What A Time!!!

Meez back!!! 🙂  Yous wus gone yous ask?? Ifin yous missed it, meez a membew of da Cat Scouts and wees just took a pawsum twip tu da Philippines.  And wees got back yesfuwday.  It wus wunnewful and so much fun.  Meez wus gunna shawe lots of fotos wiff yous, but meez knows dat lots of yous follow da same blogs and hav alweady seen most of dem, so meez decided tu shawe sumfin’ diffewent wiff yous instead.  As yous know meez nevew been away fwum mommy and Lexi afuw  and deys nevew been away fwum meez since meez came tu liv hewe all those yeaws ago.  And yes meez missed dem sumfin’ pawful, but; meez did hav a meowsy good time. 🙂   And mommy sent a little lettew tu us all tellin’ meez how much shes missed meez and……well meez will just shawe it wiff yous. 

Meez mommy sent dis tu all of us on da twip.
Meez mommy sent dis tu all of us on da twip. ♥ 

Fuw any of yous weadin’ dis dat dusn’t know…dis wus all viwtual of couwse.  Meez nevew actually left meez mommys side.  Litewally.  MOL  Meez dus luv meez mommy.  🙂  And altho’ mommy sent a note tu da Cat Scouts, meez suwe hope deys all wead meez blog posty tuday, cuz mommy and meez wants tu fank all of dem.  


Dezi’s mommy here, I want to thank each and everyone of you that helped my beautiful girl have a good time on the trip.  You are all so talented.  My abilities with photo editing and computer technology is so inadequate that Dezi’s trip would have been limited to comments and replies.  My babies mean the world to me and each time you included Dezi in your posts, photos and activities my eyes filled with tears and my heart swelled with joy.  You have my undying gratitude.  Thank you so very much for everything. 


Dezi hewe again. Meez fanks all of yous tu.  Meez luvs meez mommy vewy much and meez is vewy purroud of hers but as shes sed shes not so good wiff da ‘putew and hers disabilities sumtimes get in da way of meez Scout activities.  But meez suwe dus pweshate all of yous includin’ meez.  Meez is so blest tu hav such wunnewful furiends tu go wiff meez wunnewful mommy and sisfuw.    So afuw meez paws off, meez gunna shawe just one of da gwoop fotos wiff yous all. 🙂 And ifin yous fink dis looks like lots of fun and yous wuld like tu get involved, just paw da Scouts link in da fiwst pawagwaph and get stawted.  Tell ’em Dezi sent ya’ 🙂

Dis be all of us gettin' weady tu leav.
Dis be all of us gettin’ weady tu leav. ☺ What a time wees had!!


Til da nex time, Hav a Pawsum Day!!!


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Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥          

 ♦ Dezi ♦