Lexi’s start in life

Me’s heard this story many times but lots of you haven’t so me’s decided to tell how Lexi and meez came to be with our mommy.

It was a warm spring day in April of 1999. An Egyptian Mau breeder had unknowingly left da back door ajar. A very pregnant queen quickly darted out da door and into da green grass of da back yard. Havin’ never been outside she was curious and wandered around da yard a bit, sniffing and smelling all da new scents. Then she heard a sound dat frightened her. And she ran and climbed over the fence into da neighbors yard. Suddenly a big dog came runnin’ toward her. Bein’ so pregnant she couldn’t run very fast and befur she knew it, da dog had her in his mouth. He began to shake her violently and she cried out in vain. As he shook her back and forth her body convulsed and she began to give birth. One kitten thrown across the yard and slammin’ into da ground. A second kitten thrown into da wooden fence and dropped to da ground. A third and final kitten thrown into da air and landin’ on a rock. And den da kittens felt warmth.  And da smells were different but they didn’t know what had happened or what was goin’ on. Just as quickly da smells changed again and then da air was cold and da kittens began to shake. Suddenly da smells were sweet and da kittens were bein’ warmed and they felt safe. They started to cry out; their tummy’s was hurtin’ and then a warm liquid was in da first kittens mouth. It began tu suckle until it’s tummy stopped hurting and den it slept. They had made their way to mommy and everypawdys lives were about to change.       

Copyright © 2014 {Audra High} All Rights Reserved

Til da nex time: Luv ya’



13 thoughts on “Lexi’s start in life

  1. Yow me n Mum deecided to reed a bit ’bout ya both n diz storey had Mum n me gaspin..oh Lexi ya had a pawfull start to life….butt ya iz here so dere iz a happy endin…we iz gonna reed more
    Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum xoxo


  2. What a sad and scary start to life. I am excited to hear what happens next. I’m not getting on here every day, but I am happy to read your story. You are as excellent a writer as your sister.

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    1. Y Fank you awnty Karen. You don’t hav tu kum by ever day, you will get an email when we make a new post. But you might wanna check our udder pages. We hav posted a video tu. Meez very happy tu hav you followin’ Deziz World.
      Wif Much Luv


  3. I missed the story from the beginning. When I joined in you were telling how Lexi was in training with your chair. So I would enjoy reading the story from the beginning. And from what I just read, it was a scary beginning. Even if it’s the quick version you tell. Love ya’s all bunches!

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  4. Although I’ve read this before in Lexi’s story, I still cried. Cried for the poor mama cat and cried for her poor babies. I’m so glad Lexi made it.

    Lubz, hugz and kissez.


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    1. Fank you awnty Mary you are one of da very foo hoo have been wif us and read our story. Mommy fawt wuz important tu put our beginnings on da blog. ‘Cause meez purrawmist tu not have da same fing as facebook meez told it a bit difurunt den sis Lexi did. Mommy wuz gunna ask our followers how much of our beginnin’ dey wuld like tu hear ’bout here afur meez move on tu udder fings

      Luv ya’

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I think it would be good to tell here too how you girls came to be with Mommy. Even if like me someone has read it before it refreshes our memory. And Dezi, you can tell it good too I know. I’m enjoying learning to blog along with you.
        Lubz you.

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