Blue Claws and Nanas

Meez joinin’ me furiends da Moggies in showin’ off meez paws tuday.  And on dem paws, at least sum of dem (mol) awe blue Soft Paws.  Aftew meez VET visit sum of yous asked ifin meez likes ’em or ifin dey’s a pain. And twuff is, meez luvs ’em, and me knows dat mommy luvs ’em.  Hers has also decided tu put da west on hers selff  when hers is feelin’ stwongew.                

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Meez also wants tu fank all of yous fuw yous luv and suppowt and purrayers fuw meez mommy.  Shes did take a tuwn fuw da worse da uddew day and hers went tu da ER.  Deys ran all da same tests dat mommys doctow had just ran and again, all came back okay.  Good news but not, cuz dat means wees still don’t know what’s wrong.  They gav hers sumfin fuw da pain and it is manageable at da moment.  Hers also ate last night so purrayers and paws cwossed it stays down and dusn’t cause mowe pain and shes gets stwongew.  Hers has a ‘pointment wiff da specialist on Munday and hopefully hims will know what tu du nex.  

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Meez also has sum uddew fanks tu giv out.  Meez wunnewful furiend Winter fuw helpin’ tu keep yous all updated when mommy can’t help me wiff meez blog.  Meez fellow Cat Scout Charles fuw sendin’ upliftin’ emails.  Da wunnewful furiends hoo got da a/c on ow caw fixed.  Meez much mowe comfy now.   😀  And meez wunnewful furiend Marty and Ms. Kelly Jo fuw evewfin’.  And all of yous fuw stickin’ wiff me. 🙂  

 Til da nex time……….Be Blest!!!


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Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses          

♦ Dezi ♦