OMC Mommy Chill Out!!!

Well meez fawt dat since meez told yous all ’bout meez Therapy work Sunday, dat meez wuld tell yous ’bout a twip wees made yesfuwday where meez wus workin’ as a Service Cat.  And as is nowmal fuw us, fiings did not go as planned.  MOL   First meez gunna giv yous a little backgwound cuz meez not membew what all meez told yous.  Since wees stawted out on Facebook sumtimes wees fuwget what all wees shawed where.   Meez wus always gunna be a Service Cat fuw mommy, so when hers bwought meez home hers wuld take me evew where.  As meez has told yous wees liv in a vewy small town. Purretty much evewfin’ yous need is on Main Stweet in a block of each uddew.  So mommy wuld take meez tu da Post Office tu be weighed and then fwu da dwiv fwu at da bank (fuw tweats);  🙂  and den tu da Fawmacy fuw sum socializin’ and a dwink of water.  So da fawmacy folks like lookin’ meez ovew and visitin’ wiff meez.            

Meez luvs visitin' da fawmacy.
Meez luvs visitin’ da fawmacy.

Now tu yesfuwday.  Mommy had sum medicine hers wus ‘posed tu pick up Furiday when wees got back, but hers completely fuwgot and wees just came home and shes cwashed.  So Munday wus da fiwst day da Fawmacy wus open dat hers kuld get hers medicine.  Mommy called da fawmacy and they told her dat hers medicine wus weady so hers got weady tu go and put meez  hawness on and intu meez stwoller, and wees wus off.  Now usually when meez on duty as a Service Cat meez stays in meez stwoller.  But of course when wees go tu da fawmacy They always like tu hold meez and pet me and coo ovew meez.  So, mommy put da camewa down tu take meez out of da stwoller, and let meez out.  Sumhow while meez wus out sumpawdy stepped on meez leash and it caused meez hawness tu bweak. (it’s only 20 years old–mol)   Well now meez havin’ a good time wandewin’ all ovew da stowe.  Mommy’s fweakin’ out and twyin’ tu get me and meez finkin’ wees playin’ a game.  Fwu da shelves and ovew da countew and undew da swingin’ doow.  Evewpawdy but mommy’s laffin’ and hollewin’, “go Dezi go.”   Mommy wus not amused, and hers sed,  “Deztinee Izabella get over here right now!!”  Ooooops, Play time’s ovew.  MOL  Meez went wunnin’ stwaight tu mommy and intu da stwoller.   Nope there’s no fotos, mommy can’t chill out and enjoy da moment.  MOL     Now meez gunna hav tu wear dat old show lead til mommy can affowd tu get meez a new hawness.  Meez hates dat fing.  It gets meez fuws caught up in it.  Bet mommy gets meez a new hawness soon.  Cuz hers hates meez fuws bein’ caught up and pulled out tu. MOL                


 And now fuw meez big news.  Meez got purrmoted dis weekend.  Yous now lookin’ at da newest Bobcat membew of Cat Scouts.  Meez wus so excited!!!! 🙂  Lots of desewvin’ Scouts wus purrmoted dis weekend, and meez just wanna say ConCatulations tu yous all.  Ifin yous lookin’ fuw fun and adventuwe, yous might wanna join up.  Wees gunna be havin’ a weal live old fashioned sock hop Furiday July da 11ff.  And guess what??  Meez has a date.  😀  Hims a vewy sweet handsum fellow Cat Scout named Andy.  Meez purretty excited.  Dis will be meez first sock hop and meez vewy first evew date.  🙂    

Bobcat Dezi wepowtin' tu sewve.  *Salute*
Bobcat Dezi wepowtin’ tu sewve. *Salute*


Til da nex time………………Be Blest!!!   


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Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥      

♦ Dezi ♦