Restin’ After Wednesday pt.2

Meweek furiends fiwst let meez pawlogize fuw not visitin’ and commentin’ and weplyin’ tu yous.  As meez has sed, meez mommy’s not well and Yesfuwday and last nite wus pawful. Mommy weally did just wanna die hers wus in so much pain.  But cuz of Lexi and meez and hers luv fuw us shes fawt and fawt and cwied sum tu beat da pain and stay wiff us.  So wees awe gunna be pawfully behind but wees fuw suwe will get caught up.   Since it is just us 3 den ifin mommy can’t see or type den wees can’t du much.              

Anyways back tu mommys doctows pointment.  Wees got der and da lobby wus purretty empty.  Der wus howevew der 2 kids der actin’ like bwats.  Deys pawents wusn’t duin’ anyfin’ tu make dem behave.  Deys wus climbin’ ovew evewfin’ and just bein’ unwuly.  Altho” mommy wusn’t purleased hers ddn’t weally say anyfin’ till deys stawted pokin’ at meez in me stwollew.  Dat wus nuff tu send mommy off da deep end.  Hers looked up at dem wiff a look dat evew kid in da world knows mean tu sit down and behave.  And mommy told dem u leav meez alone and any uddew animal deys see in da public as dey may be workin’.  Finally da pawents sed sumfin’, and wees wus dun.  Wees had tu go tu da fawmacy afuw comin’ home, and wees fawt wees wus gunna buwn up.  Da a/c in da caw wusn’ woorkin, and it has gotten hot and humid hewe indeed.  Once wees got home mommy and meez pawked owselves in fwunt of da fan tu twy tu cool off.  Mommys test wesults came back negative which shuld be good news, but not long aftew gettin’ home mommy wus weally bad sick and in pain.  Wees not suwe whewe tu tuwn now, but wees takin’ cawe of mommy as bestest wees can.    

Luv ya' Dezi
Luv ya’


Til da nex time……….Hav a Pawsum Day!!!


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Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥        

♦ Dezi ♦