OMC Lookit Me!!!

Okay, okay meez knows me sed me had big news tu shawe wiff yous tuday, but mommy and Lexi and meez played lazy yesfuwday and so wees didn’t get evewfin’ weady.    But meez dus hav a pawsum foto tu shawe wiff yous tuday.  It wus meez furiend Calista Jo’s Meowday da uddew day and hers bwofuw and  meez  fellow cat scout fwu hers a Hello Kitty themed pawty.    It wus such fun. And meez even got a foto tu take home.  Meez wanted tu shawe iit wiff yous.  

Meez memento foto fwum Calista Jo''s pawty.
Meez memento foto fwum Calista Jo”s pawty.

Til da nex time………………….Hav a Blest Day!!!          

 Don’t fuwget da Petties. Only a foo mowe days tu nominate yous favowit blogs. 


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥