What ‘Bout da Fone pt. 2

Well it’s time tu get back tu meez stowwy ’bout da fone. 🙂  So meez had lost da fone down da side of da chaiw, and mommy wanted meez tu lay back down and take a nap wiff hers and Lexi.  Meez is nevew one tu pass up a nap, specially one wiff mommy.  So meez cwawled back ovew ontu mommys chest and laid back down.  Wusn’t long and wees wus all snowwin’ away.  When wees woke up, mommy stawted lookin’ fuw da fone.  See mommy didn’t weally wake up duwwin’ all da commotion eawliew, hers has a tendancy tu walk and talk in hers sleep, and so long as we’s not huwt, hers dusn’t weally wake up.  Yous wuld be supwised at da fings mommy can du in hers sleep.  MOL  Anyways, hers wus lookin’ evew hwewe but hers kuldn’t find da fone.  Aftew hers got up tu go tu da hooman pawdee box meez stawted diggin in da side of da chaiw again.  When hers came back up, hers saw meez and stuck hers hand down da side of da chaiw tu see what meez wus diggin’ fuw.  And…yep. Der’s da fone. MOL   Hers looked at it afuw puttin’ it back on da hook and wealised dat da line wus open.  Hers looked at meez and den da fone and sed, “Honey, you’ve got to quit answering the phone all the time.  We don’t even know who called, and it might have been important, you never know.”  

Hers hung it up and put it back on da base and…..yep, it wang again.  Meez spwang intu action and mommy snatched da fone wight out fwum undew meez little mouff.  Hers answewed it and pawently it wus hers case managew and shes had heawd us sawin’ logs.   Mommy wus a bit embawwesed.  Meez dusn’t know why, but shes wus.  Meez dusn’t cawe hoo heaws meez snowe and neevew dus sis Lexi. mol   Aftew mommy hung up da fone hers sat meez down and had a talk wiff meez ’bout only answewin’ da fone when hers asked meez tu, but all meez heawd wus…… wah wah wah wah wah.  What ’bout da fone and meez answewin’  it now yous ask??   MOL  sumtimes meez still twies tu answew da fone. usually at da most inoppurrtune times fuw mommy. MOL  


Aaaw Mommy, meez wusn't gunna answew da fone. Meez wus just gunna check on yous.
Aaaw Mommy, meez wusn’t gunna answew da fone. Meez wus just gunna check on yous.  ☺

Til da nex time….Hav a pawsum Day!!!


Copyright © 2014 {Audra High} All Rights Reserved

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥              

  ♦ Dezi ♦

64 thoughts on “What ‘Bout da Fone pt. 2

  1. Yow Dezi me will werk on diz den!!! It cuud bee fun to talk to sumone on da phone. Mum doez let me talk to me Dad when he callz…wuudn’t he bee sirprized if ME ackshully answered da phone?????
    Lub Nylablue ❤ ❤


  2. Yow we haz a cordless phone n too tiny buttonz fer me to paw…me doez like to rub da phone n nock it off da cradle fingy tho’…Mum cuud nott figure out why she wuud find da phone on da table fer da longest time, MOL….
    Iz fun to fool da Hu’Mum 😉
    Lub Nylablue xxx


    1. MOL You’s halfway der. Yous keep pawin’ at it like dat and afuw yous know it one of these days yous gunna have sumpawy hollewin “hello” tu yous fwum da inside of it. Let meez tell ya’ da fiwst time is a bit scawwy cuz yous fink yous bwoke it and awe in twubble. Cuz da voice just gets loudew and loudew. At leas meez did. MOL

      Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥



  3. Yow ya iz so cutte Dezi…bett ya keep yer Mum laffin alot!! Me wuud not bee guud in therapee wif anyone butt me Mum! me waz abused befur she gotted me so da onleee Hu’man me purrz fer iz Mum Sherriellen 😉
    Now if me cuud leern to anser da phoen me cuud talk to da Hu’man Dad meself!!!!
    Nylablue xx


    1. Dat’s okay Nylablue. Meez sowwy yous wus abused but meez knows yous will nevew hav tu suffew dat way again. Dependin’ on da kind of fone yous hav, any kitty can leawn tu answew da fone. Den all yous gotta wowwy ’bout is yous mommy hollewin’ cuz youz answewin’ tu much. MOL

      Luv and Hugs and Kitty kisses ♥♥♥



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