A Time Long Ago

Meweek furiends meez hopes you all had a wunderful weekend.  Upon readin’ the comments fwum yesfurdays posty meez fawt me should explain sum things.  It’s funny that most of you fawt the part of the kitty speak you kuldn’t understand was Texan.  Cuz Texan is what we put back in yesfurdays posty.  See sis Lexi speaks with a more Oklahoma/Texas accent on her Facebook page. Lots of hard “R’s” and and few “G’s” at the end of words and lots of drawl.  Me on the other hand speaks more of a deep South with a little Okalhomam mixed in.  See in the South we avoid usin’ an “R” unless it’s comes at the beginnin’ of a word and we’ll try to change that. MOL  In the South a “dollar” is a “dollaw” and in Texas and Oklahoma it’s a “dawler”.  Now be sure and draw out dat “daw”.  MOL  Not sure what it is up North, as meez told you yesfurday, mommy lived mostly below the Mason Dixon line.  Anyways, just wanted tu du a little explainin’ so that ifin yous come across it again, you’ll recognize it. 😀      And member it’s Pet Appreciation Week!!!      

Now on tu tudays story.  Mommys been feelin’ a little nostalgic and goin’ fwu old fotos.  And she pulled this one out frum a time long ago.  Back afur me and even Lexi.  This goes back tu a time even afur mommys accident.  Shad lived with mommy back then.  As meez told you many times me mommy has always been an animal purrson and her specialty has always been hand rearin’.  One of mommys many rescues was a little pot bellied pig.  Mommy had gone tu Georgia tu stay wiff a lady that needed help wiff her farm while she was ill.  Now this wusn’t just any farm, it was an exotic animal farm.  The lady had a breedin’ pair of pot bellie pigs.  But the female was too old tu be havin’ babies anymore.  Since the lady was so ill she hadn’t seperated them and well…..fings happen and nex fing you new, piggy was purregnant.  Now mommy arrives in da story. 

Shad the Original Service Kitty and Cameron at 6 days old.
Shad the Original Service Kitty and Cameron at 6 days old.

Durin’ a horrible storm early one meownin’  momma piggy went intu labor.  By the time mommy heard her and got tu her it was too late.  She had died.  But just only and mommy saw a little piggy hangin’ fwum the birth canal and grabbed it and pulled.  Fweein’ him mommy wrapped him up in a blanket and checked on the other little piggys that had been born.  None lived save the last one.  Mommy rushed him tu the house and cleaned him up and warmed him in a towel and fed hims sum warm milk.  Mommy fed him and raised him up tu be a strong little piggy and she named him Cameron.  


Since he wasn’t raised ’round other piggys he didn’t oink kwite like the rest.  He barked  a lot like a doggy and he kuld actually purr….sort of. MOL Shad and mommy and Cameron all slept tugether nestled up under the covers.  Well mommy was under the covers, Shad and Cameron slept on the top of the blanket.  Shad tawt Cameron how tu use the litterbox and how tu knead the covers.  Mommy sez hims little hooves was a sight tu see.  And hims dug hims little snout in and rooted at the blanket or mommy or Shad or whatever was near.  MOL  Mommy  and Shad luved Cameron very much but one day while mommy was out tendin’ tu the other animals the lady sold Cameron.  And when mommy returned to the house she was thanked for saving and raising him.  Mommy was very sad but hims wusn’t mommys tu keep.  And hims went tu a good home and got tu live ’round other little piggys,  in a time long ago. 


Til the nex time…….Hav a Pawsum Munday!!!


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Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥            

♦ Dezi ♦