Kelly Kitty

Well let meez stawt by sayin’ what fun wees had yesfuwday wiff Innew-national Box Day.  Wees kittys so of course wees luv boxes.  Big ones, little ones dusn’t mattew what they look like wees just luv dem.  So ow meownin’ stawted out puretty nowmal, it wus ovewcast and gway out, but calm and warm.  But afuw wees kuld even finish up ow bwekky da sky stawted wumblin’ and da wain stawted fallin’.  And meez not talkin’ ’bout a little summew showew. No Way.  Meez means da whole sky opened up and fell all at once. MOL  Da wind wus blowin and makin’ these howlin’ sounds and da fundew wus so loud it wus makin’ da fotos on da wall shake.   Now meez knows what yous all finkin’.  You’s finkin’ meez spent da day hidin’ out undew da bed.  And how much help kuld meez hav been tu meez mommy, wight??!!  Well let meez tell yous……Yous wuld be WRONG!!!!!  Hmmm  Mommy leawned dat ifin hers not up tu paw it dusn’t mattew what da weddew be duin’ meez not leavin’ hers side.   Cuz in da middle of da wumblin’ of da fundew and da shakin’ of da house meez wus wight der wiff mommy.  🙂  Hers kept tellin’ meez how purroud shes wus and how much shes luved me.  And meez just kep purrin’ and luvin’ on hers.    

Meez luvs yous mommy.
Meez luvs yous mommy. Purrrrrrrrrr

As yous know meez be a Service Cat, but meez also dus sum Therapy work evew once in a while.  So mommy has an MRI scheduled dis meownin’ at da hospital, and hers sed aftew ward wees wuld du sum visitin’ and make sum people feel bettew.  Meez gunna be just like a kelly girl.  🙂   Now fuw those of yous hoo be tu yung tu know what a kelly girl is, it’s a term used fuw a temporawy worker fwum way back when.  Mommy sez hers is weally datin’ hers selff now. MOL   Anyways,  it’s gunna be fun.  Meez always likes visitin’ wiff folks and of course da mostest fun be dat meez gets tu spend da day wiff mommy by meez selff and meez will get extwa tweats.  🙂   Dezi da kelly girl on da job.  🙂

Let's go mommy. Wees got places tu be and people tu see.
Let’s go mommy. Wees got places tu be and people tu see.

Til da nex time…….Be Blest!!!      

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Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥      

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