We Heard Mommy Talkin’

Oh Meez Catness furiends lots of yous fawt dat Cameron was a toy or a figurine yesfurday.  MOL   Yes hims was tiny, but hims was 100% real.  Hims was 6days old in dat foto and yes Shad was much biggew den hims.  Anyways meez not gunna rehash yesfurdays story tuday meez just wanted tu make sure dat yous all knew dat hims was a livin’ bweevin’ little piggy.  And meez wanted tu fank yous fur da nice fings yous sed ’bout mommy.  Dat’s just what meez mommy dus.  Shes sees an animal in need and shes twies tu make it bettew.   Membew dis is Pet Appreciatiion Week. 


And yous all fawt she’s was just ’bout da kittys.  So speakin’ ’bout kittys lets get on wiff tudays story.     Well yesfurday da lawn crew was hewe.  And du yous know what meez did??  Nope meez didn’t wun and hide, meez stayed wight in da livin’ woom wiff mommy and sis Lexi.  Meez ate and played and watched Lexi twy tu ignowe mommy cuz hers wuldn’t tuwn da flash off on da camewa.  Cuz of course mommy was snappin’ fotos one wight aftew anuthew.  Mostly of meez cuz me wasn’t wunnin’ but sum of Lexi tu.

Da lawn cwew is hewe and meez dusn't even cawe.
Da lawn cwew is hewe and meez dusn’t even cawe.


So as da lawn crew was wrappin’ up, meanin’ makin’ less noise so a purrson/kitty kuld heaw dem selves fink;  meez heawd mommy on da fone.  “Yes both,” shes sed.  And  “I want to have Dr. C put the soft paws on Dezi while we’re there.”   Dr. C?? OMC Mommy was schedulin’ ow annual exam.  As yous know meez wrote ’bout da impawtance of  anual checkups wiff da VET and purrventative cawe just a few days ago.  So Looks like wees off tu da VET dis Catuwday.  But just like meez told yous in ow pwevious postys, wees luv Dr. C and wees know is fur ow own good.  Meez will keep yous posted on ow VET twip.  Meez suwe hopes wees get tu go du sumfin’ fun aftew. 🙂            

Noze mommy I'z ain't lookin' til youz tern off da flash.
Noze mommy I’z ain’t lookin’ til youz tern off da flash.

Oh and Cat Scouts is back!!!   Meez gotta tell ya’ us Scouts was suwe twyin’ tu be patient but meez nevew seen a happiew gwoup of kittys den what gathewed wound da campfire yesfurday.  Wees wus huggin and dancin’ and wollin’ wound on da gwound.  Meez can only guess what ow nex adventuwe mite be. 🙂


Fank yous Den Mastew. Meez so happy tu be back at Cat Scouts meez wollin' wound da floow.
Fank yous Den Mastew. Meez so happy tu be back at Cat Scouts meez wollin’ wound da floow.

And don’t furget tu check out da Tabby Cat Club tumowwo as wees will be celebwatin’ Hug yous Cat day!!!    


 So til da nex time……..Hav a Pawsum Tuesday!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty kisses ♥♥♥              

 ♦ Dezi ♦