Newsday Tuesday

OMC Summew is here!!!  Fank catness fur da air conditionew in da caw cuz t wus so hot meez furs curled.  So meez and mommy had tu go tu hers specialist yesfurday and of course da only ‘pointment wus in da middle of da day.  Dat be when is hottest out.    So anyways wight afur wees left da mail lady came and ow neighbow mr. W came stwollin’ up da walk and sed hims wuld check ow mail fur us.  Mommy gav hims da keys and put meez in da stwollew and gathered up hers fings so wees kuld leav when hims got back.  Here hims came and hims had a package and an envelope.  When mommy opened da doow hims sed, “Looks like Dezi got all the mail today.”   Well it wus early and so mommy opened da stwollew and wees went and sat down tu open da package and da lettew.  


OMC  Meez had won da Furminator deshedding tool fwum Cinco and Manna ovew at da Playful Kitty.  Fank yous fuw havin’ da givaway wees awe so happy tu hav won.  But dis wus just a foo days ago so meez fawt fur suwe dat it wuld be a foo weeks afur wees got it.  Wees got tu choose which one wees wanted and since sis Lexi luvs evew bwush and comb on da mawket (and purrawlly a foo dat haven’t even been invented yet) wees decided on da long haired deshedding tool fuw meez fur.  Guess what??  Meez luvs it!!!  😀   Mommy wus so excited cuz meez not weally likes tu get bwushed.  Hers has always been fankful dat meez bweed not mat or else meez kuld be a matted mess da way meez dusn’t sit sits fuw a bwushin’. MOL     

Oooh What's dis mommy?  Da Furminator? What's it du?
Oooh What’s dis mommy? Da Furminator? What’s it du?
Oh mommy meez luvs dis!!! It feels gweat!!! Fank yous Cinco and Manna and Furminator!!!
Oh mommy meez luvs dis!!! It feels gweat!!! Fank yous Cinco and Manna and Furminator!!!

So wees had a little bwush and then opened da lettew.  It wus a bootyful cawd fwum ow furiend Maggie Meme, awnty Cindy and furmily.  And inside da cawd wus many gween papews.  Fank yous so much.  Just wait’ll yous see what mommy bought fuw sis Lexi and me wiff sum of da gween papews.  Mommy sez wees hav tu wait a foo days fur yous all tu see it weally well so wees not hav fotos yet, but mommy purromises it’s gunna be pawsum!!!  

Fank yous so much awnty Cindy, Maggie Meme and furmily!!! Wees luv yous vewy much.
Fank yous so much awnty Cindy, Maggie Meme and furmily!!! Wees luv yous vewy much.


Okay packages opened and sum fotos taken wees wus off again.  So out da doow and tu da caw.  Wees had tu stop and get sum gas, and mommy tuwned off da caw.  WTC  Hers sed it wus cuz is a wule.  Fuw sum weason da pawssibility exists fuw a blowup or fiwe ifin yous caw is wunnin’ while yous pumpin’ gas intu it.  Da wind fwum da open windows wusn’t cool at all.  Dat wus da hottest 3 minutes of da whole twip.  And meez let mommy know dat me wus vewy dis-purrleased ’bout da whole situation.  MOL  Hers got back in da caw and a/c back on high meez cooled off again and wees wus on ow way.  When wees got tu da doctow mommy wus able tu pawk undew a big twee so da caw wuld hopefully be a little cool when wees came back out.  Mommy and da doctow talked a bit and den hims told mommy she needed mowe tests and pawssibly suwgewy.  Hims sent us tu da fwunt tu schedule evewfin’.  


So looks like Fursday mommys goin’ intu da hospital fuw mowe tests.  Ifin they find anyfin’ while they’s in there, fankfully they can take it out while there.  Well, not evewfin’ but hopefully whatevew be wong wiff mommy is sumfin’ they can take out then.  Hims also sent us back ovew tu da hospital fuw mowe bloodwork.  So tu da hospital wees went and bloodwork dun wees wus off again.  Mommy decided since hers had sum gween papews wees wuld make a kupple stops and pick up sum noms fuw hers tu eat cuz hers can’t eat anyfin’ stawtin’ on Wednesday.  Fankfully tho’ hers can hav all da coffee and coke hers wants. MOL   Mommy’s gunna be flyin’ high on caffeine fuw suwe. MOL  And meez can’t go wiff hers on Fursday so meez a little peeved ’bout dat, but mommy sez hers will be out on da good dwugs so it’s fuw da bestest.


 Anyways wees went ovew tu da Walmawt and OMC da place wus like a zoo!!!  Meez not seen dat many people there at one time accept maybe Christmas.  Kids wus evew where scweamin’ and pointin’ at meez and wunnin’ up tu da stwollew and mommy wus gettin’ a headache.  Dat wus da quickest twip wees evew made tu Walmawt. MOL MOL   Then wees made one mowe stop where mommy bought ow goody (wees will tell yous in a kupple of days) and mommy sed meez kuld hav sum bacon fuw bein’ such a good kitty wiff all da comotion.  So wees stopped at da golden awches and got a bacon buwgew and headed home.  By da time wees got home, mommy wus wiped out.  Meez??   Meez wus bouncin’ off da walls  fwum all da ‘citement of da day.   Well, that be all fuw Newsday Tuesday, but stay tuned fuw da supwise posty comin’ up showtly. 🙂


Wees a little behind in weplyin’ tu yous comments and visitin’ cuz of all dis, and mommy’s twyin’ tu get evewfin’ wapped up tu wecertify ow lease, but wees will get back on twack soon.  Dat meez purrawmises.  Altho’ mommy has leawned tu quit purrawmissin’ exactly when. MOL   Well that’s it fur Newsday Tuesday.  



So, till da nex time…………….Be Blest!!!    


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Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥    

♦ Dezi ♦ 

Blest Sunday!!!

OMC Can meez tell ya’ ’bout yesfuwday??  Meez not visited anypawdys blog or weplied tu anypawdys comments on meez blog.  Wanna know why??  Well fuw da first time dis munff mommy actually had sum enewgy and had a faiwly good day.  😀   So ‘stead of helpin’ sis Lexi and meez get caught up, hers cleaned house.  (WTC=what the cat)   In all faiwness tho’ it wus stowmin’ here and mommy dusn’t like tu be on da ‘putew when it be stowmin’.  Hers ‘fwaid that it’s gunna cwash or sumfin’.  Meez gotta tell ya’ that mommys biggest fear ’bout da ‘putew is that it will cwash or bweak sumhow.  So hers be a bit paranoid caweful.  

Anyways while wees wus havin’ ow noms da mail lady came and bwought us a box.  Meez won da Furminator Shed Control Cloths fwum Oui Oui and they awwived yesfuwday.  Only they not be all that wus in da box.  Oh My Catness wees kuldn’t believ all da goodys in da box.  WooHoo wees be sum blest kittys fuw suwe.  And yous know what??  There wus even sum tweats fuw mommy.  Sowwy wees not hav any fotos of mommy eatin’ hers tweats.  Wees kittys not hav fumms.  MOL  Pawently yous need mowe then just paws tu hold da flashy box and focus and snap off a foto.  Hoo wulda known it wus dat hawd.  Maybe meez oughta quit razzin’ mommy fuw takin’ sum bad fotos.  Wees not always da most coopewativ kittys aftew all. MOL   Usually ifin wees see da flashy box wees wun stwaight ovew tu mommy fuw a close up.  So it’s sumtimes hawd fuw hers tu catch dat candid foto.  MOL  

Wees all wanna say a meowsy big Fank yous tu Oui Oui, Mica Minnie Moo, Julie and Carl and their mommy.  And ifin yous havn’t alweady go by and see them. Yesfuwday wus Julie and Carls Meowday.  And what a pawty they had.  😀   It wus like it wus ow Meowday tu.  Wees got da Cloths that wees won, but wees also got a kupple bags of yummy tweats and OMC da toys.  Wees got toys and da cutest cawd and da smells on da box………is always nice when wees can exchange scents wiff ow furiends.  🙂  Wees twuly be blest.

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Til da nex time……………Be Blest!!!  

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Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥    

♦ Dezi and Lexi ♦ and da mommy

Is Nappin’ Caturday Art??

Well is Caturday and meez gunna join up wiff Athena fuw da Caturday Art Blog Hop.  So many wunnewful and talented bloggers join in evew Caturday.  Wees not be neawly as talented as they awe, but meez suwe hopes yous enjoy da day and don’t fuwget tu paw on ovew and check out all da gweat postys.  Meez mommy is a point and click foto editor, so  what wus once meez sleepin’ is now meez sleepin’ in a white filtew.  At least dat be what da app sed it wus. MOL   This be one of those fings wees not unnewstand ’bout da foto apps, cuz meez not see da white filtew at all.  MOL    But ifin yous look weally close (or biggify da foto), yous can see that mommy finally got all meez Soft Paws on.  😀           

dw Dezi sleeping tree white filter

In uddew news, Cat Scouts has sum gweat fings comin’ up.  On July 4, wees gunna hav an all day fiwe works display, cookout and fish fwy wound da campfiwe.   It’s all day so that kittys fwum wound da world can celebwate and nom.   And then of course on July da 11ff is da old fashioned Sock Hop.  Meez be so excited fuw this.  Ifin yous havin’ twubble gettin’ intu da site, send meez an email and meez will hav da Denmaster help yous out.  

Cat Scouts  July 4 party cat scouts sock hop      

 Til da nex time…………..Be Blest!!!    

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Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥                

♦ Dezi ♦

Save A Life…Adopt!!!

As most of yous know June is adopt a cat munff.  And meez finks dat be gweat, but don’t wait fur June.  Any munff  or day is good tu adopt a cat.  As yous know, meez and sis Lexi boff be wescues, and sis Lexi’s bwofurs afuw meez wus tu.  It wus mommy dat saved ow lives.  And mommy sez wees saved hers tu.  Science sez dat ownin’ a cat pwolongs a hoomans life.  Mommy sez fur suwe it makes it better, but don’t just take hers word fuw it.  Yous can wead ’bout sum of da healff benefits here.   Anyways, as da munff of June winds down and comes tu a close, wees just wanted tu wemind yous tu Save a Life and ADOPT, ADOPT, ADOPT!!!    (yous can biggify any foto by pawin’ (clickin’) it so yous can wead it bettew)

Homeless Kitty

Stray Cat Prayer

I adopted your cat today

Just a Cat

To My Cat

Meez not wanna be a downer, but so many lives awe wasted cuz of ignowance.  Purrlease member dat evewy life counts.  And dat kitty yous bwing home will gwo up soon.  And it’s not a doll or toy yous can fwo away when you’s tiwed of it.  It’s a livin’ bweevin’ bein’ wiff feelins and emotions.  A cat or kitten is a life long commitment, as is any animal.  Of course those of yous weadin’ meez blog know dis.  So tudays blog posty’s not weally news tu yous.  Cuz yous wuld nevew fwo away such a purrecious gift.  But meez just had tu say sumfin afuw da munff be ovew and just in case sumpawdy ran acwoss meez blog tuday dat needed sum educatin’.    

Save a Life………..Adopt!!!


Til da nex time…………………..Be Blest!!!!!

Meez luvs yous all vewy much.
Meez luvs yous all vewy much. ♥♥


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥          

♦ Dezi ♦