Peace Is Returning

Hey, is anypawdy there? It’s me, RaenaBelle. Well, what a week we’ve had. Mines tummy’s been sore and mines balance was a little off at da beginnin’ of da week. And then there was sis Dezi. She wouldn’t come near me at all. And every time I tried to give her a nose bump or even walk by her she would hiss and growl at me. A lot of ya’ ‘splained dat basically I’s stank and dat’s why sissy didn’t like me. I asked mommy to give me some of her purrfume so I could smell purretty like sissy and maybe then she would like me again.

 Dezi on Liberty Cat Tree

       Raena, mommy told you it wasn’t just your smell and dat you didn’t actually stink. You just didn’t smell like da Raena me had learned to luv and accept. And trust me, no amount of mommy’s smell good purrfume was gonna mask dat.

 Raena laying on the floor

Well, ifin I’s didn’t stink then how come you were still bein’ mean to me a couple days later after mommys scent was all over me?

       (Dezi says under her breath and grins) Cuz me could. (Looks up and talks to Raena) Well Raena, mommy allows fur stinkerness after certain events without withholdin’ treats, so me was just takin’ advantage of every second of dat rule.

Is dat why you’re not hissin’ at me as much anymore?

 Dezi and Raena laying on the Liberty Cat Tree

       Yeah, mommy’s run outta patience and said we better get along or else. And besides it takes a lot of energy to do all dat hissin’ and growlin’. Me even missed a nap or two.

 Dezi and Raena laying on the Liberty Cat Tree. Raena has her tongue out.

Well sissy, I’s glad we’re furiends again. Wanna play with our silvervine sticks? 

       Dat sounds like fun Raena. You know a couple peeps asked ‘bout where we found our sticks of da vine. As most everypawdy knows we don’t have much money, so mommy searched da innernet far and wide and found them on ebay fur less than a dollar and free shippin’ all da way from China. All ya’ gotta do is put silvervine sticks in da search bar and voila’ you’re on your way to vine bliss. Speakin’ of, me needs to find me’s stick. Befur we go, we’re gonna join with Rascal and Rocco and their pawsum co-hosts fur da weekly Pet Parade

 Pet Parade banner new

Don’t furget to tell everypawdy dat mommy’s gonna be busy gettin’ together our entry fur a pawsum contest today. We’ll tell you all ‘bout da contest next week. And mommy’s also gotta go get a flu shot this afternoon. Maybe I’ll get to go with her. So we’ll be by to visit as soon as we can. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

 Raena playing with a silvervine stick

Dezi: Vibrant Blue 

Raena: Navy Blue 



Till da next time…………………………………………Be Blest!!!





Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

RaenaBelle and Deztinee

Stick of the Vine, Silvervine That Is

Meowllo everypawdy, does me have somethin’ to tell you today. Furst let me say dat it’s stormin’ here again and we’re ‘spectin’ both maintenance and a plumber, so we’ll be ‘round to visit as soon as we can. Yeah we have a new maintenance man, it’s da managers son. Our air conditioner was put in hap hazardly and da drain pipe ain’t drainin’. ‘Course we didn’t know dat till mommy stepped on wet cawrpet. This has happened befur and our then maintenance man sent hims mommy over to fix it and nopawdy ever followed up. Her idea of fixin’ it was to scoop da water out of da trough. Well dat didn’t fix da drain purroblem. Mommy asked them to get somepawdy out to purropurrly fix it, but since da water had been poured out and it wasn’t leakin’ on da floor dat minute, da manager did nuffin’. Well it didn’t get fixed so it filled up again and mommy turned in a request fur maintenance. So yesfurday da manager and her son da maintenance man came down.

Dezi cocks head to the side in thought

Mommy let da maintenance man in, but told da manager dat it was a maintenance issue and there was no reason fur her to be there. Furst she said, “I wanna see”, to which mommy replied dat she didn’t need too and then she said, “Well, I was just going to stand right here inside the door.” Okay, so which is it, ya’ need to see it, or you just want to get in our house? Well mommy pawlitely told her No and went to show da maintenance man where da purroblem was. While he was there, he found dat we also have a small leak from one of da pipes on da hot water heater. Since he’s not a licensed plumber, he can’t fix dat, so he told da manager to send out da plimber and he’ll be back to fix da pea trap on our a/c so dat hopefully it’ll drain purropurrly from now on. Well, now dat me’s gotten way off track, let me get back to our special treat.

 Dezi amid the Yeowww nip toys and silvervine stick

 Hmmmmm Kitty heaven. Nip and what’s this?

Da Vine in a stick

So, all us cats have heard ‘bout catnip right? Ifin not all, at least most of us. “Course we also know dat not all kitties react to da nip, and Silvervine has taken da kitty world by storm lately. Our furst taste of da vine came after our ‘pawrtment flood when our furiends from da Katnip Lounge sent me and sis Lexi some as a cheer us up and homecomin’ gift. We liked it fine, but we both liked nip too. And mommy was really glad cuz after checkin’ into this vine, she found it was quite costly, even da seeds to grow it yourself. Most of ya’ know dat sis Raena likes da nip too. We had no idea ‘bout da vine, cuz we didn’t have any left. Sis Lexi got da last of da gifted vine. Well here lately our furiends Purrseidon and Mr. M keep talkin’ ‘bout this vine stick he has and how it helps him with his arfur-itis. Well sis Raena nor meself has arfur-itis, but dat stick does sound fun.

 Dezi enjoying a silvervine stick

 Oh me cats!!! This vine stick is sooooooo good

Well you know our mommy, she wants us to have everythin’ we need and most of what we want. She can’t afford dat, but she wants it. And just cuz mommy can’t afford somethin’ doesn’t mean she won’t try to find it. So mommy began a search fur these sticks of silvervine and actually found some fur less than a dollar. Mommy added them to her wish list and said, “Someday, girls, someday.” Anyways, a short time later some pawsum Anonymous Angels put some green papers in our paypal account and after checkin’ with them to see ifin they minded mommy spendin’ a dollar frivolously, she ordered them sticks. They was gonna be shippin’ fur furee all da way from China. Mommy figgered they’d get here in time fur Christmas. MOL  Anyways, total cost was .99 pennies. Mommy didn’t mention to Raena and me dat she had ordered them cuz she had no idea when they would arrive. Well guess what? They got here this week. Seems mail from China doesn’t take any longer to get here than mail from da U.S..

 Raena playing with a silvervine stick

 This stick is all fur me? Fank you mommy and angels.

Raena couldn’t wait fur mommy to open da little package. She was crawlin’ and jumpin’ all over mommy da whole time. Mommy furinally got da package open and sure ‘nuff there they was, 2 sivervine sticks. Mommy ‘membered dat da instructions said to cut off some of da bark to expose da white vine flesh, so she purrceeded to da kitchen and got out a knife and carefully cut a few little notches into both sticks. Trust me, she was careful alright. Mommy has a finger dat doesn’t work right cuz she cut through da nerves and tendons and blood vessels and such years ago. Dat was long befur me was born, but me heard all ‘bout it. She had to have surgery to try to repair it, and it still ain’t right. Anyways, me’s getting’ side tracked again. Where was me?

 Raena playing with a silvervine stick

 Oh kittens, I’s luvs this stick of da vine.

Oh yeah, notchin’ da vine sticks. After notchin’ those sticks, mommy gave Raena one and me one. OMC Let me tell you, dat’s right kitties, pull up a seat. Ain’t nuffin’ in da world like a silvervine stick. Mommy says she ain’t sure ifin it’s actually da vine or just da stick dat makes us so happy, but either way, she’s glad we’re enjoyin’ them. And we are. Fank you sooooooo much sweet Angels fur da green papers and da sticks of da vine. We are so blest. Mommy’s been tryin’ to get a foto of us carryin’ ‘round our new sticks, she says it’s so funny. But alas, we’re too fast fur her. MOL  Me’s gonna wrap it up fur now and get me’s stick befur Raena steals it and claims both of them. Hope you all have a pawsum day.

 Dezi playing with a silvervine stick

Till da next time……………………………………Be Blest!!!

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Deztinee and RaenaBelle