Dear Santa Paws

Dear Santa Paws,

Lexi in green Chrristmas frame

It’z Lexi, you know Dezi’z big sisfur. Well, she’z purrobably bigger than me wiff all dat floof, but I’z older. She wanted to write her own letter thiz year so mommy sed we kuld each give ya’ a holler. I know you’re pawful bizee at thiz time of year so I won’t keep you long, but I do have a few requestz. Dezi mentioned dat a lot of our furiendz have had a ruff year and a vizit from you wuld really cheer ‘em right up. I know all our kitty furiendz wuld enjoy sum nip and treatz and maybe even a few new toyz. Those nip nana’s are at da top of da lizt. We fink mommy lozt ourz, but they sure are great. Several of them don’t have a cat tree and az Dezi purrobably told ya’, we really lubz ourz. A good cat tree goez a long way to makin’ a cat happy. Our doggy furiendz like to chew; and let me tell ya’ they can never get too many chew toyz. Anywayz, mozt of them will purrobably write ya’, so I juzt azk dat ya’ take speshul notice, cuz they’ve all been real good thiz year.


Ya’ know we never met till a kupple yearz ago so maybe you don’t know ‘bout my beginninz. I waz born in a back yard and lozt my kitty mommy at da same time. Ifin not fur mommy I wulda been dead or at bezt a shelter kitty. Ya’ know it’z juzt not fair dat sum of us get furever homez and sum don’t. I sure hope you can help find furever homez fur all thoze amazin’ shelter anipalz. None of them belong in cagez and all of ‘em deserve to be lubbed. They ain’t in shelterz cuz they’ve been bad. They juzt got dealt a bad hand thru no fault of their own. Da shelterz kuld all uze sum extra green paperz to help take care of all their chargez, and food and litter and treatz. They even need thingz like paper towelz, real towelz, cleanin’ suppliez and volunteerz. Shelterz and rescuez alwayz need more volunteerz. So ifin you kuld sprinkle sum of dat holiday cheer duzt on sum folkz and give ‘em da idea to help out, dat wuld be purretty pawsum.


Then there’z thoze kittiez what have to live outside all da time. Again, it’z not their fault. Truzt me, no kitty truly wantz to be outside in da freezin’ cold or burnin’ hot. They don’t like starvin’ and bein’ afraid all da time. There’z a lot of pawsum peepz out there what do a lot fur da feral and stray kittiez, but like everypawdy elze, they need green paperz, food and more help too. And so many communitiez still don’t recognize dat TNR iz da beztezt way to deal wiff da feral pawpulationz and juzt wanna kill every kitty they see. Maybe sum of dat holiday cheer duzt wuld do them sum good too. We don’t have any money and we know peepz gotta pay fur da giftz you bring; but ifin you kuld make an exception just thiz once and give all thoze peepz what help da feralz and strayz a little sumfin’ extra and a meowzy big fank you from us, I wuld be extremely grateful. Those peepz go out to tend their coloniez no matter what be goin’ on in their livez or wiff da weather and rarely get even a nod.


Like Dezi sed, we don’t spect you’ll be stoppin’ by our place, but I’ll be out wiff Dezi wavin’ at ya’ as  you pass by. I don’t know ifin it’z sumfin’ you can do, but I have da beztezt mommy in da univerze and she duz so much fur Dezi and me and we wuld so like our mommy to feel special fur a day. I really hit da jackpot when I found mommy. Now dat I have dat kidney diseaze mommy worriez all da time. I sure wish you kuld stop dat, but I don’t think that’s your department Santa. Mommy getz me and Dezi da beztezt food she can afford and offen goez wiffout herself to do it. She sez she duzn’t mind and I can tell ya’ she duzn’t. She wuld never complain cuz she lubz us too much. Cuz of her I don’t really have need of anything. I iz blezt and I know it.


We had sum tuff timez thiz year and needed help getting’ to da VET or getting’ thoze nomz, and sum of our pawsum furiendz stepped up to help. I sure hope you can give them all a little sumfin’ extra. We sure do purreshayte ‘em. We don’t know where we’d be wiffout all our amazin’ furiendz. We sure hope you will fill up their Christmas wish listz. I’ll be signin’ off fur now, but be sure ya’ take a second and third look at our furiendz listz and do your beztezt to fill ‘em. We’ll be sendin’ purrayerz to all and wavin’ at ya’ from da porch. I’ll be da one wiff da green eyez by da crazy Southern Belle Ragdoll. Juzt kiddin’, I’z hit da jackpot wiff minez sisfur too. Dezi iz da beztezt. Anywayz, give minez lubb to everypawdy there and take care.

Lexi in goleen Christmas frame with red and gold ornaments

Yourz Truly,

Laramie Alexandra (Lexi)

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

Dezi in turquoise frosty frame

Dezi here, this year sis Lexi and me are gunna write separate letters. Where does me start? Me has so many pawsum furiends who have needs this year. Me knows sum of those are things fur God, but me thinks sum of them are right up your sleigh. Sum of meez furiends sure are wantin’ a cat tree to climb and lounge on. Me can tell ya’ dat we are sure enjoyin’ our cat tree. Me luvs to climb all da way to da top and nap. Me also has sum furiends dat need new scratchers. Bein’ a kitty me can tell ya’ every cat and kitten needs a good scratchin’ post or pad. Me has a sweet furiend dat got displaced this year and her daddy and her need a new home where they can be togevver again. Me met a lot of furiends on blogs and facebook this year who need a furever home. And me has a lot of furiennds who need green papers to see doctor stabby. You know we don’t like goin’ to see those doctors, but sumtimes it’s necessary.


And then there’s all those anipals in da shelters and rescues. You know what they want Santa? They all want a furever home filled with luv. Me bets they wuldn’t even need a lot of toys and extras ifin they kuld just find their sumpawdy who wuld luv them furever and ever. Ifin you can’t find them furever homes by Christmas, kuld you at least find them luvvin’ foster homes? Dat wuld be da next bestest thing. Me can tell ya’ there’s nuffin’ like bein’ luvved and havin’ a furever home.


And Santa da world is full of poor kitties what live outside and be afraid of humans. We call them, strays and ferals. They’re not bad kitties at all Santa, so don’t be crossin’ them off your list. They’ve been dealt a bad hand and do whatever it takes to survive. Ifin you kuld see to it dat they kuld at least find their way to a luvvin’ human dat wuld feed them and purrvide them with shelter on da cold nights and hot days, dat wuld be so pawsum. Maybe you kuld even find sum of them barns or mouser jobs. Dat’s almost like havin’ a furever home fur such kitties. Me can tell ya’, me fur sure wuldn’t wanna have to be outside when it’s cold winter or even da hots of summer. And fur all those humans dat take care of da ferals amd strays kuld you give them sum extra green papers and help. It’s a really hard and time consumin’ job lookin’ after all those kitties.


And Santa fur all meez human furiends and da humans of meez anipal furiends, kuld you give ‘em a little sumfin’ extra in their stockings? You know they’re really special peeps. A lot of them helped us out this year when we needed it most. We know a lot of those peeps need extra green papers fur necessities like rent and food and VET bills and doctor bills and such.


Me had a very blest year. We became part of da Chewy blogger furmily and so we got to try different foods and toys thru out da year. We got dat big ole cat tree mommy had always wanted fur us delivered to our house and we luv it as much as mommy knew we wuld. And even tho’ sis Lexi was diagnosed with Kidney disease, she’s still here with us playin’ and workin’ and enjoyin’ life. Me got a little sick a kupple months ago, but meez doin’ much better now and meez eatin’ a much better food. Me wuld luv to have a sponsor fur our blog, but me dusn’t think dat’s a gift you can give us. Me has a pawsum furever home and a mommy who luvs me unconditionally and da gweatest big sisfur ever. Even when mommy runs outta coffee she still luvs me and tolerates all meez quirky behaviors. Da catnip is purretty much free flowin’ round here, and weez started takin’ time off to play more.


So, me can’t really think of anyfin’ me needs purrsonally. Me already got da gweatest gift of all when me got mommy. So me wuld really purreciate it ifin you kuld help meez furiends and da ferals and strays. Me wishes fur everypawdy to have a very Merry and Blest Christmas. Me knows da humans have to pay fur da goodies you bring, so we don’t spect you’ll be stoppin’ by our house, but me will be da cute little Southern Belle Ragdoll wavin’ at ya’ as you fly by. Me will wrap it up now as me knows you have so many letters to read. Thanks fur doin’ all you can and give meez luv to everypawdy at da North Pole.

Dezi relaxes in the chair

Yours Truly,

Deztinee Izabella High



Dear Mr. Santa Paws

Well meowllo everypawdy, hope yous havin’ a good week. Last year at this time we wuz new to everyfin’ and we stawted seein’ all these letters to this Santa Paws and everypawdy wanted to know when we wuz gunna wight ours. To be honest we didn’t know Santa and had never written hims a letter, but after lookin’ wound and checkin’ fings out and a foo fings bein’ splained to us we finally sat down and wrote hims a letter. And now it be dat time of year where we shuld be writin’ him again. So, sis Lexi and me sat down last night and wrote us a letter to submit to Mr. Santa Paws. And mommy sez hims can get it fwum here as well, so weez fawt we wuld post it today. Now we did learn last year dat peeps hav to help Santa by payin’ fur da fings hims bwings, so we wanna make sure you all unnerstand weez not askin’ fur you to pay him fur anyfin’ fur us. Okay?

 0dw Dezi luv mommycu

Dear Mr. Santa Paws, 

Deztinee here fur sis Lexi and me this year. First off we sure wuld like to fank you fur delivewin’ all those pawsum gifts to us last year. Dat wuz so amazin’. We had never seen anyfin’ like dat afur. We sure awe blest to hav so many wunnewful furiends dat luv us so much. And altho’ not furever homes we sure do purreciate you findin’ foster homes fur those foo shelters dat emptied out fur da holidays and closed cuz there wuz no kitty there. We awe so glad those kitties got to be in a home and know luv. Even ifin fur only a short time.  And we sure do purreciate you visitin’ all ow furiends. They didn’t get everyfin’ on their lists but they sure nuff got a lot and were very happy.  So I guess now me shuld move on to this year. 

 0dw Lexi mommys lap

Well mommy sez dat sis Lexi and me hav been purrfect angels this past year. Me had a little issue fur a while wiff da pawdee box but mommy sez dat wusn’t meez fault and you shuldn’t count dat against me. And now dat we got a gigantor pawdee box all’s well. We kuld use anudder, but da one we hav is mighty fine. And we got so blest this year when ow house flooded and ruined mommy’s chair and ow mattwess. All ow furiends came togedder and gave gween papers fur us to buy new. And we even got sum extwa stuffs, like dat gigantor pawdee box. Sis Lexi got sum pawsum steps dat hav been such a gweat big help fur her. And well, me luvs ‘em too. We won a foo contests this year and we hav sum gweat new toys and a fountain to help us dwink more water. And mommy even won an iPad Air da udder day in a drawin’. We awe indeed sum very blest kitty girls.

So now to ow wish list. Sure hope you can manage it, we know we hav sum purretty big requests, but mommy sez it’s okay, it never hurts to ask. Firstly, weez lost a lot of sweet kitty and anipal furiends this past year to illnesses and accidents and such. Their hoomans sure miss ‘em sumfin’ pawful and wuld sure like a little sign dat they be okay and maybe even dat they be lookin’ out fur all of us. 

  And we hav so many more furiends this year than last cuz as you see weez joined da blogosphere too; and so many of ow furiends be sick and hurtin’. Now we know you not be God and can’t heal anypawdy, but maybe you kuld giv Him an ask. And maybe you kuld see ‘bout gettin’ their hoomans da gween papers to help make them better. And so many of ow furiends don’t hav very much so maybe you kuld slip a foo gween papers to their hoomans and a furesh new toy in their stockings just fur them. No matter what anypawdy sez, they’ve all been good this year. Weez weally wuld like all ow furiends to get everyfin’ they want and need.  

0shelter kitty bars

And now to da shelter and rescue kitties and anipals.  We know askin’ to find all of them luvvin’ furever homes is a big undertakin’, but weez still gunna ask. And ifin not a furever home then maybe foster homes. We just wish we lived in a world dat had no need of shelters or rescues. We just want them all to know da luv of a special hooman, da warmff of dat hoomans hand stwokin’ their furs and a luvvin’ soft voice callin’ their name. A soft bed to sleep in and a comfurtin’ lap to nap in. We wuld also like to ask dat yous bwing all those kitties and anipals their own new toy to take wiff them to their furever homes. And fur all those hoo can’t go to furever homes or foster homes fur Christmas, purrlease giv them a warm blanky to lie on and company so they not be alone. We awe so lucky to hav such a pawsum luvvin’ mommy and furever home, and we just want all da anipals to hav da same fing. And purrlease ask da shelters to quit killin’ da hellffy kitties and anipals and giv ‘em a chance to find their special hoomans. 

0ferals 0ferals1

  And now to da ferals, abandoned and furgotten by most. Kuld you purrlease look after them. Ifin you see any dat don’t hav a care taker kuld ya’ pick ‘em up and dwop ‘em wiff a good one. We know dat they don’t twust enuff to want to be petted , but we so want them to hav food in their bellies and a warm place to sleep and be safe and a sweet voice dat calls fur them so maybe sumday they can learn to twust enuff to weceive da hands on luv we hav. And kuld ya’ giv all those dat care fur da ferals a foo gween papers and sum of those pawsum heated sleepin’ quarters. Maybe sum blankys and of course sum noms. And kuld ya’ pass along ow fanks to them fur all da work they do? We sure wuld purreciate it.

Now on to us. Well ifin you look back over yous letter here you see dat we hav all we need. We hav a wunnewful luvvin’ mommy, a warm furever home and quite a bit of new stuffs. We awe down wight billionaires in luv and furiends and framly. Lexi and me boff hav full bellies and tweats too. We hav a warm, soft, dwy bed to sleep in and a comfurtin’ lap called mommy to nap on. We hav sum amazin’ toys and nip and even sum silvervine. (Which reminds me, ow furiend Nissy sure wuld like sum new nip.) Mommy sez wiff girls like us she kuldn’t magine wantin’ anyfin’ more. So me reckons we not need anyfin’ again this year Mr. Paws. Weez been so blest fwuout da year and mommy takes weally good care of us dat you can pass on by us this year. But ifin yous kuld pawssibly get to ow furiends and da homeless and ferals we sure wuld be gwateful. We sure don’t mean to sound gweedy, there’s just a lot of need out there, and we wuld very much like everypawdy, kitty and anipal to hav a Merry Christmas and everyday after. Fanks fur readin’ ow letter. 

 0dw 2014 DezinLexi xmas card

Your furiends,

Deztinee and Alexandra High