Making Changes….

Meweek furiends hope you had a wunderful weekend.  We had a Pawsum weekend.  Very relaxin’ and informative.  When we decided to keep the blog we had several goals.  First, we weren’t going to repost  facebook unless it was important and then occasionally.  Second, the blog had to be more reader furiendly but still have catitude and some kitty speak as it is authored by a kitty.  Thirdly we wanted to tell our story and help inform and educate ’bout Service animals, Cats in purrticular and other important animal/cat issues.  And last but not least, Have fun!!!   Let me just say, we ARE NOT mad or upset, but we were a little sad to learn that so many of our furiends had some difficulties understandin’ me postys.  So on that note we will try to do better.  Having said that I must give you some background on mommy or we’ll be tradin’ one problem for another.  MOL        

Meez luvs you mommy. Purrrrrrrrrr
Meez luvs you mommy. Purrrrrrrrrr  ♥♥

  So meez mommy was born and raised in Texas.  After she graduated high school she started on the adventure that was her life.   She’s lived like, everywhere.  From the East Coast to the West Coast and  parts in between.  Except for a few brief  moves, she’s always lived below the Mason Dixon Line.  So mommy’s a Southerner thru  and thru with a Texas slant.  Lexi and me were both born in Oklahoma and we’ve never lived anywhere else as mommys adventures were over by the time we came along.  Now we’re on an adventure together. 😀    So I hope as we muddle thru the new feel you’ll all bare with me.  With all the sites Lexi and me are on and mommy tryin’ to flip back and forth from one kitty to the other and human and back again, we’re bound to make a few slips, but maybe just maybe at some point we’ll get it right, and more of you can understand everythin’  we write.  I’m sure the translators will like me much better. MOL


We also got up the Meowday cards that everypawdy and kitty sent to mommy so check out the sidebar before you go.  Thank you to everyone who wished mommy a happy Meowday, it meant the world to her and us.   


 This is also the beginnin’ of PET APPRECIATION WEEK, so hold your fur babies a little closer this week and take the time to appreciate the love they give to you.   By the end of the week you might just find you appreciate them even more. 🙂          

I'z Lubz you mommy. Purrrrrrrrrrrrs
I’z Lubz you mommy. Purrrrrrrrrrrrs  ♥♥

 Til the next time………..Hav A Blest Sunday!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥                

♦ Dezi and Lexi ♦