We Be Blest!!!!

Meweek evewpawdy.  As yous know meez been missin’ in action fuw a few days.  And as yous know is cuz me mommy not be duin’ so good.  Wees wanted tu giv yous an update.  Mommy was finally able tu get da stwengff tu open da ‘putew and da outpourin’ of luv ovewwhelmed hers.  Wees had ovew 300 emails and nun of dem was junk.  Deys wus da blog postys of yous all ow furiends and emails of luv and suppowt, purrs and purrayers fuw mommy.  Meez heawt swelled and mommys eyes leaked.  Fank yous soooooo much.  Yous hav no idea what it means tu us.  Wees don’t know what’s wrong and mommy’s not bouncin’ back as quick as hers had hoped.  Da doctows hav run tons of tests and all come back nowmal. Accept dat mommy and hers doctow knows sumfin’s wrong just not where tu look next.  Mommy is vewy weak as hers spent da bettew pawt of 12 houws heavin’ and writhin’. Dat in tuwn caused da west of hers purrawlems (pain) tu incwease.  She hasn’t eaten and sez evewfin’ tastes sickly sweet, so she is slow tu wegain hers stwengff.  As yous know one of meez duties is tu alewt afuw meez mommy passes out, and meez been duin’ a lot of dat da last couple of days.  Twust me, wees wuld much waddew be here wiff yous den hangin’ ovew a basket or layin’ wound.  Mommy hopes tu talk tu Doc Munday.  Not suwe what we’ll find out, but wees gotta du sumfin’.  Wees feel twuly blest tu know each and evew one of yous.  Wees luv yous all vewy much and weally miss weadin’ yous postys.  Wees can’t wait tu get back at it.                 

Wees had planned a whole diffewent posty fuw tuday but cuz mommys not been well wees didn’t get da video and all da fotos in da putew.  So wees will be postin’ dem again when mommy’s bettew.  But, wees du wanna say a Meowsy Big FANK YOUS tu da wunnewful purrson hoo sent us a cat twee and tweats and da biggest jaw of nip wees evew seen fwum Chewy.com.  Wees be dubbly blest dis Sunday.          

Gotta paw off and get back tu taken cawe of mommy now.  😀  

Fank yous sooooooo much!!!!!
Fank yous sooooooo much!!!! ♥ ☺


So, Til da nex time………Be Blest and know dat wees luv each and evewy one of yous!!!  

Luv and Hugs and Kitty kisses ♥♥♥                

♦ Dezi and Lexi ♦