Save A Life…Adopt!!!

As most of yous know June is adopt a cat munff.  And meez finks dat be gweat, but don’t wait fur June.  Any munff  or day is good tu adopt a cat.  As yous know, meez and sis Lexi boff be wescues, and sis Lexi’s bwofurs afuw meez wus tu.  It wus mommy dat saved ow lives.  And mommy sez wees saved hers tu.  Science sez dat ownin’ a cat pwolongs a hoomans life.  Mommy sez fur suwe it makes it better, but don’t just take hers word fuw it.  Yous can wead ’bout sum of da healff benefits here.   Anyways, as da munff of June winds down and comes tu a close, wees just wanted tu wemind yous tu Save a Life and ADOPT, ADOPT, ADOPT!!!    (yous can biggify any foto by pawin’ (clickin’) it so yous can wead it bettew)

Homeless Kitty

Stray Cat Prayer

I adopted your cat today

Just a Cat

To My Cat

Meez not wanna be a downer, but so many lives awe wasted cuz of ignowance.  Purrlease member dat evewy life counts.  And dat kitty yous bwing home will gwo up soon.  And it’s not a doll or toy yous can fwo away when you’s tiwed of it.  It’s a livin’ bweevin’ bein’ wiff feelins and emotions.  A cat or kitten is a life long commitment, as is any animal.  Of course those of yous weadin’ meez blog know dis.  So tudays blog posty’s not weally news tu yous.  Cuz yous wuld nevew fwo away such a purrecious gift.  But meez just had tu say sumfin afuw da munff be ovew and just in case sumpawdy ran acwoss meez blog tuday dat needed sum educatin’.    

Save a Life………..Adopt!!!


Til da nex time…………………..Be Blest!!!!!

Meez luvs yous all vewy much.
Meez luvs yous all vewy much. ♥♥


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥          

♦ Dezi ♦