You’re Kidding, Right?

Meowllo everypawdy!!!  Did yous all make it fwu da festivities and pawties and hoopla of da new year?  We had a nice quiet evenin’ at home cuddlin’ in da new year wiff mommy.  We turned off da puter and just spent sum quality time bein’ togedder.  You know it’s gotten weally cold here lately, so snugglin’ is weally high on ow list.  After all isn’t dat what mommy’s awe fur?  Yesfurday wuz 21 degwees wiff a chill factor of 17.  Dat’s cold fur us. Weez know sum of yous in da single digits and below, but weez hope we don’t get dat this year.  Weez can hope.  MOL  So anyways, today mommy had to get out and go up town fur a bit.  We had da door closed so we didn’t weally know how cold it wuz outside.  Da neighbor and Buddy’s daddy wuz wheelin’ wound outside in hims short sleeve t-shirt and no shoes.  Course hims duz dat all year wound, so we shuldn’t hav paid any tention to hims, but we fawt it must mean it wuz a little warmer today.  

Meez helpin' mommy on da puter.
Meez helpin’ mommy on da puter.

So mommy called da fawmacy to make sure she wusn’t gettin’ out fur nuffin’, and all wuz a go.  She gwabbed hers coat and put on hers shoes and then looked at me and sed, “Okay Dezi, let’s get goin’.”  Me stwetched a bit and she opened da fwunt door and…OMC me kuld feel da cold to meez bones.  Fur coat or not dat wuz just ungodly cold.  Me turned wight wound and went back in fwunt of da lectric fireplace.  Mommy giggled and then sed in da sweet mommy voice, you know da one, hers sed, Dezi, oh sweet Dezi.  Like me didn’t know what wuz goin’ on.  Me knows she wants sumfin’ when she uses dat voice.  She kep it up, Dezi she sed, sweetheart, honey, awe you gunna go to town wiff mommy, she sed.  Hmmpht Yous finks me wants to go out in dat cold?  Awe yous cwazy?  Dat’s zactly what me wuz finkin’.  Mommy musta went nuts over night ifin she fawt me wanted to leave da warmff of da house to go up town.  Purrlease, what’s to see?  And then she laid it on weally fick.  She put on da pouty face and looked over at me and sed Dezi dawlin’, me knew what wuz comin’ nex, she wanted me to hop up in da stwoller.  Me looked at hers and squeeked.  And then me put on da pouty face.  MOL  You know, 2 can play dat game.  Me fawt surely she wuz kiddin’, she didn’t weally wanna get out in at cold, did she?  It wus so cold dat all da humidity and condensation had turned to ice.  Mommy looked at me and laffed.  She sed, “Oh sweet Dezi, I was just kidding, I’m fine and not going to be gone that long.  I wasn’t goin’ to ask you to get out in this anyways.  Whew Me wuz sure glad she didn’t want me to go.  

At least weez not hav snow.
At least weez not hav snow.

She went to get hers purse, and me fawt ’bout it and went and hopped in da stwoller.  When mommy got back up fwunt she saw me in da stwoller and sed, “Aaaw Sweety I relly appreciate it, but really, I’m only going to be a few minutes and it would take a lot longer to take you than to just run up town by myself this time.”  Me always worries when mommy decides to go sumwhere wiffout me, but when it’s these small little twips me dusn’t worry as much.  Mommy left and wuz back home afur me kuld even close meez eyes and fall into nap land again.  But she wuz cold fwum da top of her head to da tippy toes.  So after she put everyfin’ down and took off hers coat, sis Lexi and me did a cuddlefest and warmed hers back up.  So twu to da silly superstition, we spent ow first day of da new year duin’ zactly what we did when da clock stwuck midnight, cuddlin’ wiff mommy.    

Dezi Winter,Rose,Blue - 2HEoW-1dv - normal

Till da nex time………………Be Blest!!!  

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  

Dezi and Lexi     

Hisssssssssss, Not at Meez Own House!!

Meweek is Furiday!! Of course you all know dat meez new tu da blog world and twyin’ tu figger it all out. So tuday meez lernd dat is good tu hav a set time fur meez posts. We’s didn’t weally fink ’bout dat afur but we’s gunna twy tu stawt bein’ better and make meez posts more unifowm. MOL Meowsy good luck tu meez on gettin’ mommy tu membew. Hers gunna hav tu set an alawm. So anyway, we’s wus sittin’ wownd havin’ anudder lazy day, as is nice and wawm out tuday; when all of a sudden……..

Let meez tell you a little ’bout where we’s liv. We’s liv in a small kuntwee town and den we’s even more in da kuntwee. We’s hav a big woods hind our ‘partmunt and lots of wild animal visitors come and see us in da spwing and summew and fall. And we’s liv in ‘partmunts fur da eldewly and disabled so we’s hav da occasional abandoned kitty. You know da old school of fawt “take it tu da old people dey’ll feed it.” And deys wite. We’s wil all feed and twy tu take care of da kitty dat you’s (hopefully not you’s weadin’ dis postee) dumped on us and abandoned. And most of us can’t affowd tu feed owselves, but we’s will feed you’s poor kitty and purray dat da bobcats or coyotes or snakes, or skunks or any nummew of uddew wild animals don’t kill it. And we’s will cwy when it no longew shows up tu eat on our powch, unlike you’s hoo dwove away laffin’ when you’s fwu out you’s “beloved” furmily membew.  Well meez will happily share meez powch wif any of these cweatures cuz dey were either here fiwst or deys can’t help der situation and we’s hav a film on our door so dat helps tu keep people and cwittews fwum seein’ in. But ders sumfin meez won’t share meez powch wif, and dat’s da neighbows doggy.

Altho’ meez feels weally bad ’bout hims livin’ situation, der are wules and laws. And ifin we’s are spected tu liv by hese wules and laws den we’s fink evewpawdy shuld. So meez wus up on meez door pewch lookin’ out over da complex and enjoyin’ da sunshine when all of a sudden da neighbows doggy (we’s call hims heel nipper) jumped up on meez door and stawdid bawkin’ at meez. Hmmpht Dis is meez home!!! Hoo dus hims fink hims is tu be bawkin’ at me at meez own home!!  so meez stood up on meez door pewch and tuwned tu da side (meez alweady biggew den hims but you know how it is-MOL) and den meez hissed weally loud. and hims wan off skweelin’ MOL  MOL MOL Teach hims tu bawk at meez at meez own home!! Well mommy got up and came tu da door and hims stawdid bawkin and stawin ovew here fwum away off. Idiot (da neighbow) wus standin’ der wif da door open and tellin’ hims tu get inside. But hims kep backin’ away fwum der door. Finally idiot went out and got him and took hims in da house.

We’s know dat dey know lettin’ him wun wownd loose like dat  or tyin’ hims outside is against da wules cus deys been told and we’s just had inspectors fwum da home office and deys kep hims inside da hole fwee days dey wus here. Dat’s what makes mommy mad on top of da fact dat deys beat hims. When sumpawdy acts like da wules or da law dusn’t apply tu dem, deys make it bad fur all da uddew pet owner wenters in da wowld. More den once mommy found a gweat place tu liv but wus told no animals cuz deys unwuly and bawdder all da neibows.

Well now dat meez sed all dat, purrlease membew tu be wespectful of your neibows da nex time you let you’s doggy or kitty wun wild, specially ifin you’s liv in pawtmunts. Cuz most of da time you’s don’t hav a yawd of you’s own.

ImageDis be meez on meez door pewch checkin’ out da community. 🙂


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Til da nex time,

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 😀