Hisssssssssss, Not at Meez Own House!!

Meweek is Furiday!! Of course you all know dat meez new tu da blog world and twyin’ tu figger it all out. So tuday meez lernd dat is good tu hav a set time fur meez posts. We’s didn’t weally fink ’bout dat afur but we’s gunna twy tu stawt bein’ better and make meez posts more unifowm. MOL Meowsy good luck tu meez on gettin’ mommy tu membew. Hers gunna hav tu set an alawm. So anyway, we’s wus sittin’ wownd havin’ anudder lazy day, as is nice and wawm out tuday; when all of a sudden……..

Let meez tell you a little ’bout where we’s liv. We’s liv in a small kuntwee town and den we’s even more in da kuntwee. We’s hav a big woods hind our ‘partmunt and lots of wild animal visitors come and see us in da spwing and summew and fall. And we’s liv in ‘partmunts fur da eldewly and disabled so we’s hav da occasional abandoned kitty. You know da old school of fawt “take it tu da old people dey’ll feed it.” And deys wite. We’s wil all feed and twy tu take care of da kitty dat you’s (hopefully not you’s weadin’ dis postee) dumped on us and abandoned. And most of us can’t affowd tu feed owselves, but we’s will feed you’s poor kitty and purray dat da bobcats or coyotes or snakes, or skunks or any nummew of uddew wild animals don’t kill it. And we’s will cwy when it no longew shows up tu eat on our powch, unlike you’s hoo dwove away laffin’ when you’s fwu out you’s “beloved” furmily membew.  Well meez will happily share meez powch wif any of these cweatures cuz dey were either here fiwst or deys can’t help der situation and we’s hav a film on our door so dat helps tu keep people and cwittews fwum seein’ in. But ders sumfin meez won’t share meez powch wif, and dat’s da neighbows doggy.

Altho’ meez feels weally bad ’bout hims livin’ situation, der are wules and laws. And ifin we’s are spected tu liv by hese wules and laws den we’s fink evewpawdy shuld. So meez wus up on meez door pewch lookin’ out over da complex and enjoyin’ da sunshine when all of a sudden da neighbows doggy (we’s call hims heel nipper) jumped up on meez door and stawdid bawkin’ at meez. Hmmpht Dis is meez home!!! Hoo dus hims fink hims is tu be bawkin’ at me at meez own home!!  so meez stood up on meez door pewch and tuwned tu da side (meez alweady biggew den hims but you know how it is-MOL) and den meez hissed weally loud. and hims wan off skweelin’ MOL  MOL MOL Teach hims tu bawk at meez at meez own home!! Well mommy got up and came tu da door and hims stawdid bawkin and stawin ovew here fwum away off. Idiot (da neighbow) wus standin’ der wif da door open and tellin’ hims tu get inside. But hims kep backin’ away fwum der door. Finally idiot went out and got him and took hims in da house.

We’s know dat dey know lettin’ him wun wownd loose like dat  or tyin’ hims outside is against da wules cus deys been told and we’s just had inspectors fwum da home office and deys kep hims inside da hole fwee days dey wus here. Dat’s what makes mommy mad on top of da fact dat deys beat hims. When sumpawdy acts like da wules or da law dusn’t apply tu dem, deys make it bad fur all da uddew pet owner wenters in da wowld. More den once mommy found a gweat place tu liv but wus told no animals cuz deys unwuly and bawdder all da neibows.

Well now dat meez sed all dat, purrlease membew tu be wespectful of your neibows da nex time you let you’s doggy or kitty wun wild, specially ifin you’s liv in pawtmunts. Cuz most of da time you’s don’t hav a yawd of you’s own.

ImageDis be meez on meez door pewch checkin’ out da community. 🙂


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Copyright © ImageHope you’s havin’ a Pawsum day!!!!!

Til da nex time,

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 😀



Lexi and Meez Get Up Close and Personal

Well Lexi didn’t eat dinner noms dat nite and she didn’t come bak up tu da frunt room fur da rest of da nite. Da nex fing meez new mommy wuz puttin’ me in da krate and takin’ meez tu da bedroom. Da krate wuz very big, me had meez very own litter box, water bowl and bed inside. Mommy held meez and prayed over me and den put meez bak in and rite beside da bed. Den  me heard hissin’ and a low growl coming frum da bed. And meez heard mommy say, “It’s okay Lexi, just lay down and go to sleep. She will be your sisfur and your helper.” Den der wuz a loud thud on da top of da krate and da hissin’ and growlin’ stopped, and it got all qiet and meez went tu sleep. Da nex meownin mommy took meez krate tu da frunt again and meez got out and went tu da kitchen wif her. Den me heard it, da growlin’ and hissin’ again. Meez turned ’round and der wuz da giant green eyed sisfur Lexi again. Me wuz ready dis time and meez turned tu da side and puffed up as big az me kuld and hissed and growled bak. And she ran skweemin’ frum da room, again. Mommy fixed da yummy noms and den brought Lexi bak up frunt and put her on da table wif her plate. Den wuz meez turn. Mommy took me and sat down wif meez and fed me da yummy noms frum da bottle and den gave me sum in a plate. Me wuz sniffin’ at da plate of noms and suddenly der wuz da giant green eyed Lexi. She wuz sniffin’ at meez and den she took her big ole paw and pulled it up in da air and me turned tu da side and puffed up and hissed. She ran skweemin again, and me ran after her as fast as me little legs wuld go. Mommy wuz runnin’ after us tu and callin’ tu bof of us. Of course she caught me and took meez bak up frunt. We sat down and she sed, “It will be okay sweet one just give her a little time. I know she is goin’ tu luv you.” So me curled up in mommy’s lap and went tu sleep.

Later dat day while me wuz playin’ mommy picked me up and took me tu da bak tu a small room which me later learned wuz da pawdy box room fur big girls. Der wuz Lexi layin’ in da sink and growlin’ a low rumble. Mommy put meez rite in frunt of her while rubbing Lexi’s head. So meez stardid growlin tu. And of all fings, mommy stardid laughin’ and sed, “Girls that’s ’nuff. I’m tu old fur dis and so we all need to get along. We all live here now. Lexi, this is your sisfur Deztinee and Dezi, this is your sisfur Lexi.” And den she rubbed meez cheeks and ears and chin and wif da same hand did da same tu Lexi. Mommy did dis a foo times and all da growlin’ and hissin’ had stopped. And den mommy and meez went bak tu da frunt. It took a bit longer fur sis Lexi and meez tu become da best of furiends like we are tuday, but da hissin’ and growlin’ wuz purretty much over.(Til da nex time)            

Wif Much Luv,


Imagedis is mommy and meez on da second nite after meez came to live wif her.

ImageDis is meez in what we call ‘Da Stance’

ImageAnd anudder of meez in ‘Da Stance’

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Wif  Much Luv,


Deztinee Meets Lexi da resident Service Cat

Meez really liking dis furever home. Meez been fed and kleened and now me iz sleepin’ in meez furever mommy’s lap. Aaaaaaw dis iz da life!!!!! Of course me still don’t feel to good cuz meez still haz da worms but mommy had talked wif sumone she called Dr. C and gave me sumfin’ she sed wuld help wif those tu. Mommy sed  me wuz tu yung tu take a pill fur dem but der wuz a home remedy dat she kuld try. Meez gotta say, it wuz very yummy. Ifin all medzin tastes like dis meez gunna be sick a lot. 😀 While me wuz enjoyin’ meez nap on da lap of mommy me heard sumfin familiar but much louder den meez ever heard afur. Me looked up wif meez sleepy eyes and der wuz a giant kuverd in fur wif big green glarin’ eyes and hissin’ and growlin’ so loud dat mommyz lap wuz shakin’. Oh meow, a playmate me fawt. Meez kuldn’t get down off mommyz lap fast ’nuff. But just when meez got tu da floor da giant ran fru da house skweemin’. Meez just sat der lookin’ round and not knowin’ what happened. Mommy picked me up and sed, “It’s okay sweet one that’s your sisfur Lexi. She’ll accept and love you, it’s just gunna take sum time.” Den mommy put me in da krate and went tu find da giant furry fing she called meez sisfur Lexi. Dat wuz all very tiring and me didn’t know what a sisfur wuz but me did wanna play wif da giant green eyed furry fing. But fur now me will just lay down and take a little nap. Maybe when meez wakes up da sisfur will be ready tu play.

Da nex time mommy woke meez up it wuz time tu eat again. Mommy and meez wuz in da kitchen and she wuz fixin’ da noms and suddenly der wuz da giant green eyed furry sisfur. She wuz skweemin’ agin and den skurreed under da table. Mommy pulled her out and held her in front of me and den let her go. Lexi took her big paw and splatted meez flat on da ground and hissed. Meez got up really fast and turned tu da side and fluffed up as big as meez kuld, and Lexi went skweemin off down da hall again. (tu be continued)

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Wif Much Luv,