And The Answers Are…

Meowllo everypawdy, da weekend’s here. WooHoo  Well yesfurday fur National answer yous cat’s question day we let you choose da questions. And we got sum good ones dat’s fur sure. See, we ask mommy questions all da time and she answers ‘em wight then and there. And usually ifin hers can’t answer ‘em hers will find da answer. Whether dat means duin’ wesearch or askin’ sumpawdy els, so weez didn’t weally hav anyfin’ to ask hers. And we usually do da same fing wiff all of you. Ifin weez wunnewin’ sumfin’ ‘bout ya’, weez just ask. Yous always answer, so Fank you fur dat. Now me will get on to da question and answer portion of this posty. 

 0dw Dezi layin' fp scaled

Da first question by ow pawsum furiends da Trout Town Tabbies wuz: Why dusn’t mommy grow us more gwass in da house?

Mommys answer: I ought to. the girls love their grass, but we just don’t have the room to put a football field of grass in the house, and I get tired of stepping in and cleaning up the grass puke. MOL A little grass goes a long way.   

I'z lubz da grazz too. Fankz awnty Jennifer.
I’z lubz da grazz too. Fankz awnty Jennifer.

Ow nex questionwuz fwum meez fellow Cat Scout and furiend Shoko fwum da Canadian Cats. She wanted to know where me sleeps. 

Meez gunna answer this one. Me sleeps wight beside mommy. We hav a twin size hospital bed and mommy sleeps as faw over to one side as hers can to make room fur me to curl up at hers waist. Sis Lexi sleeps between mommy legs and rests hers head on mommys thigh.  

 0dw Dezi n Lexi bed praying

Ow nex question got asked by a kupple of ow wunnewful furiends. Timmy fwum da Tomcat Commentary and Annabelle fwum Manx Mnews wanted to know what toy wuz boff Lexi and meez favowit. 

Sissy and me talked this one over a while and came to a consensus. Ow favowit toy wuz da Cat’s Meow. we actually played wiff it so much we ran da motor out and it dusn’t work anymore. So, now ow favowit toys awe those wiff da nip in ‘em. You know da nana, da made wiff luv toys weez won and ow ball and twack toys.

Ifin yous can’t see da video, click here.

Ifin yous can’t see da video, click here.

Ow furiends da Florida Furkids wanted to know what ow favowit pizza is. 

OMC It’s Pepperoni!!! Weez luv, luv, luv da pepperoni pizza. Dat weminds me of a question me has, when can we hav anudder pizza mommy?  Oh, mommy sez soon.

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Anyways on to ow nex question which comes fwum ow adventurwous furiends da Purrfect Kitties. They wanna know ifin weez ever seen a weal live mousey. 

Well… me hasn’t ever seen a weal live mousey but mommy sez she finks me wuld be a weal hunter and killer. Sis Lexi on da udder hand…she has seen a weal mousey and she joined mommy up in da chair while hers bwofur Lucky chased it down and made short work of it. C’mon now, weez posh pampurred inside Service kitties. MOL  

Come here mousy meez gunna get you.
Come here mousy meez gunna get you.

Ow dear furiend Tribble hoo got a new bwofur last year has da nex question. And she wants to know why weez hav no bwofur and do we want one. MOL Even tho’ this be a fun question it has a very serious answer, so meez gunna let mommy take this one.  

Dear sweet Tribble after losing Devon to cancer and then Lucky and Ransom who both had UTI’s that essentially robbed them of their lives and me of them, I just couldn’t go through that again. Although females can get UTI’s it is more of a risk for males. So after Ransom died I prayed and asked God too send me a sweet little girl to love. And He did. He sent Dezi to me, and she is perfect in every way. I love all the boys that are in our lives including your sweet brother, but my heart couldn’t take another loss like that. So that’s why the girls don’t have a physical brother. You and your mommy are family to us, your not just online friends. That means your family is our family, including Indy.

Da nex question is by one of ow pawsum Facebook awnties. She’s been wiff us since almost da beginnin’. And she wanted to know when mommy had hers accident and ifin meez still fwaid of da loud noises.

Mommy had hers accident November 21, 1994. And yes, there awe sum loud noises dat still scare me. And meez purrawlly gunna fweak out again this year when spwing finally awwives and da lawn crew shows up fur da first time in mumffs. MOL

We saved this question fur last, cuz it might take a little time to answer. Ow furiends Pipo and Minko fwum We bees Siamese want to know how we learned to be Service Cats. 

Dat’s a loaded question and wuld take a lot more time than we hav in this posty. We posted back on April 19, 2014 ‘bout Shad, Mommy’s Original Service Cat who twained herselff. And after she died and mommy wealized dat kitties kuld be twained to do such fings mommy stawted twainin’ hers very nex kitty, Devon. And while volunteerin’ wiff a wescue gwoup mommy adopted Lucky and then Lexi and twained them also. Devon helped wiff their twainin’ as well. We posted a little ‘bout Lexi’s twainin’ back on April 21, 2014 in Lexi Becomes a Service Cat. And finally me joined mommy and Lexi and they hav boff had a hand in twainin’ me.

 0dw Dezi n Lexi chair

As we hav had quite a foo new furiends join us in wecent mumffs we will be tellin’ more stories ‘bout ow twainin’ in da future. Although ow posts awe in no way meant to be a twainin’ manual as we don’t cover minute by minute. It wuld be way too boring. Twainin’ isn’t always fun or funny. We twy to post the joyous and funny times, and even lots of da oopsies. Just know dat there’s a lot of time put into twainin’. We wusn’t born Service cats, but any cat can be twained to become one. And we also posted the diffewence between a Service cat and Therapy cat on April 18, 2014. They awe not the same thing or interchangeable terms. Lexi and me awe twained Service Animals. Me has also been fwu da certification purrawcess to be a Therapy cat cuz mommy likes to giv back to da community when she can and weez not hav munny to giv but we do hav time.

Well, dat wraps up da questions and answers fwum National answer yous cats question day. We hope you learned a little more ‘bout us. As always ifin yous hav a question fur us anytime, just ask. Weez not mind answerin’ anyfin’ so long as it’s wespectful and nice. Yous know weez a rated G bloggy dat wuld be safe fur da peeps gwandchildwen to wead. so just member to keep it clean. There wuz anudder question dat rian asked. Hims didn’t actually ask us, but we wanted to share it. Hims not been feelin’ so good of late and wanted to know why hims sisfurs wus always hovewin’. Hims dad did a gweat job of answerin’ him and we just wanted to say dat we kitties be very empafetic. And when we luv, we luv deep. And we just want ow furmily to be okay. They hover Brian cuz they luv you, as do we. Yous in ow purrayers as is yous furmily.

And speakin’ of purrayers, weez askin’ you to keep sis Lexi in all yous purrayers. She will hav da bloggy nex time to tell yous ‘bout da rest of hers and mommys day togedder and giv yous an update on hers pill takin’ and eatin’. So be sure to come check it out. And check out da pawsum Purrs and Purrayers Badge ow sweet furiends fwum da Kitty Cat Chronicles made fur us. Yous can display on yous bloggies ifin yous wuld like. Fank yous so much sweet furiends, we luv it. They used lots of happy colors cuz they sed we wuz always happy. Isn’t dat da sweetest fing?


Till da nex time………………….Be Blest!!!



Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  

Dezi and Lexi

Blest Sunday, All ‘Bout Furiday

Well as meez told yous yesfurday meez gunna tell yous all ’bout Furiday and da fun mommy and me had.  Meez gunna stawt wiff Fursday cuz dat’s when all da plans wus made.  Wees had planned fuw mommy tu go tu sleep eawly in da day and wake up weally eawly cuz hers ‘pointment wus at 7 a.m..  Well of course dat didn’t happen.  MOL  So mommy didn’t make it tu bed.  Nex time hers looked up it wus 5:30 a.m. and time fuw us tu get weady tu go.  So wees got evewfin’ tugeddew and off wees went.  

When wees got tu da hospital and checked in, mommy asked ’bout visitin’.  They told hers which floows wus open tu visits and hoo tu talk tu on those floows, and wees went tu wait fuw mommys test.  Mommy had been dwinkin’ coffee and coke all night long so hers wus a little high on caffeine.  MOL   Aftew ’bout 30 minutes a lady came ovew and sed, “didn’t they call you and tell you that we needed to change your appointment?”  OMC  Mommy got all hot undew da collaw.  Meez knew what wus comin’ nex.  Mommy laid intu da lady and told hers nopawdy had sed any such fing.  Da only call hers got wus da one dat told hers tu be here at 7.  So they took us back and got mommys test stawted.  Meez had tu wait out in da big woom wiff da lady wunnin’ mommys test.  Of course meez wus a good giwl and waited patiently fuw mommy tu get fwu.  Finally mommy came back out and wees wus off.    

dw Dezi tree

As yous knows meez be a Service Cat, but mommy dus like tu take meez on visits sumtimes.  Hers sez it dus meez good by keepin’ meez social and dus uddews good cuz meez helps make dem happy.  So off tu see da floow nuwse wees went.  Shes gav us a foo woom nummews dat wuold like us tu visit and wees wus off again.  Wees got tu da fiwst woom and there wus a sweet lady there hoo told us tu come on in.  Mommy took meez out of me stwoller and put meez on da bed wiff hers and meez commenced tu purrin’.  Da lady wus so sweet hers petted meez and gav meez sum of da bacon fwum hers bwekky tway.  OMC Dat bacon be so good.  Wees found out latew it wus turkey bacon.  Meez not suwe what da diffewence is cuz meez only had bacon one uddew time.

 Anyways wees sed ow goodbyes and wees wus off tu da nex woom.  There wees met a sweet little boy hoo had been vewy sick fuw a vewy long time.  He got so excited when he saw meez.  Mommy took me out of meez stwoller again and put me on da bed wiff hims.  Hims asked mommy ifin meez wus gunna scwatch hims.  Mommy assuwed hims meez wusn’t gunna and hims squeezed meez weally tight and stawted tu cwy.  Meez used meez paw tu wipe hims teaws and gav hims a nose nudge, and wees wus off again.  A foo mowe visits and wees wus headin’ home afur mommy cwashed.  Fuw pwivacy weasons and hospital wules, wees don’t hav fotos of meez visits dis time.  😦  

Meez also vewy excited tu say dat meez furiend Sophie fwum da Kitty Cat Chronicles  is gunna be a Therapy Cat.  And dat’s what meez wus duin’ on meez visits.  Altho’ ifin mommy had’ve needed meez at any time meez wulda switched tu Service mode.  Meez dus enjoy visitin’ and playin’.  All in all it wus a gweat day.  Wees got tu visit and make sum days bwighter fuw a foo uddew people.  And isn’t dat what makes life bettew fuw us all??    

Meez got big news tu shawe wiff yous all tummowo. 🙂

So, til da nex time…………..Be Blest!!!        

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Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥    

 ♦ Dezi ♦

Kelly Kitty

Well let meez stawt by sayin’ what fun wees had yesfuwday wiff Innew-national Box Day.  Wees kittys so of course wees luv boxes.  Big ones, little ones dusn’t mattew what they look like wees just luv dem.  So ow meownin’ stawted out puretty nowmal, it wus ovewcast and gway out, but calm and warm.  But afuw wees kuld even finish up ow bwekky da sky stawted wumblin’ and da wain stawted fallin’.  And meez not talkin’ ’bout a little summew showew. No Way.  Meez means da whole sky opened up and fell all at once. MOL  Da wind wus blowin and makin’ these howlin’ sounds and da fundew wus so loud it wus makin’ da fotos on da wall shake.   Now meez knows what yous all finkin’.  You’s finkin’ meez spent da day hidin’ out undew da bed.  And how much help kuld meez hav been tu meez mommy, wight??!!  Well let meez tell yous……Yous wuld be WRONG!!!!!  Hmmm  Mommy leawned dat ifin hers not up tu paw it dusn’t mattew what da weddew be duin’ meez not leavin’ hers side.   Cuz in da middle of da wumblin’ of da fundew and da shakin’ of da house meez wus wight der wiff mommy.  🙂  Hers kept tellin’ meez how purroud shes wus and how much shes luved me.  And meez just kep purrin’ and luvin’ on hers.    

Meez luvs yous mommy.
Meez luvs yous mommy. Purrrrrrrrrr

As yous know meez be a Service Cat, but meez also dus sum Therapy work evew once in a while.  So mommy has an MRI scheduled dis meownin’ at da hospital, and hers sed aftew ward wees wuld du sum visitin’ and make sum people feel bettew.  Meez gunna be just like a kelly girl.  🙂   Now fuw those of yous hoo be tu yung tu know what a kelly girl is, it’s a term used fuw a temporawy worker fwum way back when.  Mommy sez hers is weally datin’ hers selff now. MOL   Anyways,  it’s gunna be fun.  Meez always likes visitin’ wiff folks and of course da mostest fun be dat meez gets tu spend da day wiff mommy by meez selff and meez will get extwa tweats.  🙂   Dezi da kelly girl on da job.  🙂

Let's go mommy. Wees got places tu be and people tu see.
Let’s go mommy. Wees got places tu be and people tu see.

Til da nex time…….Be Blest!!!      

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Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥      

♦ Dezi ♦

All Out Wednesday!!!

Well it’s been hot here.  And meez means weally hot.  Mommy keeps da a/c on but yous know when yous got all dis fuw and no way tu take it off, it can still get a little warm.  So meez been spendin’ lots of time all stwetched out on da tiles wight behind mommys chair.  As yous know mommys not been feeliin’ tip top so meez dusn’t wanna get tu faw fwum hers.  Course meez nevew gets tu faw fwum mommy any day. MOL  

Mommy sez wees pawed nuff ’bout hers but since so many of yous been purrin’ and purrayin’, (Fank yous by da way); meez fawt a little update wuld be good.  Not suwe why a specialist is a specialist ‘cept a foo mowe years of school.  But, wees still don’t know nuffin’.  Da specialist has set up mowe tests as evewfin’ keeps comin’ back nowmal.  Mommy has been able tu keep food down fuw a foo days now so hers is gettin’ stwonger. YAY!!!    

Aaaaaaaw Da floow be nice and cool!!!
Aaaaaaaw Da floow be nice and cool!!!


Just a little nap on da cool tiles.
Just a little nap on da cool tiles.

Mommy and meez gunna make a foo stops Furiday when hers has tu go fuw hers MRI.  Meez gunna du a bit of Therapy work and make sum visits while wees at da hospital.  Mommy sez it’ll du us boff sum good.  Meez just glad da a/c in da caw is workin’.   And meez hopin’ fuw sum mowe of dat bacon wees had on hers Meowday.  Meez still membews dat taste.  🙂  Hope yous all havin’ a gweat week so faw.   Stay cool and Stwetch All Out!!!        

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Til da nex time……….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥        

♦ Dezi ♦