Caturday Art

It’s Caturday and dat means meez gunna pawticipate in da Caturday Art blog hop hosted by Athena and Marie.  Meez nevew twuly gets da theme, but tuday is summew.  And well ifin wees made a foto ’bout ow summers den it wuld featuwe  mommy pouwin’ wiff sweat, or meez or Lexi pantin’ in da heat.  MOL But wees not gunna show yous anyfin’ like dat.  Don’t worry. 🙂  Mommy dusn’t even take fotos of those kinds of fings.  MOL   Stead, wees gunna show yous a purretty pond puddle reflection foto dat wees fink sums up a nice summew day. Enjoy.  And by da way, wees will tell yous all ’bout meez fun Furiday visits tumowwo.  Here’s hopin’ yous stayin’ cool and enjoyin’ yous Caturday.  


0dw Dezi water reflection

Til da nex time…………..Be Blest!!!      

Don’t fuwget da Petties. Just a foo mowe days tu nominate yous favowit blogs.  🙂


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Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥    

♦ Dezi ♦