Lexi Gets All Wet in the Shower

Well here we awe almost at da weekend again. Weez sure hope yous be enjoyin’ our Service cat twainin’ stowries. Meez mostly been tellin’ ya’ ‘bout me and what me was learnin’. So today we fawt we wuld take you way back and me wuld let sis Lexi tell ya’ ‘bout hers furst lesson helpin’ mommy in da baff tub/shower. As weez told ya’ in purrevious posts, mommy passes out purretty much everyday. And she almost always passes out in da shower. Yous finkin’ dat while dat be pawful, why wuld mommy need help, wight? Did you know it only takes an inch and a half of water to drown? And when you be unconscious you can’t struggle or fight. So when mommy passes out in da shower, da water still be runnin’ and hittin’ hers in da face and mouff and nose. So hers head must be outta da water, and dat’s where we come in. So we fawt Lexi’s furst shower lesson wuld be a gweat stowry to tell. Take it away sissy. (Meez sowry ’bout todays fotos. They awe 35mm dat was scanned into da puter and sum fings can’t be edited. But we weally fawt you needed to see da kitties dat was workin’ at da time of this stowry)


Dat’s Devon on da back of da chair and Lexi wiff Lucky below.

Fanks Dezi. It was a long time ago when I was still a kitten of ‘bout 4-5 months old. Devon and Lucky were still alive back then and I had been watchin’ them help mommy since the day my eyes opened and I kuld focus. But da day came when they sed I needed to learn to help mommy too ifin I was gunna be stickin’ round. And well I had no intentions of goin’ anywhere so like always when mommy went to take hers shower I followed the boys to da pawdee box room and plopped down on da hooman pawdee seat. Mommy had towels all over da room and floor. I had seen da boys roll round on those towels many a time, but I didn’t have any plans on getting’ any wetter than I had too. After all, I’d already had purrlenty of baffz and I wasn’t lookin’ to have anymore.


dw DLL
Devon yawnin’ wiff Lucky and Lexi huggin’ in da sink.

So as always mommy turned on da water and climbed in. She started latherin’ up and cleanin’ hers selff of sum imaginary dirt just like she did wiff me when me got baffs. And then it happened…the boys jumped up from where they had been loungin and waitin’, and mommy started grabbin’ at the shower bar and the curtain. Boff da boys hopped up on da edge of da tub and I meowed at them to warn them they was gunna get all wet. And afur I kuld finish down mommy went. And da boys jumped in da tub and started getting’ into pawsition. Lucky was much larger than me at da time but he was still yung too. He was only 28 days older than me. So Devon started meowin’ at me to get in da tub and help Lucky wiff his side. I didn’t wanna get wet and I didn’t know what to do so why did he want me to help?. Devon wedged himselff under mommys arm and hollered at me again. “Kid, get in da tub and help us!!!” he sed. Lucky maneuvered himselff under mommys udder arm and looked up at me.


dw DevonLucky
Devon and a 5 week old Lucky. Alweady bestest of furiends and da bestest of brofurs.

Decisions, decisions. I didn’t wanna get all wet, but da mommy dat had been so good to me and luvved me so unconditionally needed my help. Da boys didn’t seem to mind da water a bit, so I stepped over to da edge of da tub. And boff da boys started meowin’ fur me to hurry up and get into pawsition. I reluctantly jumped in da tub and felt da water hittin’ my back. All I wanted to do was get out, but Lucky kept lookin’ at me and so I went over and pawsitioned myselff next to him under mommys arm. And then da boys started pushin’ and meowin’ at me to help push. We needed to get mommys head over da side of da tub so da water wuldn’t keep hittin’ her in da face. So I started pushin’ wiff all my might and da boys kept pushin’ wiff all there might and slowly but surely mommys head was finally restin’ on da edge of da tub. Da boys jumped outta da tub and onto sum of da awaitin’ towels and meowed fur me to do da same. We rolled round on da towels a bit and then sat there watchin’ and waitin’ fur mommy to come round.


dw Lucky2
Lucky layin’ on da back of da hooman pawdee box. Dat black in hims ear is hims tatoo. Dat was da pawpular method of twackin’ a lost pet afur microchippin’.

Da boys might have been just sittin’ and watchin’ but I had gone over and was lickin’ mommys face. I knew I had seen this happen many times afur, but I sure did want her to hurry and wake up. I was scared and didn’t wanna have to find a new mommy. I was right where I wanted to be even ifin it meant dat I was gunna have to get wet everyday. So I had been lickin’ hers face and purrin’ as loud as I kuld manage hopin’ she wuld wake up. I didn’t have to wait too long and mommy finally started to move and hers eyes started to open. She seemed a bit confused, but finally she started talkin’ and tellin’ us how much she luvved us and how purroud of us she was. Let me tell ya’, there was a purr fest goin’ on then. We may have looked like wet rats, but we was fur sure happy cats. Mommy was finally able to stand up again and she hurriedly finished her shower and got out and dried off like we had.


Shortly after we all went to bed and continued our purr fest while massagin’ mommy. We each had a section. Back then Devon massaged mommys head, I did hers back/arms and Lucky massaged her legs and back too. When mommy finally drifted off Devon told me I had dun well dat day. I didn’t tell him, but I had been really scared. I didn’t want mommy to get hurt. This workin’ stuff was purretty scary. As I drifted off to sleep dat night I kept wonderin’ just what else was I gunna be learnin’. I was a little ‘cited ‘bout it, but I was also a little scared cuz I was fraid dat ifin I messed up maybe mommy wuldn’t be okay. I was gunna have to pay close attention to da lessons so I kuld make sure mommy was always okay. As I continued to grow, I became more helpful and able to hold my own under mommys arm by myselff. Dat became a necessity when brofur Devon was called back to heaven and left Lucky and me to take care of mommy by ourselves.


Lexi and Lucky after brofur Devon went to heaven.

Oh sissy me always gets purr bumps when you tell dat stowry. Me members how scared me was da furst time me helped you get mommy outta da shower. Me wants you to tell sum more of yous stowries soon okay?.


I’z wood lubz too Dezi.


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Till da next time………………..Be Blest!!!

Dezi = Blue

Lexi = Green


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Dezi and Lexi


That’s All Folks……..Or Is It??

So yous know now dat meez can alewt meez mommy afuw shes passes out, and giv hers massages, and call fuw help, and dwive da wheelchaiw.  So meez bets yous finks dat’s it, wight??  Well yous wuld be wong.  Meez helps sis Lexi push mommy outta da shower tu,  And one of da funnest fings meez dus is tu bwing meez mommy small items when hers can’t get tu dem.  And sumtimes just cuz meez wants hers tu feel special. 🙂   So da time came when meez wus finally big nuff tu cawwy fings in meez mouff and so mommy and mowe ovew sis Lexi decided it wus time fuw meez tu leawn tu help mommy anuddew way.  At da time meez didn’t know what ‘Special Days’ wus, so meez didn’t know dat mommy had a ‘Special Day’, but Lexi did.  See at da time mommy played da piano and sang fuw a local chuwch.  Meez luvs tu heaw meez mommy play and sing. 🙂   But sis Lexi knew by da songs and all da fone talkin’ dat mommys ‘Special Day’ wus comin’ up.  So duwin’ da day sis Lexi and meez ( me liked tu follow hers wound)  wuld be in da kitchen and shes wuld stawt pawin’ at da cwackew box and den lookin’ at meez.  So meez wuld go and paw at da cwackew box tu.  And da cwackews fell outta da box.  Lexi picked dem up wiff hews mouff and cawweed dem tu mommy, hoo pwaised her and luved on hers and gav us tweats.  Lexi wuld du dis wiff da bwead tu, or whatevew might be in da kitchen.  Well, meez wanted tu be like meez sisfuw, and me wanted da pwaise and luvin tu, so meez stawted duin’ it meself.  Okay, meez likes peanut buttew so sumtimes meez wuld hav tu open da package and hav a little lick afuw takin’ ’em tu mommy (aftew meez found out what wus in da package) but hers always got dem.  Sowt of.  MOL   Anyways, dis wus all good purractice fuw mommys upcomin’ ‘Special Day’.  And just cuz it dus come in handy when mommy’s havin’ a bad day.  Meez will tell yous all bout dat latew.  


Meweek evewpawdy, hope yous hav a Pawsum day!!


Meez also had tu leawn tu help sis Lexi push mommy outta da tub. Cuz no mattew how much meez dances, mommy just won’t get outta da watew.  Meez had been layin’ on da side of da tub when mommy showewed since meez came tu live hewe, and watchin’ sis Lexi stwuggle tu push mommy up off da bottom of da tub.  Fuw munfs now meez wuld get in da tub wiff dem, but meez wuld get all wet and den jump back out.  Well dis one day it’s like da light went on, and when mommy passed out and Lexi jumped in, meez followed.  And meez got on da uddew side of mommy and looked ovew at Lexi fuw appwoval, and den undew mommy’s awm meez went and wees pushed wiff all ow might.  Wiff da 2 of us wowkin’ tugeddew wees had mommys head and awms up and ovew da side of da tub in no time.  And now meez knows what all da towels on da sink and da hooman pawdee box is fuw. MOL   When wees get dun wees woll wound on da towels till mommy comes tu and can dwy us off purrawpew.   Mommy has a big ole showew chaiw now, but hers still sumtimes falls off and Lexi and meez awe der tu da wescue. 🙂   Dis wus purrawly da easiest lesson meez had. MOL  


On anuddew note, yesfuwdays pwice checkin’ wus vewy innewstin’. Wees leawned dat even tho’ wees liv in one of da poowest areas of one of da poowest States in da U.S., ow pwices awe a bit highew den most. Meez did get asked a foo questions, so meez fawt me wuld answew dem fuw evewpawdy in case yous don’t wead all da comments.  Ow gwocewy pwices came fwum Walmawt in a town ’bout 45 minutes away cuz mommy figgewd dey wuld be cheapew, and da taxes awe fuw suwe cheapew.  Wees only hav 1 little gwocewy in ow small town, and yous wuld need tu add at least $1.00 tu all da pwices and da tax is highew,  10% hewe. Gas pwices wus fwum da beginnin’ of da munf when mommy bawt it.  Pwices change almost daily, and each station can hav der own pwice. Wees hav 2 stations acwoss da stweet fwum each uddew and dey’we owned by da same pewsun and get der gas fwum da same twuck, but chawge diffewent pwices.  And people buy da mowe spensiv gas cuz dey fink dey’s gettin’ bettew gas. MOL  Der’s a town 5 miles down da woad, and der gas is always mowe den hewe in ow town.  Each station kinda sets der own pwices.  Da gwocewy pwices wus fwum weceipts fwum da last kupple munfs cuz mommie can’t affowd tu buy all dat at once, and hers will buy fuw us fiwst anyhow.  Anyways, it wus vewy innewstin’ tu see da diffewent pwices acwoss da wowld.  Fanks Bacon (http://piglove.wordpress.com/)  and  Fozziemum (http://dinz1234.wordpress.com/)  fuw suggestin’ dis.  

So dat’s not all folks, but til da nex time, Hav a Pawsum day!!


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Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥