The Fun Never Stops

Meowllo everypawdy. Yesfurday me told you all ‘bout ow busy meownin’ since meez planned posty didn’t post. So me fawt since ow evenin’ wuz just ‘bout as eventful as ow meownin’ me wuld tell you ‘bout dat today. So me had left off wiff me munchin’ down and sis lexi not. But hers wuz twyin’ to get da tweats out of mommy. Mommy didn’t giv in, and sis Lexi didn’t eat much of hers bwekky. Oh she licked da gwavy and such, she just didn’t eat much of da actual food. Oh and even tho’ she wanted diffewent tweats, she did finally eat da ones mommy had given her. So after eatin’ meez fill and sis Lexi havin’ ate at least sumfin’ we went to take a nap. Well sissy went to take a nap. Me…it wuz time fur me to stawt buggin’ mommy. MOL

 00dw Lexi in lap and looking

See everyday me goes to da bedroom and mews (squeaks) at mommy. Sumtimes me goes to da pawdee box room and stands in fwunt of da mirror and sumtimes me duz it in da bedroom in fwunt of mommys dwessin’ mirror. And me just calls to mommy and calls to her antil she finally gets up and comes to da back. Then me hides and waits fur hers to head back to da livin’ room. And then me takes off zoomin’ down da hall and beats her to hers chair. Then we stawt visitin’ wiff you all. Noww dat dusn’t mean meez sits calmly and visits. Lots of times me jumps up and down and up and down and back up again 10 billion times afur finally settlin’ down and into a rhythm. Mommy sez sum days meez dwives hers batty. And dat meez wesponsible fur all da gway hair she has. Now me dusn’t know how dat’s pawssible, but dat’s what she claims.

 00dw Dezi in lap

Anyways, we got a lot of visitin’ dun today. We still haven’t made it everywhere, but we did do purretty well. And afur we knew it, dinnertime olled wound. Sis Lexi wuz awake and wantin’ dinner noms. So mommy fixed ow plates and yep yous guessed it. Sis Lexi turned hers nose up and went to da tweat counter. Mommy wefused her and sed she had to eat hers dinner. It took almost an hour, but she finally ate all hers dinner noms. Nuffin’ but catnip added. And then she came into da livin’ room and twied to steal meez noms. Mommy had leaky eyes big time. And then…Lexi stawted rollin’ wound wiff da nip nana. Now she’s been playin’ a bit (one of da weasons mommy hadn’t rushed to da VET), but she hasn’t rolled and romped like dat in a kupple weeks. So mommys eyes wuz leakin’ like cwazy and hers had a smile on hers face fwum ear to ear. Fank you all so much fur yous purrs and purrayers. Hopefuly this means Lexi is back. Mommy sez she will continue to keep an eye on her, but at da moment, fings awe lookin’ good.

Till da nex time……………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  

Dezi and Lexi

All Afur Noon

Meowllo everypawdy. We stawted out last night writin’ todays posty and fawt we might just giv dat Wordless Wednesday a twy. Me knows yous shocked cuz meez a “chatty caffy”, least dat’s what mommy calls me. but we wuz gunna twy. So a foo fotos uploaded and very foo words later, we scheduled meez posty and went to bed shortly after. Only to wake up this meownin’ and find dat it didn’t post. OMC What’s up wiff dat? Well me can only assume da net waves didn’t know what to do wiff meez posty. It wuz shocked too. MOL So me decided dat since meez posty didn’t post and weez had such an excitin’ meownin’, me wuld just wedo meez posty altogedder. So here we go, hold onto sumfin’ or you just might get blown away.

 dw Dezi lays dk

It wuz actually purretty nice out yesfurday. Da sun came out and it warmed all da way up to da mid 40’s. We had da big door open so we kuld see out. And me had meez eyes on a squirrel dat insists on playin’ on meez porch. Me chortled and chattered at him fur da longest time afur hims finally left and went back out unner da twee. Squirrel teevee gone and no bird teevee to watch me went to take a nap.  When me woke up it wuz alweady getting’ dawk outside. We just hate dat it gets dawk at 5 o’clock.  Me wants summer back. Anyways, since dat’s not gunna happen fur a while then me will settle in and enjoy all da cuddles dat come wiff this wedder. Now, where wuz me? Oh yeah, so when it got dawk it also stawted to get colder again and mommys pulled up sleeves came down to help keep her warm. When we went to bed we turned on da lectwic blanky and all snuggled up.

 dw mr squirrel2

After a night of semi peaceful rest (me will tell you why in a minute), we awoke to sounds of bangin’ and cwashin’ goin’ on. OMC Wuz da neighbor okay? Maybe she wuz havin’ a fit or sumfin’? We just kuldn’t magin what kuld be goin’ on. See she came home weally late last night. So late in fact dat yous wuld actually hav to call it early meownin’. After all dat’s what 4 a.m. is, isn’t it? Since we had only been in bed ourselves fur ‘bout 30 minutes we heard all da clammewin’ and bumpin’ and clangin’ she did when she got home. Thus da semi peaceful rest. Of course it’s first fing in da meownin’ so even tho’ weez all wanna know what be goin’ on, mommy can’t move so weez can’t check it all out yet. Lexi and me spwang into action. A little massage here and a little massage there and mommy wuz weady to be pushed into da chair. After finishin’ up in da pawdee box room we all headed up da hall to da kitchen fur bwekky and to check out all da clangin’ still goin’ on nex door…or so we fawt.     

 dw Dezi eating

One of da first fings mommy duz is open da big door and da blinds. She opened da blinds and there wuz mister sunshine. WooHoo Anudder sunny day. 2 in a row, wow Awe we sum blest kitties or what? Dat’s what me wuz finkin’ alwight. Till mommy opened up da door. Mommy slowly turned da lock and then da knob and then she pulled da door as she backed up in da chair. And as da door came open, da porch bwoom came flyin’ into da storm door and….BANG!!!  Wight into da door.  A bunch of leaves went swirlin’ wound and a pot of sumpawdy’s dead flowers flew past and hit da rails on ow walkway. CWASH  Da pot hit da gwound, busted and dwy dirt flew everywhere. Me dwopped to da floor flat as me kuld make meez selff and stawted to slink off down da hallway. Sis Lexi jumped up on da twee and peered out side. Mommy stawted forward again so she kuld shut da door, and da neighbor (who we fawt wuz wesponsible fur all dat noise) came walkin’ swiftly wiff hers awms folded tightly twyin’ to keep warm wiffout a coat down fwum da fwunt buildings. Da bags unner hers eyes kulda carried dat coat she needed to hav on, but she’s not weal bwight weez discovered.  

This wusn't fwum this meownin' but a foo days ago.
This wusn’t fwum this meownin’ but a foo days ago.

Mommy got da door shut again and fixed ow bwekky. Me dug in, but sis Lexi looked at hers and gave it a quick sniff and then hopped down and went over to da tweat cabinet and meowed. Mommy told her dat tweats wuz fur good girlys hoo ate all their bwekky. So back to da table she went and ate a foo bites while momy got hers coffee and went to sit down. No sooner had mommy sat down than Lexi wuz standin’ in fwunt of her lookin’ att her wiff dat look. Yous know da one. It’s da one dat sez meez beggin’ wiffout sayin’ anyfin’?. You wuld fink mommy wuld quit twyin’ to dwink coffee, cuz it’s not like we leave her be in da meownin’. Or anytime hers has a coffee cup fur dat matter. Well of course mommy gave in and put a foo tweats in hers plate wiff hers bwekky, and  then came back to hav hers coffee. By this time me had eaten a bit and now it wuz meez turn to get sum mommy attention.

 dw Lexi on tree looking out

Up in mommys lap me went and then down again. And then me stared at hers fwum da floor. Mommy weached down to pick me up and off me ran just a chortlin’. Mommy looked down again and there wuz sis Lexi. Those wusn’t da tweats she wanted. This time mommy didn’t give in and told hers she had to eat what wuz alweady in hers plate cuz it wuz not only good fur her, but it wuz good. Me came back up fwunt cuz mommy wuzn’t answerin’ meez squeaks. Lexi went back to da kithen and ate a foo more bites and me walked over to meez plate to hav anudder bite…Swoosh, Bang!!! Fings outside wuz blowin’ wound everywhere and cwashin’ into everyfin’. Me dwopped again and mommy sed, “Dezi, don’t worry about all that noise honey. You’re safe.” Me went over fur sum luvvin’ and then back to meez plate fur more noms.

 0dw Dezi Selfie

By this time mommy had da puter on and checked da wedder. Well da sun wuz here all wight but there’s a wind advisory in effect fur a day. No kiddin’, what genius kulda missed dat?. No wesponse wequired, dat wuz purely whetorrical. Anyways meez munchin’ down, mommy’s twyin’ to move sum of da fotos fwum da puter to da fumm dwive, and sis Lexi is standin’ over hers plate hopin’ she’s gunna get luky, and da power duz one of those flash fings and off and back on it  went. Da teevee popped off, da puter and purrinter went off and mommys coffee pot went off along wiff everyfin’ els in da house. Me jumped and Lexi came runnin’ back to da livin’ room. Mommy turned da puter back on and…OMC da circle of DOOM and Mass Destwuction. Gotta tell ya’ me saw mommys heart dwop in hers chest finkin’ da puter cwashed again. And ‘bout those 1300 fotos she had just finished editin’ out da red eyes on and twyin’ to get put on da fumm dwive. She only has ‘bout half of them there at da moment. So she turned da puter back off and unplugged it and stawted all over again. Whew! (paw across forehead motion) It’s okay!!! Da puter stawted wight up and there wuz all da fotos mommy had just put back on it, safe and sound. And all this afur noon. MOL 

Till da nex time…………………….Be Blest!!!

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  

Dezi and Lexi  

You Just Fawt We Were Busy…

Meowllo, did you miss me?  Yeah meez been missin’ in action again. But fur good weason, just wait’ll you hear all ‘bout it.  But first me has to say to those of you on Blogger, it seems weez hav to purrove dat we not be wobots. And well, weez not gettin’ da easy nummers, weez gettin’ all those hawd to see/read words. So cuz weez behind and havin’ to do dat, mommy is pickin’ 1 posty out of da ones weez missed and be readin’ to comment on.  So altho’ we be readin’ da postys we missed weez not be commentin’.  Even tho’ mommy had da cataract surgery her still dusn’t hav purrfect eyesight, and it be kind of hawd to make out da letters.  We just wanted to let you know what wuz goin’ on. 

 Dezi Happy Winter - 2HEoW-1d4 - normal

So now on to today’s posty.  We told you da udder day ‘bout ow busy doctor day Furiday.  Well mommy had a eye doctor pointment on Monday in da city.  Dat means we be out of pocket fur most of da day.  Cuz mommy twies to combine a lot of stuff into these twips we take.  So mommy had hers pointment and we wusn’t weal sure what hims wuz gunna check.  Of course we wuz runnin’ late, what’s new?. MOL  So we got back to da room and lo and behold they dilated mommys eyes.  She kuldn’t see nuffin’.  MOL  Anyways da doctor told mommy dat everyfin’ looked good and hers not hav a detached retina.  WooHoo  Good news.  So after we finished up there and mommy kuld see sumfin’ besides white spots we headed over to da local pet store.  Awe yous wunnewin’ why?  Cuz like we told you dat we shop online wiff lots of times wight?  Well weez gunna be havin’ ow very first ever give away here afur Christmas.  And we got a coupon fwum da company to use at da store to pick up da purroduct fur ow weview/giv away.  And well we can’t go to a pet store wiffout walkin’ wound and checkin’ everyfin’ out and lettin’ me meet all da peeps.  And of course mommy had to pick up a can of special noms fur ow Christmas dinner.  So furever later when there wuz nopawdy left to make over me, we left. 

Come on mommy, weez gunna be late. Step on it, won't ya'?!
Come on mommy, weez gunna be late. Step on it, won’t ya’?!

Mommy needed to go by wally world.  When we got there mommy saw a kupple police caws sittin in da pawkin’ lot.  Not dat  weez  not used to seein’ ‘em, and wiff da season here it’s good to hav them there to purrtect all da Christmas shoppers.  So of course weez not bweakin’ any laws and don’t intend too, so da police men didn’t bodder us not one bit.  So we got a buggy and went to look wound.  Mommy wanted to purrice da keyboards fur hers new iPad dat she won, and OMC weez kuldn’t believ what they wuz sellin’ those little fings fur.  Mommy sed, “Oh Catness Dezi I’m gunna be savin’ up fur furever to buy one of those.”  mommy weally liked da one wiff da backlit/see in da dawk keys.  And so even tho’ weez can’t afford to send weal cawds mommy decided this twip wuld be a gweat time to look at all da cawds.  First let me just tell you da last time mommy wuz able to send a cawd they wuz still $.50 cents.  Yous kuld buy da ginormous poster size fur like $3.00.  So boy did we get a shock when mommy looked at da purrices. MOL  OMC just a wegular cawd dat duz nuffin’ (weez’ll get back to this) and dusn’t even say very much wuz $5.00.  Mommy wuz shocked.  Anyways, she also noticed dat lots of cawds awen’t just cawds anymore.  So mommy opened this cawd up and suddenly me heard meowin’ all over da place.  What?, me fawt.  Anudder kitty in Walmart?  Me fawt me wuz da only kitty dat went into wallly world.  Me wuz lookin’ everywhere and just kuldn’t spot dat kitty.  And just as suddenly as it stawted it wuz over and da udder kitty went quiet.  Me twied to meow dat it wuz okay and it didn’t need to hide, but it just wuldn’t listen and come out.  A foo minutes later and me heard a lot of kittties.  They wuz siging’ sumfin’, me just kuldn’t make it out.  They got quiet lots quicker than da first kitty did tho’, so me didn’t even bodder twyin’ to help them out.  There wuz kids and police men wiff guns everywhere.  OMC It wuz Shop wiff a Cop night.  No wunner da store wuz jamm packed.  Anyways, we wondered wound da store a bit and finally got da foo fings we went in there fur and headed home.  By dat time it wuz pitch black outside.  And gettin’ cold. Member me told you mommy wuz runnin’ late?  Well hers had been wearin’ a short sleeve top, and she furgot to get a jacket, so now she wus fureezin’. MOL   Well anyways, dat    wuz our day and we wuz just plain xausted when it wuz over.  So weez didn’t even get on da puter to check emails. 

 0dw Lexi and tree2014

Oh and weez hav more of those stupid inspections today, so Lexi and me gotta get our hissers weady. Yous know weez not like da manager, wight? Well weez gotta be weady to tell hers off.  And don’t furget weez gunna be havin’ ow very first giv away weal soon.  And let me just tell you it’s a Biggy. 

Till  da nex time…………………Be Blest!!!

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 

Dezi and Lexi