The Fun Never Stops

Meowllo everypawdy. Yesfurday me told you all ‘bout ow busy meownin’ since meez planned posty didn’t post. So me fawt since ow evenin’ wuz just ‘bout as eventful as ow meownin’ me wuld tell you ‘bout dat today. So me had left off wiff me munchin’ down and sis lexi not. But hers wuz twyin’ to get da tweats out of mommy. Mommy didn’t giv in, and sis Lexi didn’t eat much of hers bwekky. Oh she licked da gwavy and such, she just didn’t eat much of da actual food. Oh and even tho’ she wanted diffewent tweats, she did finally eat da ones mommy had given her. So after eatin’ meez fill and sis Lexi havin’ ate at least sumfin’ we went to take a nap. Well sissy went to take a nap. Me…it wuz time fur me to stawt buggin’ mommy. MOL

 00dw Lexi in lap and looking

See everyday me goes to da bedroom and mews (squeaks) at mommy. Sumtimes me goes to da pawdee box room and stands in fwunt of da mirror and sumtimes me duz it in da bedroom in fwunt of mommys dwessin’ mirror. And me just calls to mommy and calls to her antil she finally gets up and comes to da back. Then me hides and waits fur hers to head back to da livin’ room. And then me takes off zoomin’ down da hall and beats her to hers chair. Then we stawt visitin’ wiff you all. Noww dat dusn’t mean meez sits calmly and visits. Lots of times me jumps up and down and up and down and back up again 10 billion times afur finally settlin’ down and into a rhythm. Mommy sez sum days meez dwives hers batty. And dat meez wesponsible fur all da gway hair she has. Now me dusn’t know how dat’s pawssible, but dat’s what she claims.

 00dw Dezi in lap

Anyways, we got a lot of visitin’ dun today. We still haven’t made it everywhere, but we did do purretty well. And afur we knew it, dinnertime olled wound. Sis Lexi wuz awake and wantin’ dinner noms. So mommy fixed ow plates and yep yous guessed it. Sis Lexi turned hers nose up and went to da tweat counter. Mommy wefused her and sed she had to eat hers dinner. It took almost an hour, but she finally ate all hers dinner noms. Nuffin’ but catnip added. And then she came into da livin’ room and twied to steal meez noms. Mommy had leaky eyes big time. And then…Lexi stawted rollin’ wound wiff da nip nana. Now she’s been playin’ a bit (one of da weasons mommy hadn’t rushed to da VET), but she hasn’t rolled and romped like dat in a kupple weeks. So mommys eyes wuz leakin’ like cwazy and hers had a smile on hers face fwum ear to ear. Fank you all so much fur yous purrs and purrayers. Hopefuly this means Lexi is back. Mommy sez she will continue to keep an eye on her, but at da moment, fings awe lookin’ good.

Till da nex time……………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  

Dezi and Lexi

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