Bring Me the Phone Please…

Well me must stawrt today wiff a pawlogy. mommy weminded me dat me didn’t announce da winner of meez FroliCat Flik give away. We use Random and put all da names in da drawin’ and then click da button so we can have a winner. They have all these official seals and stuff, but as you know mommy knows nuffin’ bout code so weez can’t put it up here. Annyways, da winner was our sweet furiend Christy Paws. She has a new FroliCat Flik headed her way. This week weez giivin’ away anudder pawsum toy fwum PetSafe called da FroliCat Pounce. Ifin yous haven’t entered yet, head on over and do dat here. Now, lets get on wiff today’s posty. Last time sis Lexi told ya’ ‘bout learnin’ to dial da fone so we fawt she shuld tell da rest of da stowry today. Dialin’ fur help ain’t da only fing weez do wiff da fone, so there was still more to learn. Wight sissy?


Yeah Dezi datz rite. There are timez when mommy’z wide awake and just can’t get to da fone. Like when she’z fallen or passed out and come to. Or in da meownin’ when she be in bed and can’t move just to name a few. Durin’ those timez there are occasionz mommy needz da fone. Dezi told ya’ da udder day dat mommy attaches da belt holderz to da backz of da handsetz so we can carry them wiff our mouffs. Well when we train, we’re usually much yunger and smaller, so she attaches a string to da belt loop holder cuz weez not yet strong enuff to pick up da fone much less carry it. But we can fur shur drag it. Ya’ saw an example of dat in sis Dezi’z video of da FroliCat Flik. When workin’ on an item, mommy usually combines trainin’. Dat convoluted sentence means dat durin’ da time mommy was trainin’ me to dial da fone she was also trainin’ me to bring her da fone. On Monday you saw da corded fone she used to train me to make calls on, and she used da cordless fones fur da bringin’ her da fone trainin’.

 dw-baby Lexi purpleheart

So mommy wuld carry me to da bedroom to da cordless fone and show me da string. Well you tell me, what kitty do you know dat dusn’t like stringz? I wuld play wiff da string and pull on it and da fone wuld eventually end up in da floor. Naturally I wuld jump down to da floor to continue to play. Now da trainin’ kicks in. Mommy wuld wait till I grabbed da string and then she wuld gently pull da fone to da livin’ room or pawdee box room wiff me attached to da udder end and followin’ close behind her. She wuld say da whole way, fings like; “Bring me the phone Lexi. Lexi, please bring the phone to me.” And when we wuld get to where mommy wanted me to be, she wuld take da fone fwum me and lubb all over me and tell me how much she lubbed me and how purroud of me she was. And then we wuld start again. Bein’ a kitten, my attention span wasn’t that long so trainin’ sessions usually consisted of a kupple tries at a time and then we wuld take a break.


Sumtimes mommy wuld lay in bed and while me was givin’ her a massage she wuld pull da fone over and let me play wiff da string a little and then pull me and da fone up to hers ear and have me lay down against it so dat da fone wuld stay at mommys ear. She wuld have purrtend conversations and then motion fur me to go back to massagin’ her. I never get tired of givin’ mommy massages. We wuld repeat these exercises over and over again until I wuld bring mommy da fone wiffout her havin’ to be there to drag us. I was always happy when mommy praised me and told me how much she lubbed me. I like da fone and fink it’s fun, but not nearly as much as Dezi. I never played wiff da fone less mommy was givin’ me a lesson. So youz’ll have to read Dezi’z trainin’ storiez fur da funny fone trainin’ episodes.



Fanks sissy. Me duz luv da fone. Meez finally grown up a bit and learned to leave da fone alone lessen mommy tells me to get it. But me did make sum funnies when me was yunger, didn’t me?. MOL Fanks fur tellin’ anudder wunnewful trainin’ stowry Lexi. Me sure hopes all our furiends awe enjoyin’ readin’ ‘bout our twainin’ antics. Hope yous all have a gweat day.

PeeEss: Mommy did find our fotos, she just hasn’t had da time to put them all in da puter yet.



Till da next time……………………..Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Dezi and Lexi


Hello? Lexi Callin’

Well it’s anudder borin’ Monday. Seems most peeps don’t like Mondays whevver they have to get up and go to work or not. Me has offen wunnewed ifin Monday was a weekend day and Tuesday was da day everypawdy had to stawrt their work week, ifin Tuesday wuld become da day nopawdy liked? Well enuff of meez days of da week musings and onto meez posty. In our last twainin’ posty sis Lexi told you ‘bout her learnin’ to help mommy in da shower. Mommy can be a little stubborn and she dusn’t always take outside help too well. Me sed dat cuz there was several mentions of a shower chair.  Mommy didn’t have one back then cuz she didn’t wanna admit she wasn’t gunna get better. We do have a shower chair and a shower bench now, so mommy dusn’t have to fall dat fawr anymore. Anyways, me fawt me wuld ask sis Lexi to tell ‘bout hers fone twainin’ today and she’s gwaciously accepted da invite. So meez gunna turn it over to sissy now.

 dw Dezicute

Fanks Dezi. I guess I shuld say dat mommy hadn’t planned on me stayin’ wiff her in da beginnin’ so she didn’t start trainin’ me as yung as Lucky or those dat followed. And altho’ I’z a quick lerner, I had been watchin’ da boys help mommy in da shower since my eyes opened. And as we stated in da beginnin’, da trainin’ story I told ‘bout lernin’ to help mommy wasn’t da furst or last trainin’ episode fur dat purrticular task. So onto todays topic.


As I grew and put on weight the day came when mommy knew I was big enuff to learn how to call fur help and bring mommy da fone. I so lubbed bein’ wiff mommy and sittin’ in her lap dat I kuld almost always be found there when she was sittin’ down. So when da time came fur me to learn to dial da fone, mommy didn’t have to look very far to find me. Back then we had a corded fone and a kupple cordless fones. Da corded fone sat beside mommys chair and da cordless ones was in da bedroom and da kitchen. Da corded fone was da same one Shad had taught herselff to use so mommy decided dat was da bestest fone to train me on.


dw Lexifone
Yep Datz me and datz da fone.

Da fone had a big long button to press fur da speakerfone. Mommy took my paw and gently pushed it on da button and a loud purr came outta da corded box. Mommy gently pushed my paw back down and da purr went away. Then she lubbed on me and hugged and kissed me and told me how wunnerful and smart I was, and how much she lubbed me. This went on fur a while till I wuld push da loud purr button on my own. I was so ‘cited I lubbed makin’ mommy happy. And she sure seemed happy wiff me pushin’ dat button. But parently I wasn’t finished cuz then she started gently pressin’ my paws on sum of da smaller buttons. Da same buttons over and over and over. Da loud purr wuld disappear when I wuld push da smaller buttons. But mommy seemed just as happy wiff me. I just had to learn how to do this. Mommy was so ‘cited evrytime we wuld finish pushin’ those buttons. And then it happened…Mommy patted da fone and I pushed all da buttons myselff. Mommy was thrilled and praised me a lot. There was purrin’ and cooin’ and hugs and kisses all round.


So mommy sed it was time fur da final test. Mommy pushed sum buttons and talked to sumone on da udder end and then hung up and patted da fone again. Dat was my cue to start pushin’ buttoons. I began to push buttons and suddenly their was a voice on da udder end I didn’t recognize. I had seen and heard da boys meowin’ at da corded box (fone) when voices wuld come out of it, so I meowed at it too. And then I looked att mommy who seemed so happy. She hugged me and fanked me and told me how smart I was and how much she lubbed me. WooHoo I had dun it!!! We repeated this purrocess over and over and over again till I wuld do it right everytime. Mommy sez dat’s why it’s called trainin’. It ain’t a once and dun. Anyways, da next lessoon I learned was to bring mommy da fone when she kuldn’t get to it but needed it. Mommy hasn’t been able to move in da meownins fur quite a long time. But sissy sez we need to wrap it up fur da day, so I will leave ya’ wiff this…kitties be far smarter and more trainable than peeps realize.


Fanks fur telliin’ us ‘bout yous fone twainin’ sissy. Hopefully we will pick up where yous left off in our next posty. Me also wants to wemind everypawdy dat weez got a give away goin’ on wight now, so click here to enter to win da PetSafe FroliCat Pounce. It’s open to all U.S. residents fwu Furiday 7/31/15 at 11:59 p.m. CST.


Till da next time……………….Be Blest!!!


Dezi = Blue

Lexi = Green


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Dezi and Lexi


Dezi Really Loves the Phone

So meez told you ‘bout me alertin’ mommy afur she passes out and ‘bout me learnin’ da awrt of massage. And sumpawdy sent us an email and asked how long afur mommy passes out did me alert her. They was a little concerned ‘bout hers dwivin’. We must pawlogize cuz dat be sumfin’ we normally include when tellin’ ‘bout me but this time we just furgot. Me alerts ‘bout 20 – 30 minutes afur mommy passes out. Purrlenty of time fur her to get sum where to sit down or pull over ifin she’s actually dwivin’, so she can be safe. Mommy wuld never wanna be wespawnsible fur causin’ sumpawdy else to have to live like she duz. There awe days when mommy be passin’ out “more” than “normal” and on those days, she won’t dwive at all cuz she dusn’t twust hers selff. Since we be alone and don’t have anypawdy to help us, it’s necessary fur mommy to continue to drive. But twust me, mommy takes gweat care when she duz. So fanks fur askin’ and we hope we cleared dat up fur ya’. We also got an email askin’ ifin mommy had any fotos dat showed meez size compared to Lexi back then. Mommy be panicin’ cuz she can’t find our fotos. Back then weez only had a 35mm camewa so everyfin’ was purrinted and she hadn’t had a chance to get them all put onto da puter. So me knows what she’s gunna be duin’ this weekend. Anyways, here’s da only foto we did have on da puter to show a size comparison.


dw DnL wheelchair
Me was ’bout 8 weeks old here and had grown a bit fwum da time me had come to live wiff mommy and sissy.

As me stawrted gwoin’ and getting’ bigger and heavier mommy continued to teach me to push da fone buttons and meow at peeps on da udder end. PURRLEASE MEMBER it’s illegal to call 911 ifin yous not have an actual mergency. So ifin yous plan on twainin’ yous anipal to dial da fone…UNPLUG IT furst. Mommy also had to contact da fone company and fill out a cawd wiff instwuctions dat be attached to our nummer dat tells da 911 operator to send help ifin she/he gets a call fwum our nummer wiff kitties meowin’. You might check wiff yous fone company to see ifin they have sumfin’ similar. This applies to land lines only! Cell fones awe a whole diffewent “animal”. We don’t use a cell fone so weez not know da rules or purrcedures.

 dw DnLwheelchair2

All dat twainin’ wiff da fone made me weally like it. You can talk to peeps fwum anywhere. Is dat not amazin’? And me luvs carryin’ da fone to mommy. So much so dat in da beginnin’ me made a lot of oopsies. As soon as meez paws kuld push da buttons down me wuld answer da fone everytime it rang. Or at least twy to. Mommy got purretty quick at gwabbin’ it so me kuldn’t push da button. She sed there awe sum peeps dat need to leave messages and there awe sumtimes she dusn’t wanna talk on da fone. Me just kuldn’t unnewstand why she didn’t wanna talk everytime sumpawdy called. So much so dat everytime da fone rang and mommy wasn’t near it, me wuld gwab it and push da button and most of da time me wuld dwag it to wherever mommy was. Which leads me to todays stowry.

 dw DnLsleeping

Me was ‘bout 6 or 7 mumffs old and was able to push da buttons and dwag da fone. Mommy puts da belt loop holder on da handsets and me can gwab dat wiff meez mouff and carry it. Anyways this one afternoon we was all in da pawdee box room and mommy was…well you know, she was indisposed. And da fone stawrted ringin’. (There awe sum nummers dat mommy has assigned a specific ring to so she knows who be callin’ just by hearin’ da fone ring.) So mommy knew zactly who was callin’ when da fone stawrted up, and me headed fur it. And mommy stawrted to holler, “Dezi, leave the phone alone. Dezi!!! Don’t touch that phone!!! Dezi, don’t you dare push that button. No baby, leave the phone where it is.”

 dw DnL sink1

Well me kuld plainly see dat mommy kuldn’t get to da phone and so me weally did fink me was bein’ helpful. Me had alweady pushed da button so da purrson on da udder end kuld hear everyfin’ dat was goin’ on, and me was half way to mommy when she yelled one last time. “Dezi, Drop That Phone!!!” So me dwopped da fone wight there in da floor and headed back to da pawdee box room to be wiff mommy and sis Lexi. Mommy sez fankfully da purrson on da udder end hung up cuz it was our neighbor Mr. W. (sissy and me don’t weally like Mr. W so ifin hims had sed anyfin’ while me was carryin’ da fone me wuld have dwopped it to hiss at him.) MOL Mommy sed me still needed lots of twainin’, cuz me was posed to lissen and leave da fone alone ifin she told me too. Well, weez’ll see was meez answer to mommys more twainin’ statement. Me finks weez’ll wrap fur today and tell ya’ more next time.


dw-4009 Dezi PHfone
Not weally. Me nor sissy calls up da Pizza Hut. Me just wanted to make you all smile and have a good day.

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Till da next time…………………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Dezi and Lexi


What ‘Bout da Fone pt. 2

Well it’s time tu get back tu meez stowwy ’bout da fone. 🙂  So meez had lost da fone down da side of da chaiw, and mommy wanted meez tu lay back down and take a nap wiff hers and Lexi.  Meez is nevew one tu pass up a nap, specially one wiff mommy.  So meez cwawled back ovew ontu mommys chest and laid back down.  Wusn’t long and wees wus all snowwin’ away.  When wees woke up, mommy stawted lookin’ fuw da fone.  See mommy didn’t weally wake up duwwin’ all da commotion eawliew, hers has a tendancy tu walk and talk in hers sleep, and so long as we’s not huwt, hers dusn’t weally wake up.  Yous wuld be supwised at da fings mommy can du in hers sleep.  MOL  Anyways, hers wus lookin’ evew hwewe but hers kuldn’t find da fone.  Aftew hers got up tu go tu da hooman pawdee box meez stawted diggin in da side of da chaiw again.  When hers came back up, hers saw meez and stuck hers hand down da side of da chaiw tu see what meez wus diggin’ fuw.  And…yep. Der’s da fone. MOL   Hers looked at it afuw puttin’ it back on da hook and wealised dat da line wus open.  Hers looked at meez and den da fone and sed, “Honey, you’ve got to quit answering the phone all the time.  We don’t even know who called, and it might have been important, you never know.”  

Hers hung it up and put it back on da base and…..yep, it wang again.  Meez spwang intu action and mommy snatched da fone wight out fwum undew meez little mouff.  Hers answewed it and pawently it wus hers case managew and shes had heawd us sawin’ logs.   Mommy wus a bit embawwesed.  Meez dusn’t know why, but shes wus.  Meez dusn’t cawe hoo heaws meez snowe and neevew dus sis Lexi. mol   Aftew mommy hung up da fone hers sat meez down and had a talk wiff meez ’bout only answewin’ da fone when hers asked meez tu, but all meez heawd wus…… wah wah wah wah wah.  What ’bout da fone and meez answewin’  it now yous ask??   MOL  sumtimes meez still twies tu answew da fone. usually at da most inoppurrtune times fuw mommy. MOL  


Aaaw Mommy, meez wusn't gunna answew da fone. Meez wus just gunna check on yous.
Aaaw Mommy, meez wusn’t gunna answew da fone. Meez wus just gunna check on yous.  ☺

Til da nex time….Hav a pawsum Day!!!


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