Me and Doctor C.

As yous know sis Lexi and meez went tu da VET.  And what a twip it was.  Now mind yous sis Lexi was a furrocious Tigwess in hers day, and shes sumtimes still is.  Ifin yous wead how shes ended up wiff mommy den yous know shes put fear in da heawts of hers 2 big bwofuws (not littermates).  And woe be untu anypawdy dat innew-wupts hers nap.  And shes twied tu splat me when meez came hewe tu liv.  So natuwally yous know hers gunna giv Dr. C what fuw.  Wight??  Well…..NO!!!  Hewe shes was all cooin’ and purrin’ and yes, Dr. C.  Yous want me tu tuwn how Dr. C??  Yous want meez tu stand on meez head Dr. C??  Okay Dr. C, whatevew yous say Dr. C.  Hmmph.  Meez kuldn’t believ it.  Okay so hims a gweat Dr. and wees luv hims.  But come on at least make hims eawn hims munny.  Aftew all shes had just gav meez a face full of hiss and spit wight afuw hers got on da table.  Well luv fest ovew, Lexi got a clean bill of healff and a pat on da head fuw duin’ so well and still bein’ in such good shape fuw a 15 yeaw old.              

I'z lubz Dr. Cade.
I’z lubz Dr. Cade.

So den it was meez tuwn.  😀  Well me decided ifin Lexi wusn’t gunna make hims eawn hims munny den meez wuld. MOL   So when hims stuck hims face in meez eaw, meez purromptly hissed at hims hoo was boss of dis exam.  So hims handed meez back tu mommy as ifin dat was gunna save hims fwum meez wraff.  Hims had anuddew fink comin’.  Meez was hot and tiwed and hims was pokin’ and pwoddin’ and hims spected meez tu just woll ovew and take it??  Hmmph  Not gunna happen.  MOL  Meez gwowled and hissed and even swatted a foo times lettin’ hims know meez was not at all purrleased.  Den came da magic hour, Soft Paws time.  Mommy and Dr. C talked a minute and hims got weady and sed, “I’ll start on the back paws.”  

So mommy picks meez up and holds meez tight and stawts tu sing softly and sweetly.  Well as yous know meez luvs it when meez mommy sings tu me.  But not when sumpawdy be messin’ wiff meez feetsies.  Meez continued tu pwotest wiff da low gwowl.  And den finally meez wiggled out of mommys gwasp and swatted at Dr. C and den at mommy.  Mommy gathewed me up again, and hewe wees go again.  Dis time when meez got loose meez bit mommy.  Mind yous Dr. C jumped back like a jack wabbit when meez wuld wiggle loose, but du yous know what mommy did when meez bit hers??  Hers calmly sed, “Sweet angel, that’s me you’re biting and it hurts.  It’s gunna be okay Dezi. Mommy luvs you very much.”  Well Of Couwse meez let hers go.  Wuldn’t yous??  Meez kuldn’t huwt me mommy.  Me luvs hers tu much.  And at dis point meez had pwoved tu Dr. C hoo was boss cuz hims sed, “okay I think that’s all we’re gunna do today.  Bring her back during the week when I have plenty of staff on hand.”  Meez won!!! 🙂  Meez only has da soft paws on meez back paws. MOL  Mommys not weal happy ’bout dat, and meez not weally eevew.  cuz now meez gettin’ meez claws hung up on evewfin’.  Maybe nex time meez will be a little calmew when meez sees Dr. C.            

Meez luvs Dr. Cade but hims wusn't takin' any chances. MOL
Meez luvs Dr. Cade but hims wusn’t takin’ any chances. MOL

 Meez wanted tu giv yous a little update ’bout mommy.  Hers seein’ hers doctow tuday.  Hims finks it might be hers pancweas and hims has tu wun tests afuw hers can see da specialist/suwgeon.  Hers is gettin hers stwengff back little by little so yous purrs and purrayers awe helpin’.  Fank yous so much fuw all of dem and all yous well wishes.  Wees know dat lots of yous awe not well eevew and yous shuld know dat wees puray fuw all ow furiends evewday.  Wees believ in da powew of purrayer.  🙂  And wees gunna stawt visitin’ a little at a time til wees get all caught up.  🙂  Now fuw a little hint ’bout meez nex posty.  Is gunna be a yeowww nana time.  (yous can paw on da hilighted powtions tu wead ow eawliew posts ifin yous haven’t or wuld like tu)

Til da nex time……Be blest.        


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Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  ♥♥♥            

♦ Dezi and Lexi ♦