Blest Sunday, All ‘Bout Furiday

Well as meez told yous yesfurday meez gunna tell yous all ’bout Furiday and da fun mommy and me had.  Meez gunna stawt wiff Fursday cuz dat’s when all da plans wus made.  Wees had planned fuw mommy tu go tu sleep eawly in da day and wake up weally eawly cuz hers ‘pointment wus at 7 a.m..  Well of course dat didn’t happen.  MOL  So mommy didn’t make it tu bed.  Nex time hers looked up it wus 5:30 a.m. and time fuw us tu get weady tu go.  So wees got evewfin’ tugeddew and off wees went.  

When wees got tu da hospital and checked in, mommy asked ’bout visitin’.  They told hers which floows wus open tu visits and hoo tu talk tu on those floows, and wees went tu wait fuw mommys test.  Mommy had been dwinkin’ coffee and coke all night long so hers wus a little high on caffeine.  MOL   Aftew ’bout 30 minutes a lady came ovew and sed, “didn’t they call you and tell you that we needed to change your appointment?”  OMC  Mommy got all hot undew da collaw.  Meez knew what wus comin’ nex.  Mommy laid intu da lady and told hers nopawdy had sed any such fing.  Da only call hers got wus da one dat told hers tu be here at 7.  So they took us back and got mommys test stawted.  Meez had tu wait out in da big woom wiff da lady wunnin’ mommys test.  Of course meez wus a good giwl and waited patiently fuw mommy tu get fwu.  Finally mommy came back out and wees wus off.    

dw Dezi tree

As yous knows meez be a Service Cat, but mommy dus like tu take meez on visits sumtimes.  Hers sez it dus meez good by keepin’ meez social and dus uddews good cuz meez helps make dem happy.  So off tu see da floow nuwse wees went.  Shes gav us a foo woom nummews dat wuold like us tu visit and wees wus off again.  Wees got tu da fiwst woom and there wus a sweet lady there hoo told us tu come on in.  Mommy took meez out of me stwoller and put meez on da bed wiff hers and meez commenced tu purrin’.  Da lady wus so sweet hers petted meez and gav meez sum of da bacon fwum hers bwekky tway.  OMC Dat bacon be so good.  Wees found out latew it wus turkey bacon.  Meez not suwe what da diffewence is cuz meez only had bacon one uddew time.

 Anyways wees sed ow goodbyes and wees wus off tu da nex woom.  There wees met a sweet little boy hoo had been vewy sick fuw a vewy long time.  He got so excited when he saw meez.  Mommy took me out of meez stwoller again and put me on da bed wiff hims.  Hims asked mommy ifin meez wus gunna scwatch hims.  Mommy assuwed hims meez wusn’t gunna and hims squeezed meez weally tight and stawted tu cwy.  Meez used meez paw tu wipe hims teaws and gav hims a nose nudge, and wees wus off again.  A foo mowe visits and wees wus headin’ home afur mommy cwashed.  Fuw pwivacy weasons and hospital wules, wees don’t hav fotos of meez visits dis time.  😦  

Meez also vewy excited tu say dat meez furiend Sophie fwum da Kitty Cat Chronicles  is gunna be a Therapy Cat.  And dat’s what meez wus duin’ on meez visits.  Altho’ ifin mommy had’ve needed meez at any time meez wulda switched tu Service mode.  Meez dus enjoy visitin’ and playin’.  All in all it wus a gweat day.  Wees got tu visit and make sum days bwighter fuw a foo uddew people.  And isn’t dat what makes life bettew fuw us all??    

Meez got big news tu shawe wiff yous all tummowo. 🙂

So, til da nex time…………..Be Blest!!!        

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Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥    

 ♦ Dezi ♦