Mommys’ Little Purrtector

OMC  Meez is so happy and amazed at how many of yous wead ow innewview. 🙂  Fank yous all fuw all da nice fings yous sed ’bout meez and sis Lexi.  We’s still floatin’ on cloud nine.  Mommy tells us we’s special all da time, but dat’s what mommys awe supposed tu say.  Wees don’t feel any diffewent den any uddew kitty out der.  Okay, maybe sumtimes wees du.  Like last night, meez wus eatin’ meez noms and mommy wus sittin’ in da chaiw acwoss fwum meez and suddenly meez saw it.  Meez saw da bigest mostest scawiest spidew evew.  Mommy is tewwified of spidews and all bugs in genewal.  And den dat nasty ole spidew went tu cwawlin’ on mommys leg.  Mommy hadn’t felt it yet or hers wulda been a mess. MOL   So meeez dwopped da noms outta meez mouff, hissed and wanned ovew tu mommy.  Meez swatted and whopped dat ole spidew.  KaBoom!!! KaPow!!!  Whop!!!  Yous know how it’s dun.  A wight and a left and a wight again.   Mommy looked down and saw da Spidew (or what wus left of hims), and hers went nutso.  MOL  

Hers stawted skwiwmin’ and wigglin’ and skweemin’.   And den came da wewawd. 🙂  “Oh Dezi, thank you so much for saving me.  That was some kind of scary.”    And hers luvved on meez and kissed and hugged meez.  Meez just luvs gettin’ mommys luvvin’.   Aftew dat tho’ fuw da west of da night hers kep scwatchin’ and wubbin’ and sayin’ fings like hers kuld still feel da spidew cwawlin’ on hers.  But hims wusn’t cwawlin’ on anypawdy once meez finished wiff hims. Der wusn’t even nuff tu take a foto of. MOL   So meez put tugeddew dis foto tu show yous all how big dat ole spidew wus. (mol–meez may be stwetchin’ da size just a bit).   So anyways, Fank yous all again fuw weadin’, likin’ and commentin’ on meez innewview.  And welkum tu all meez new furiends.  Meez is so happy yous came by. Meez suwe hopes dat yous make it a habit and come back offen.  In da meantime Mommys Little Purrtectow  is sayin’; Til da nex time, Hav a Pawsum Catuwday!!!


Meez saved yous mommy!!
Meez saved yous mommy!!


 By da way, Fank yous tu eevewpawdy dat helped meez and mommy figgew out how tu post meez badges in meez sidebaw. 🙂  And ifin yous all membew a little bit ago wees shawed sum local pwicin’ wiff yous all. Well Bacon and fozziemum awe at it again. (mol)  Wees had so much fun wiff it da last time wees will be pawticipatin’ again dis time.  Ifin yous wuld like tu join in, purrlease feel fwee tu make a post also on May 28, 2014.  Be suwe tu link back tu Bacon’s blog so dat wees can see all da compawisons.  Dis be da list of items fuw yous pwice check, and ifin yous wanna add tu or substitute let us know so wees can all compawe ow pwices tu.  1. pwice of munffly intewnet,  2.  pint of ___ice cweam(Ben & Jerry’s),  3. 6 pack of Coke,  4. Coffee (list bwand and size also)  5. Snickews Candy Baw,  6. Cost of a gwoomin’ session. 


Meez also wants tu giv a shout tu meez vewy good furiend and fellow Cat Scout Sammy. Happy 3rd Blogavewsary!! 😀  Come on ovew and join da pawty.  


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Luv and Hugs and Kitty kisses ♥♥♥          

♥ Dezi ♥