and Bach’s Flower Essences, as well as a few other brands of treats and drops to no avail. Dezi hates storms, the lawn crew, fireworks, and most other loud and obnoxious noises. I searched and read and even made calls looking for something that might work. I will say that we don’t know if any of the calming treats on the market actually work because Dezi won’t eat them. When it comes to treats, she only wants freeze dried meat and unfortunately nobody makes a calming freeze dried chicken breast treat.

Beaphar Calming Spot On for cats

Anyways, we found a spot on from a company across the pond on amazon called Beaphar. They make calming collars, pills, and a spot on that is supposed to work for a week, among other products. The only ingredient in this spot on is Valerian. It comes in a box of 3 tubes much like a flea treatment. Instead of applying between the shoulders, this is applied between the ears and becomes effective within an hour of application. We’ve had a few storms since we started using it, and Dezi did much better. She did finally hide, but not at the first sign or crack of thunder. And she came out when I called her. I didn’t expect a spot on to work miracles; and part of being calm during these stressful events is acclimation. If Dezi has something that can help keep her calm long enough she can become accustomed to them and eventually not hide at all.


So all in all I’m happy with the results. I don’t like the price, but is there anything we won’t do for our babies? Right now a box of 3 Beaphar Calming spot on is selling for $7.50 – $10.00. The first ones we bought were $14.00. So the price varies and is a bit high, but the product works. If you’re having trouble and the other calming products don’t work for you either, then you might want to give this a try. I would like to note that we purchased all of these products ourselves.

Dezi in beach scene, have a wonderful weekend

Fanks fur ‘splainin’ everything mommy. Me luvs da new food. And mommy wanted me to tell ya’ dat me dusn’t take da Biotic pH – anymore, but will again ifin me needs it. And da little green crystals in meez pawdee box awe kinda cool. As fur da spot on, meez not sure me likes havin’ an oily head fur a day, but hey, those storms don’t seem quite as bad anymore. And meez really luvvin’ da extra time weez spendin’ togevver. Me luvs you mommy, and fanks fur duin’ so much to make me well.


As we do every weekend, weez joinin’ Rascal and Rocco fur da Pet Parade. And stay tuned Monday cuz weez gunna be havin’ a give away.


Till da next time……………………………….Be Blest!!!


Dezi = Blue

Mommy = Black

Red = Links



Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi        






Dezi’s New Favorite Food

Me knows da question on all your minds is…what food is Dezi eating? Right? You all know me was a BB addict. And dat when mommy started this food change me was not a willing purrticipant. She had tried to change meez foods lots of times fru da years, but me wuld always go on a hunger strike till meez bowl was full of da old BB. And fur all of ya’ dat suggested a slow change, she did dat. Do you think us kitties can’t smell sumfin’ different in our plates? Me kuld smell a mile away dat there was sumfin’ new mixed with meez fave noms. And when me did finally try sum of it, well me tummy and bloomers paid da price. You know it’s not just outward change dat kitties don’t do well with. Mommy hadn’t had too clean meez bloomers in months when all this started.

Dezi on cat tree with paw outstretched
Pull up a chair and get sum coffee, tea or whatever and let us tell ya’ all ’bout meez new noms.

And then finally it happened. Me got on board all da way with da change. OMC  Da smell emanatin’ from meez plate was sooooooo amazin’. Mommy you did real good. Me luvs da new food.

Dezi eats Wysong Uretic
Yummm mmmm mmmm Don’t bother me right now, meez eatin’.

I know you do baby and I’m so happy about that. And no tummy upsets or dirty bloomers during this switch either.

No mommy there sure wasn’t. and now when you tell peeps meez poop don’t stink you’ll be tellin’ da absolute truth.

 dw-Wysong products

Yes angel you are right. So now that you’ve got everybody intrigued why don’t I explain. I will never know the whole truth about Deztinee’s first 3 weeks of life but when she came to me she was malnourished and close to death. She apparently hadn’t eaten in a while because she didn’t want to suckle and the rescue had been told she was 6 weeks old and eating solid food. A bit impossible without actual teeth. Dezi’s never been a huge eater but the BB was the only thing she would consistently eat. She was terribly picky and always insisted on dry kibble or she wouldn’t eat canned. I know some of you have cats who won’t eat wet food no matter what so you understand part of my struggle. Her favorite treats are freeze dried chicken breasts, but she won’t eat them as a meal. I know, she’s a little…but she’s mine and so we do what we must.


So as you all know if you read our post on Sterile Cystitis, I started researching supplements, foods, pretty much anything that would fix my baby and keep this from ever happening again. And that’s when I came across the Wysong website. I recalled the name from a very long time ago, but had never actually tried any of their products. The more I looked at their website the more I liked what I saw. Wysong makes products for the whole family. They have pet foods, supplements, household products and even products for humans. A few emails later and they were gracious enough to send out a veriety of food for the girls, especially Dezi to try. I had already picked up their urine pH supplement and was hopeful that at least one of the foods would appeal to Dezi.

Wysong Uretic star shaped kibble in bowl
This is a photo of the Uretic kibble. It is a small star shape.

We received a bag of Wysong Uretic Feline Formula dry kibble. Being a diet formulated by a veterinarian with the urinary tract in mind meant we must try it. It wasn’t my first choice for a long term diet, but only because it’s still kibble and ideally I would like to get Dezi away from dry food altogether.  But of the foods we received this was the most traditional kibble so it was also the first I offered her. And to my surprise, she picked every piece out from the bottom of her plate and ate them. She left behind the other kibble and then asked for more. Kibble or not, I was thrilled and gladly gave her a whole plate full which she ate up in no time. The real test came later when she used the litter box. No tummy upset and clean bloomers. And she ate as heartily at the next meal. Wysong also makes a Uretic canned food that we got to try.

Wysong Anergen 2 in bag to show the amount of freeze dried rabbit included with kibble.
Wysong Anergen II in bag. Notice the ample amounts of freeze dried rabbit.

Since Dezi accepted the Wysong food so well and her favorite treats are freeze dried I decided to bump up her transition. We also received a bag of Wysong Anergen 2 . This alternative protein rabbit formula is part kibble with chunks of freeze dried rabbit. So kibble to make Dezi happy and freeze dried to appease me. This formula is a step in the direction I would like to go in order to eventually switch her to a raw diet. But what did Deztinee think about it?

Wysong Anergen II in bowl
The freeze dried rabbit is easy to break up into smaller pieces without crumbling but soft enough to crumble if needed.

Oh meow mommy, me luvs wabbit. And me really likes da chunks of wabbit thru out da meal.

That's a piece of the Archetype in front of the bag. Easily breakable or can be crumbled. Rehydrates in no time.
That’s a piece of the Archetype in front of the bag. Easily breakable or can be crumbled. Rehydrates in no time.

Yes Dezi took to it right away. And again no upset tummy, dirty bloomers or atrocious smell coming from the litter box. I love my baby, but oh my, everybody knew when she went to the litter box. Anyways, I wasn’t finished transitioning her. You’re probably wondering why I didn’t stop or slow way down and just be glad things were going so well. I just figured while she was in the mood to change, we might as well keep going. After all, Wysong had been generous enough to send my final choice; their original raw food diet called Archetype. This formula is designed to emulate the natural diet of felines and canines. They also make one for ferrets. We had the opportunity to try the chicken formula, but I will certainly be trying the other proteins as well, because the Archetype was a great hit. Both Dezi and Lexi love this food. This is a balanced diet that includes the necessary taurine for cats.

Both girls having a bit of Archetype as a treat. they love it.
Both girls having a bit of Archetype as a treat. they love it.

Archetype is a freeze dried formula that can be served as is or reconstituted with water. It’s easily breakable so it can be crumbled over the top of your pets food, given as a treat or made smaller for those pets that prefer a smaller bite like Dezi. It’s starch free and meat based so those carbohydrates Dezi was getting too much of are no longer a problem. It comes in a variety of proteins like chicken, rabbit, quail and pollock. Because it comes in a bag as freeze dried, feeding your pets a raw diet is made easier for those who don’t have the time to make raw, those who don’t want to deal with the raw proteins, or anyone who would just like a better quality diet for your furry friends.


Dezi eating Wysong Archetype
Oh this Archetype is sum yummy stuffs.

All of the formulas we tried are complete and balanced. Wysong also includes probiotics and prebiotics in all their formulas. Unlike some of the pet food manufacturers, Wysong doesn’t have a prescription line, but they will work with your veterinarian to make a prescription diet for your furry family member if needed. If you are interested in learning more about the reasons for a more natural raw food diet such as Archetype, you can read about it here or many other wonderful sites. Raw diets are wonderful, but they’re not all created equally or balanced. Please do your research before switching. You want to make sure your pet is getting a well balanced diet with all the nutrients they require in the right amounts.

 Dezi eats Archetype as a treat

I think that as pet parents we all want what’s best for our 4 legged family members and we’re label reading more and more these days. And I think a lot of us would love to feed our animals a high quality raw diet. But sometimes it’s just not possible for whatever reason, so we strive to do the best we can within our own limitations. We love the Wysong foods and think the Archetype line is a good option for those wanting as close to raw as possible. It is our fervent hope that we bring you more from Wysong as there’s just too much to cover in one post. For us, this works. Dezi has a new pep in her step and is feeling and looking better than she has in a while. We really do thank Wysong for sending us their great products to try.

Dezi eating
Meez gunna go eat now. come back fur part 3 to find out ’bout da supplements and stress relieving techniques weez usin’

We sure do mommy. Lexi and me luvved everything we tried. And meez glad you kept pushing me, cuz da Archetype sure is yummy. Me can’t wait to try da wabbit and quail. Hopefully da peeps at Wysong will wanna continue workin’ wiff us and send us more pawsum products to try and to tell everypawdy about. Now everypawdy knows what’s in meez plate. And let me tell ya’, me luvs it so much dat fur da furst time in a long time, meez plate gets emptied at meal time. Stay tuned fur our post ‘bout supplements and stress relief. As you all know we always tell it like it is. Wysong is not respawnsible fur da content of this post. And all yummies are totally da truth. You can connect wiff Wysong on their social media sites: twitter and facebook.

Dezi = Blue

Mommy = Black

Links are in Red 

Till da next time……………………………..Be Blest!!!



Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi

The Truth About Cystitis

As We Found It pt.1

Well here we are a few weeks after meez diagnosis with Sterile Cystitis to tell ya’ da truth as we have found it. We told you then what we were told by da VET. We told you dat this was very common ‘specially among cats who eat Blue Buffalo foods and dat it was caused from too much protein in da diet. Yep we wrote it as we was told, but we also included dat mommy wuld be duin’ a lot of little research herself. Just didn’t seem right dat an obligate carnivore kuld be eatin’ too much protein?.


Meez sure glad you don’t believe everything your told mommy. Me just wuldn’t like eatin’ salads and cereals.

No sweety you sure wouldn’t have, nor could you survive on those. Quite frankly I’m sick and tired of hearing from vets and pet food companies that cats, who everybody knows are “obligate carnivores,” need less protein. And I’m tired of pet food companies including so many ingredients in their foods that cats don’t need, can’t process and that could literally kill them.


Me thinks we oughtta ‘splain what dat means. Wikipedia says Obligate means by necessity. And Carnivore means flesh (meat) eating animal. In plain human English dat means Cats MUST eat meat. So how is it dat me kuld eat too much meat?


Pull up a chair and let me tell ya' a stowry.
Pull up a chair, get’cha’ a cup of joe, tea, or whatever you dwink and let mommy tell ya’ how it is.

That’s just exactly what I wanted to know baby, and one of the many reasons I like to research everything myself. And the biggest thing I found in my research was not the amount of protein in cat foods but the amount of carbohydrates. High carbs can cause inflammation in the bladder and thus bring on a bout of Cystitis. Your grain free diet was full of them as are many cat foods regardless of quality or price, grain free or not. Pet parents almost need to become scientists to understand the labels on their pets’ food. The photo on the package is rarely indicative of the actual ingredients in the bag or can of that food in your cabinet. You can read the Truth About Pet Food for more information about what’s in your pets’ food and the FDA regulations, etc. Again, there are many other places to gather this information and you need to research and decide for yourself what is fact and what is fiction.


Ingredient list on bag of Blue Buffalo Basics Cat food
The ingredient list of the food Dezi was eating.

Ingredients on the Hills bag the vet recommended below:


Brewers Rice, Corn Gluten Meal, Powdered Cellulose, Wheat Gluten, Chicken Meal, Dried Tomato Pomace, Chicken Liver Flavor, Soybean Oil, Flaxseed, Coconut Oil, L-Lysine, Fish Oil, Lactic Acid, Potassium Citrate, Potassium Chloride, DL-Methionine, Carrots, Choline Chloride , Taurine, Iodized Salt, vitamins (Vitamin E Supplement, Niacin Supplement, Thiamine Mononitrate, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Calcium Pantothenate, Riboflavin Supplement, Biotin, Vitamin B12 Supplement, Vitamin A Supplement, Folic Acid, Vitamin D3 Supplement), L-Carnitine, minerals (Ferrous Sulfate, Zinc Oxide, Copper Sulfate, Manganous Oxide, Calcium Iodate, Sodium Selenite), Calcium Sulfate, Mixed Tocopherols for freshness, Natural Flavors, Beta-Carotene

Sterile Cystitis can be called a myriad of things such as, Idiopathic Cystitis, Urinary Tract Infection, and others. Anything having to do with the lower urinary tract is put under the umbrella of Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease. Altho’ Sterile Cystitis is NOT an infection.


Sterile Cystitis is a condition that can affect both cats and kittens, male and female alike. The first occasion of Cystitis often occurs in young cats between the ages of 2 and 6 years old. The name implies an inflammation of the bladder of unknown origin with no infection present. In other words, they don’t really know what causes it. And altho’ there’s no infection, the cat is most likely in pain.



Vets make assumptions and all too often give bad or outdated information. We were told Dezi was eating too much protein and that the prescription diets for this condition (like the one for Lexi’s CKD) had a lower protein percentage and would clear up her symptoms. And that a lifetime switch would keep it from coming back.


Another assumption is that stress is a leading factor in causing Cystitis. For cats, stress could be anything. In general (not always) cats don’t like change. They are creatures of habit. Anything out of the ordinary can stress a cat. Boredom can cause stress as much as a thunderstorm or a house full of guests.


You can find a list of “typical” symptoms all over the internet, but I will list them here as well.

1. Frequent attempts to urinate

2. Straining in the litter box

3. Crying out while in the litter box

4. Blood in the urine

5. Urinating outside the litter box

These are the main symptoms that alert to a problem in your cat or kitten’s urinary tract. BUT Dezi had none of these symptoms. Altho’ Dezi went to the litter box 4-5 times a day, she never strained or cried out and there was never blood in her urine. She wasn’t drinking excessively, altho’ she did like to play in the water fountain, thus justifying her 1-2 extra trips a day. When she did use the piddle pads instead of the box, it was always because the box had been used and not yet scooped. If she poops before urinating, she won’t go in the same box. The only time she will do both in the box at the same time is when she urinates first. Yes I know she’s got a few strange quirks, but that’s my baby girl and I love her no matter what.


So what were Dezi’s symptoms you ask? What caused me to think a urinalysis would be a good idea as it’s not really part of the complete exam the vet was offering? Well a lot of you know I lost Lucky to a urethral blockage, and Dezi was mimicking some of the behaviors that he had. So we are going to list them as well because feline health is so important and they can hide an illness so well.


1. Excessive licking/cleaning of the genitals immediately after urinating.

2. Appearance of spraying without actually spraying. Example: Tail straight up, cat backed up to wall/chair/leg/etc. and then tail shimmies/shakes with no urine produced. (This is something both Lucky and Dezi did when they got excited so I never thought it was a symptom of anything other than joy. They would both sometimes chatter at the same time. However, Dezi no longer does this regardless of her excitement level so this is a symptom of a problem).

3. Smaller than normal urine clumps.

Dezi laying on cat tree ledge in harness
Meez harness helps keep da stress down durin’ a funder storm.

With Sterile Cystitis there is also the possibility that crystals have formed in the urine/bladder. There are 2 main forms of crystals called Struvite and Calcium Oxylate. Since this didn’t happen in Dezi’s case we won’t go into them here, but you can read more about them at

With a condition that has no real explanation as to it’s cause, how do you go about treating it? Something you should be aware of is the fact that cats can have this condition and have it clear up on its’ own in a week or two with no treatment whatsoever. Since there’s no infection, antibiotics are not helpful and should be avoided so your cat doesn’t build up a tolerance. If you’ve been alerted that there’s a problem then no doubt your cat is in pain. Since the bladder is most likely inflamed, an anti-inflammatory may be prescribed for 1-3 days as well as a pain medication by your vet. If you suspect anything is wrong with your cat’s health, please see a vet immediately.

In Dezi’s case, there was no infection and no formation of crystals so after a few days of an anti-inflammatory, pain meds and an increase in hydration, she appeared to be doing better. We also began a food change as I personally didn’t like her eating the BB kibble due to the ingredients. (We’ll cover all of this in another post) We have urine pH testers on their way so that we can test her urine pH and be sure, but she is leaving larger deposits in the litter box fewer times a day now and no longer “faux spraying”. She can also leave the litter box without plopping down immediately to clean her genitals.


As you all know, I’m not a fan of prescription diets from any manufacturer since they are all based on the studies done by Hill’s Pet. Instead of doing their own research they rely on old studies performed by a food manufacturer more than a decade ago. Now having said that, you must make the decision for your own cats. I only ask that you do some research before you believe everything you’re told. Vets are an invaluable resource, but even they don’t know everything, and can’t keep up with all the new information and studies. And you know your cat better than anyone. Okay, off my soap box now and back to the known facts.


Cats don’t drink like other species so a wet diet is preferred to aid in keeping them well hydrated. Water fountains are also a good choice because cats like fresh running water. (please clean your pets’ water bowl or fountain regularly.) A batch of cooled nip tea, cooled chicken broth or a few ice cubes in your pets drinking water may also entice your cat to drink more.

We’ll be discussing Dezi’s food change and supplements in a future post as well as the stress relieving supplements and changes we are making in our everyday lives so that we can lessen the possibility of a recurrence of Sterile Cystitis or any other FLUTD’s.

Dezi and Lexi say Thank you for helping us.
Fank you all fur helpin’ us. Our Chewy box arrived today wiff our noms, litter and pH testers.

Well mommy ifin anypawdy was wonderin’ where me got meez wordiness from, they be wonderin’ no more. MOL We know this is a long posty, but it’s full of good infurmation and in human English so it shuld be easy fur everypawdy to read. This post is in no way a comprehensive look at Sterile Cystitis, but is the truth as we have found it.

Dezi = Blue

Mommy = Black

Red = Links to resources and Lucky’s story 

Till da next time………………………………..Be Blest!!!

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi