Restin’ After Wednesday, pt 1

Meez  got so many extwa hugs yesfurday  meez wus on cloud nine. 😀  Meez also had an adventuwe.  Wees stawted ow day purretty much da same as any uddew day sep wees had tu go tu mommys doctow.  So yes, meez behind again wiff meez visitin’.  Meez purrawmisses wees will get by yous blogs and visit vewy soon.  

Anyways, wees wus wunnin’ a little bit behind so mommy wus kinda wushin’ fwu hers emails when meez stawted skweekin fwum da pawdee box woom.  Mommy hollewed fuw meez tu use da pawdee box and meez came up and put meez behind in hers face.  See meez has a fing ’bout cleanin’ meez bloomews when……yous know what gets stuck on dem.  And when it happens meez purromptly finds mommy and puts meez hiney in hers face.  MOL   Mommy wus twyin’ tu hav hers fiwst cup of coffee so dis wus da purrfect time fur meez tu du dis.  MOL   Mommy looked and sed, “Oh baby, let’s go clean up.”  And hers took me and cleaned meez up and went back up fwunt tu hav hers coffee. When suddenly sis Lexi stawted heavin’ and……..blahhh.  As sis Lexi chucked up all hers bwekky mommy stood der motionless sayin’, “No, Lexi, No.”  Like sayin’ no wus gunna make hers stop.  MOL  Mommy cleaned up Lexi’s fwo up and sat down again tu hav hers coffee.  


Luv ya' Dezi
Luv ya’

Back in da sittin chaiw mommy picked up hers cup and took a sip and spit and sputtewed.  Must’a gotten cold.   MOL   Mommy gets up again tu make anuddew cup of coffee and meez stawts hollewiin fwum da pawdee box woom again.  Mommy came back and sis Lexi had chucked even mowe bwekky in da pawdee box woom sink.  Mommy finally got evewfin’ cleaned up and got a fwesh cup of coffee nd went tu sit down and here came da neighbow.  Meez went tu da doow and stawted gwowlin’ and Lexi stawted meowin’.  Mommy got up again and went tu da doow.  Da neighbow wanted tu gossip.  Mommy sed shes didn’t wanna heaw it and didn’t hav time fuw it and came and sat back down.  Just as shes took hers fiwst sip of coffee da alawm went off tellin’ mommy it wus time tu get weady tu leave.  Mommy huwwied and dwank hers coffee and got dwessed and got meez hawness and stwollew weady.  Mommy dwessed and meez in me hawness and packed away in meez stwollew, wees headed out tu da doctow.  And OMC what a time wees had while wees wus der.  Wees gunna be westin’ aftew Wednesday fuw days tu come.  MOL

Til da nex time……..Hav a Purry Pawsum day!!!!!


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Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥            

 ♦ Dezi ♦