Service Cats: The Rest of the Story

Hey, are ya’ll there? It’s me, RaenaBelle. I’s getting to write mines furst Service Cat Monday posty. Don’t worry, it’ll be in human English, like all our educational postys. And ifin you’ve missed any, you can check them out by clicking the links at the bottom of this post. Today is a continuation of Furidays’ post when I’s accompanied mommy to Ardmore to the dentist. And we also received a question from awnty Jeanne, Purrseidons’ mommy. The answer to her question will actually occur naturally in todays’ posty. So you’ll know, her question was, “What does mommy do when we alert her to the fact that she’s gonna pass out?” Basically, what are we expectin’ mommy to do?. So, let’s get to it.

Raena lays on the small cat perch

We left off with mommy sitting at the business office desk getting told the cost of what needed to be done. You know the dentist had already told her what needed to be done, so now we were finding out how much all that was gonna cost. We’d been in the office for over an hour at this point and mommy was a little on the warm side. ‘Course she’s been running a fever now for a couple of weeks, so it could have been that, or that the temp outside was actually 72° and they had the heat on. Whatever it was, mommy says she almost passed out when the lady gave her the paper with the breakdown of the costs. I’s told mommy I didn’t sense that at all. She said it was okay, cuz it was a different kind of passing out that sometimes humans do when given really bad news. Mommy says similar actions could be a falling out of the chair, or pulling your hair out. Anyways, payment is due at the time of services, so mommy gathered those ugly photos of her and the estimate papers and we left.

 Raena lays in mommys lap

Now you all know we live in a really small town that doesn’t have anything. Sis Dezi says they posted a video of our town a while back. So anytime mommy goes into Ardmore, she tries to make a day of it and stop off at Wally World and maybe the new Ulta store. Mommy loves beauty products. She used to be a licensed Cosmetologist. That means she did hair and makeup. She doesn’t wear makeup most days cuz she says she can’t afford it; but she’s got some for special occasions. The dentist wasn’t one of those occasions. Anyways, part of my training is learning to focus and be invisible when in public surrounded by the crazies. That means I can’t be singing the song of my peeps or clawing at the stroller trying to get out, or doing anything in general to draw attention to myself. Mommy says I was the perfect Service Cat while we were at the dentist. I laid quietly in the stroller and watched over mommy. Now came the real test.


The last time I had been with mommy in Walmart was after my spay day, and I was still a little groggy from having surgery. This time I was wide awake and alert as a hawk over a kill. We finally found a parking space and mommy got me unloaded and locked up the car. We headed for the doors and I could hear peeps saying, “Is that a…that’s a cat!!!” The wind was really whoopin’ around so I stood up and looked through the top opening at mommy. She said everything was okay, and I’s laid back down. Once inside, I could smell all kinds of things. And let me tell ya’, it was loud. There was a lot of peeps inside the store, and it seems all of them were talking at the same time. Mommy grabbed her a ride and bungeed me to her and off we went.

 Raena lays in the stroller

It seemed like we went down every aisle. Mommy says it was to expose me to every thing and every possible situation she could. There were some situations that’s for sure. We encountered a few older ladies that wanted to ooh and ahh over me and chat with mommy about what I’s do for her. We also ran into a mean man that purposely bumped into my stroller and mumbled on about how mommy shouldn’t be bringing a kitty to the store. I stood up and wanted to give him the hiss of disapproval, but mommy said calmly and quietly, “It’s okay Raena, lay back down.” I settled down just in time to be met with sticky little humans running up and down the aisles and squealing at the top of their lungs. And then it happened…they saw me. One of those sticky humans came over and put their hands on my stroller and another went running off hollering for its’ mommy.


Apparently this was a test. A test mommy says I passed with flying colors. I didn’t see any colors fly, but I did remain quiet and laying in my stroller; even when the sticky little human started slapping my stroller all I did was look up through the top of the stroller at mommy. Mommy quietly but sternly told that sticky little human to stop and go find his mother. And mommy drove us out of the toy department. I think it was more stressful for her than me. MOL  We wandered around the store a bit longer, and then went to the front of the store to stand in a line with other humans. Everybody in front of us turned to look at me and started cooing and talking about how well behaved I was. Seeing that we only had a loaf of bread and some treats, one of the nice ladies let us “cut in line”. And then we were off again, heading for the car.

 Raena alerts

Hmmmmmm What’s that smell? Ooooooh mommy’s gonna pass out, I thought to myself. So I stood up and started meowing and patting at the stroller. “Mommy, you need to sit down, you’re gonna pass out,” I mewed. Mommys’ hobble sped up and we reached the car. Once there, mommy opened the door and sat down and put her head between her legs and started taking deep breaths. Well, as deep as she can. She’s been having some extra breathing problems since her teeth got infected. Anyways, we sat there for what seemed like forever, but mommy was able to push (breath through) the episode away and get me loaded into the car again. Mommy says she had wanted to go by Ulta, but decided it was best if we headed home. She didn’t actually have a reason to go to Ulta, she just likes to see what’s new. But we got all buckled in and headed down the highway to home. Mommy told me how proud of me she was and I chortled my joy.


Once we got home I’s couldn’t wait to tell sis Dezi about all my adventures. And tell her how lucky she was to have missed the ordeal with the mean man and sticky little humans. Mommys’ appointment had been early, so she went to do up the breakfast dishes so we’d have clean plates at dinner time. While sissy and me were meowing about my day, we both smelled that familiar scent and headed for the kitchen to alert mommy. We both danced around meowing till mommy sat down. This time mommy said she didn’t really care and in short order she passed out. Sis Dezi and me both jumped in her lap and purred till she came back around. Once she got reoriented she loved on me and Dezi and told us how proud of us she was and how much she loved us. The perfect ending to a perfect day.

 Dezi and Raena chat while laying on the chair

So in answer to the question asked by awnty Jeanne, when we alert, we want mommy to sit down and be aware that there’s a problem. She can often keep from passing out by putting her head between her legs and breathing through it; but not always. And sometimes, she doesn’t worry about it and just lets it happen.


Well, that wraps up my mommy and me day out. Mommy says I performed purrfectly; she couldn’t have asked for more. ‘Member. ifin you’ve missed any of our posts, you can check them out by clicking the links below. And you can donate towards mommys dental by either giving to our paypal at: or the fundraiser here.


Till the next time………………………………………..Be Blest!!!


Luvs and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


RaenaBelle and Deztinee

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Lexi Gets All Wet in the Shower

Well here we awe almost at da weekend again. Weez sure hope yous be enjoyin’ our Service cat twainin’ stowries. Meez mostly been tellin’ ya’ ‘bout me and what me was learnin’. So today we fawt we wuld take you way back and me wuld let sis Lexi tell ya’ ‘bout hers furst lesson helpin’ mommy in da baff tub/shower. As weez told ya’ in purrevious posts, mommy passes out purretty much everyday. And she almost always passes out in da shower. Yous finkin’ dat while dat be pawful, why wuld mommy need help, wight? Did you know it only takes an inch and a half of water to drown? And when you be unconscious you can’t struggle or fight. So when mommy passes out in da shower, da water still be runnin’ and hittin’ hers in da face and mouff and nose. So hers head must be outta da water, and dat’s where we come in. So we fawt Lexi’s furst shower lesson wuld be a gweat stowry to tell. Take it away sissy. (Meez sowry ’bout todays fotos. They awe 35mm dat was scanned into da puter and sum fings can’t be edited. But we weally fawt you needed to see da kitties dat was workin’ at da time of this stowry)


Dat’s Devon on da back of da chair and Lexi wiff Lucky below.

Fanks Dezi. It was a long time ago when I was still a kitten of ‘bout 4-5 months old. Devon and Lucky were still alive back then and I had been watchin’ them help mommy since the day my eyes opened and I kuld focus. But da day came when they sed I needed to learn to help mommy too ifin I was gunna be stickin’ round. And well I had no intentions of goin’ anywhere so like always when mommy went to take hers shower I followed the boys to da pawdee box room and plopped down on da hooman pawdee seat. Mommy had towels all over da room and floor. I had seen da boys roll round on those towels many a time, but I didn’t have any plans on getting’ any wetter than I had too. After all, I’d already had purrlenty of baffz and I wasn’t lookin’ to have anymore.


dw DLL
Devon yawnin’ wiff Lucky and Lexi huggin’ in da sink.

So as always mommy turned on da water and climbed in. She started latherin’ up and cleanin’ hers selff of sum imaginary dirt just like she did wiff me when me got baffs. And then it happened…the boys jumped up from where they had been loungin and waitin’, and mommy started grabbin’ at the shower bar and the curtain. Boff da boys hopped up on da edge of da tub and I meowed at them to warn them they was gunna get all wet. And afur I kuld finish down mommy went. And da boys jumped in da tub and started getting’ into pawsition. Lucky was much larger than me at da time but he was still yung too. He was only 28 days older than me. So Devon started meowin’ at me to get in da tub and help Lucky wiff his side. I didn’t wanna get wet and I didn’t know what to do so why did he want me to help?. Devon wedged himselff under mommys arm and hollered at me again. “Kid, get in da tub and help us!!!” he sed. Lucky maneuvered himselff under mommys udder arm and looked up at me.


dw DevonLucky
Devon and a 5 week old Lucky. Alweady bestest of furiends and da bestest of brofurs.

Decisions, decisions. I didn’t wanna get all wet, but da mommy dat had been so good to me and luvved me so unconditionally needed my help. Da boys didn’t seem to mind da water a bit, so I stepped over to da edge of da tub. And boff da boys started meowin’ fur me to hurry up and get into pawsition. I reluctantly jumped in da tub and felt da water hittin’ my back. All I wanted to do was get out, but Lucky kept lookin’ at me and so I went over and pawsitioned myselff next to him under mommys arm. And then da boys started pushin’ and meowin’ at me to help push. We needed to get mommys head over da side of da tub so da water wuldn’t keep hittin’ her in da face. So I started pushin’ wiff all my might and da boys kept pushin’ wiff all there might and slowly but surely mommys head was finally restin’ on da edge of da tub. Da boys jumped outta da tub and onto sum of da awaitin’ towels and meowed fur me to do da same. We rolled round on da towels a bit and then sat there watchin’ and waitin’ fur mommy to come round.


dw Lucky2
Lucky layin’ on da back of da hooman pawdee box. Dat black in hims ear is hims tatoo. Dat was da pawpular method of twackin’ a lost pet afur microchippin’.

Da boys might have been just sittin’ and watchin’ but I had gone over and was lickin’ mommys face. I knew I had seen this happen many times afur, but I sure did want her to hurry and wake up. I was scared and didn’t wanna have to find a new mommy. I was right where I wanted to be even ifin it meant dat I was gunna have to get wet everyday. So I had been lickin’ hers face and purrin’ as loud as I kuld manage hopin’ she wuld wake up. I didn’t have to wait too long and mommy finally started to move and hers eyes started to open. She seemed a bit confused, but finally she started talkin’ and tellin’ us how much she luvved us and how purroud of us she was. Let me tell ya’, there was a purr fest goin’ on then. We may have looked like wet rats, but we was fur sure happy cats. Mommy was finally able to stand up again and she hurriedly finished her shower and got out and dried off like we had.


Shortly after we all went to bed and continued our purr fest while massagin’ mommy. We each had a section. Back then Devon massaged mommys head, I did hers back/arms and Lucky massaged her legs and back too. When mommy finally drifted off Devon told me I had dun well dat day. I didn’t tell him, but I had been really scared. I didn’t want mommy to get hurt. This workin’ stuff was purretty scary. As I drifted off to sleep dat night I kept wonderin’ just what else was I gunna be learnin’. I was a little ‘cited ‘bout it, but I was also a little scared cuz I was fraid dat ifin I messed up maybe mommy wuldn’t be okay. I was gunna have to pay close attention to da lessons so I kuld make sure mommy was always okay. As I continued to grow, I became more helpful and able to hold my own under mommys arm by myselff. Dat became a necessity when brofur Devon was called back to heaven and left Lucky and me to take care of mommy by ourselves.


Lexi and Lucky after brofur Devon went to heaven.

Oh sissy me always gets purr bumps when you tell dat stowry. Me members how scared me was da furst time me helped you get mommy outta da shower. Me wants you to tell sum more of yous stowries soon okay?.


I’z wood lubz too Dezi.


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Till da next time………………..Be Blest!!!

Dezi = Blue

Lexi = Green


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Dezi and Lexi